Han Mei wistfully, why is not the collapse of North Korea

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Han Mei wistfully, why is not the collapse of North Korea

2017-04-21 10:08:32 300 ℃

The past few days, the students of North Korea unprecedented heated discussion.

I have a question to ask:

"North Korea and Nepal, who is poorer?"

If you hesitated, and then scratching his head, finally Nepal may still feel better?

Congratulations, wrong!

In the United Nations approved nearly 50 least developed countries, Asian countries, including Kampuchea, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos and other places on the list, however, North Korea is not listed here.

Autocracy, closure, famine, madness, poverty, ignorance, danger...... Comb outside North Korea posted to these scary labels, did you have a question to ask you, if these descriptions are around it, a three generation of hereditary "feudal" regime, the implementation of high pressure on the reign of terror, in the folk, foreign overbearing, enemies ring feeding, sanctions capping, and is the most the isolated country in the world, so why not "collapse" until today, but also do not see signs of it will collapse in a short period of time?

Today, let's take a serious look at the problem.

Don't laugh!"The myth" of the Korean national cohesion plays a role, is a non Korean people hard to imagine.

From the historical point of view, the Korean Peninsula has been in a state of survival in the cracks of the great powers, in most of the time, it is almost a puppet state and the role of the subsidiary.

At the end of World War II, by sweeping the national independence wave of Asia, the Korean Peninsula on the north and South have appeared in an unprecedented sense of independence, need a national hero in people's psychological objective, it can be said that Kim Il-Sung is born. Kim Il-Sung the Japanese experience, the Sino Soviet relations and, as well as his political wisdom, they became the "basic elements of Baitoushan myth".

"The myth" has catered to the North Korean people's psychology, the legitimacy of the final declaration of the Kim regime unshakable. This myth in North Korea generations of heritage, and constantly improve and strengthen the supplement, has formed a deep collective awareness of the Korean people.

Outsiders may feel somewhat absurd, but thanks to sister incidentally, at least believers should not laugh at it. Is it true that the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is not absurd from an atheistic point of view?

"Myth" is important, but after all, can not eat.

Here, thanks to sister be the next focus of North Korea's food problem.

Starved to death, the situation is true, but it mainly occurred in 90s, North Korea, suffering march. Due to natural disasters and international sanctions, especially in the United States in 1997 to cut off the supply of heavy oil to North Korea, in the 3 years after 1997, North Korea's official called the "suffering march". At this time the number of people starved to death, different institutions and researchers have different opinions, from hundreds of thousands to millions of claims have.

But after that, the North Koreans live a little bit slower. Each year, the increase is not large, but every year has indeed improved. The state allocates the food for the family to the level. Overall, the food supply is still not well-off, in addition to the economy is relatively good in several large cities, the lack of food is still a common phenomenon, but in the city, starved to death phenomenon is almost extinct.

In addition to the country's supply, the North Korean city residents often have some pocket money. Many Korean families now have second jobs, such as her husband in the state-owned enterprises to work, his wife went to the free market stall selling small commodities, add a little home. Overall, the days are tight, but they can go on.

With the development of science and technology, computers, mobile phones, etc., also began to enter the modern life of the Korean people. Although the communication with the outside world is completely different, but from the perspective of the North Koreans, the supply of materials in the year after year, and the range of choice of household goods is also expanding. For example, in Pyongyang, a few years ago in the department store to buy clothes also need to row brigade, but now it can be said to buy at any time.

And now there are a large number of major cities in North Korea, money, many of which are doing business to make money. In their drive, massage, nail, pets, etc. began to quietly become a fashionable way of life, and many of the railway station next to the north to sell coffee stalls. At the same time, data show that more than 1/10 of the residents of North Korea has begun to use mobile phones, mobile phones and even become the current popular gift proposal.

From the national level, North Korea also attaches great importance to food supply. North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun in the last few years of the new year's message, are put forward, the food is more important than bullets. Although in recent years due to the wrong to the nuclear test by North Korea's international sanctions is more important, but it is precisely because of trade restrictions, it seems that in addition to food, can buy too many things, this year North Korea's food trade increased.

North Korea has been established for more than half a century, forming a relatively mature and stable social structure and operating mechanism.

To put it simply, North Korea's approach is good for the core layer, the middle layer of pull, the possible "unfaithful" ruthless.

The core layer mainly concentrated in Pyongyang and Sinuiji, and rason economic and trade zone and the special administrative region. In less than 25 million of North Korea's population, there are about 3 million people living in Pyongyang, accounting for about 13% of the total population. The standard of living of the residents of Pyongyang is higher than that of other regions.

The Korean Labor Party emblem by the hammer and sickle and brush. The hammer stands for the working class, the sickle represents the reliable ally of the working class, the peasant, and the brush represents the intellectual. North Korea's importance to intellectuals.

