Embarrassed! U. S. aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula was false news?

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Embarrassed! U. S. aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula was false news?

2017-04-21 19:34:29 161 ℃

Karl Vincent in the end where the last week has become the focus of global media attention. 8 this month, the U.S. Pacific Command announced that the "Karl Vincent" aircraft carrier battle group left Singapore to the north towards the Western Pacific ocean. The move was interpreted as the United States to deal with the threat of North korea.

But the day before the U.S. released photos show "Karl Vincent", but did not go to the waters of the Korean Peninsula, South to Australia to participate in a joint military drill. For the Karl Vincent mystery like the whereabouts of some analysts believe that this event may be a result of the weakening of the Trump administration to deal with the credibility of the Korean issue.

U.S. 8 this month, has issued a statement claiming that Karl Vincent aircraft carrier strike group left Singapore, changing the original plan to visit and visit Australia to the North Pacific ocean. This news, on the Korean Peninsula tensions continue to stir. However, recently, the U.S. media disclosure, Karl Vincent is actually from the India ocean to Australia, did not go to the waters near the Korean peninsula.

In fact the first disclosure this amusing incident in the United States "defense news" mentioned in the report, "Karl Vincent" aircraft carrier in April 8th may be the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command under the command of Harris, a voyage from Singapore to the north. But in April 11th, defense secretary Matisse in Washington and Harris were talking. Matisse said there is no specific event needs to promote the Karl Vincent suspension of training with Australia and bound for the Korean Peninsula, which allows the aircraft carrier and turn south.

In April 18th, Trump said in an interview: "I will not tell you what I think. I don't like the past few governments have been emphasizing that we should do this in 4 weeks. I don't do this, let's wait and see!"

The United States has public opinion, the aircraft carrier is the White House and The Pentagon communication errors, the event will also allow the United States to question the u.s.. Agence France-Presse reported that observers have criticized the incident. The United States Johns Hopkins University South Korea Institute "38" online magazine co-founder Joel Witt said: "this is very puzzling, but also show that the United States can only boast, but the threat is an empty shell."

Song Guoyou, deputy director of the center for American Studies at Fudan University, said: This is a surprise for the deployment of military deployment may not have a good grasp of Trump. So the image of Trump's big mouth, even in a very serious military field, should be remembered. In any case, the United States allies will feel the deal with the Trump administration can not only listen to what