North Korea's universities are very beautiful, university professors in North Korea is a very enviable career. North Korea is the world's only still adhere to the national welfare housing country, individuals are not allowed to build houses. North Korea welfare housing distribution according to the size of the area, the traffic is divided into 5 levels. Ordinary families are generally 60-80 square meters of the two bedroom, 5 of the highest level of housing is the Deputy Minister of housing and more senior officials, the general university professor's house is 4, second only to senior officials, is a big house about more than and 130 square meters, by the national unified decoration, household appliances complete basic.

Pyongyang has just completed the dawn Street, comparable to the Champs Elysees of North Korea, propaganda, but also the first to scientists and model workers.

At this stage, the average monthly income of ordinary workers in North Korea may be around five thousand or six thousand yuan. This figure is difficult to use Renminbi or dollar swap, that is to say, this basically is to buy a kilo of rice in North Korea on the free market price.

Yes, you are right. One month's income is enough to buy a kilo of rice in the market.

However, in North Korea, housing, health care, education are no difference free, of course, the quality of these social security projects because of the different regional economic development and there is a huge difference, which is a fact.

In other words, North Korean workers get wages, just equivalent to pocket money, food is a fixed supply. Do not have to save money to buy a house, not to save money to buy school district room, pension and medical care are the country to pay, although the country can give the actual is not very good, but they do not have any additional burden. Moreover, other daily consumption is not expensive, for example, watching a movie or theatrical performances, only 2 yuan.

It was made a more conservative estimate of the core layer plus the middle layer, accounting for more than 2/3 of the North Korean population. This is a basis for the stability of the Korean system.

People around the world are almost the same, as long as the day can go on, not many people want to toss.

It must be said that although the North Korean government to implement the average distribution of the socialist system, but because of the lack of material base, can provide security is really limited. People who have been to North Korea feel that the big cities of North Korea are similar to those of China in the 80s, when the Chinese people were not rich, but they had not been able to survive.

Mathias is the most commonly used politics at all times and in all countries, the North Korean authorities is the master. The punishment of the so-called "disloyal" by the North Korean authorities is relentless, and the removal of political dissent is not uncommon.

At the same time, the "military first" implementation of almost all able-bodied adults in military management, and Korean social grassroots organizations have mutual reporting system, once the fault has been reported to be verified, the most common method is the deduction of food, these are compared so that the Korean people remain in a proper sphere in politics.

Back to the question of the beginning, which is less developed in North Korea and Nepal?

That I can responsibly tell you that the United Nations did not lie to you. From an intuitive point of view, Kathmandu is almost impossible to see a building, and the building of Pyongyang, playground, subway, etc., on the contrast map you will understand.

Nepal does not have the railway, even the power supply is not stable enough, but the main way is the railway transportation in North Korea, the total length of 4500 km railway, more than half of which have been electrified. In general, Nepal is a typical agricultural country, and North Korea is a quasi quasi industrial countries.

In fact, in North Korea in 1979 is a quasi modern country, who in 60s and 70s and Japan adhering to the two major industrial countries in Asia, and was one of the countries with the highest degree of modernization in East Asia, South Korea at that time, in terms of modern far behind North korea. As early as the end of 60s, the Korean countryside all the electricity, at the end of 70s, food self-sufficiency, at the beginning of 80s, 70% of the arable land for irrigation, in 1984, North Korea's total grain output exceeded 10 million tons, not only to eat, there is a part of exports.

That is love sister Nepal, has no intention to compete with North Korea and Nepal, and the people's happiness index, it is hard to Nepal and North Korea is higher or lower. North Korea has how good at trying to give you a chestnut.

In 1984, South Korea suffered floods, Seoul (now Seoul), Gyeonggi Do, Gyeongnam and other places are the hardest hit, rainfall of up to 340 mm, more than 3.6 houses collapsed and 200 thousand people homeless, 67 thousand hectares of land were destroyed......

Kim Il-Sung A: aid!

So a lot of food and other supplies with spirited across the 38 line, the South Korean people do not want to move.

This year, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to North Korea as the fastest developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

North Korea's days are getting worse after the collapse of the Soviet union. But it is wrong to stick to nuclear weapons Liguo route, resulting in the international community fully isolated, thus making the domestic economic situation is more and more tight. Even so, it can eat a little decades before the development of social capital, to maintain the basic operation.

But what is the future of North Korea, perhaps only God knows. But what is certain is that if it is still on the road to the nuclear wall does not hit the wall of the heart does not die, it will be more difficult in the future.

Said so much, that sister feel a little hungry, to drink a bowl of pickled cabbage soup gabrielle.

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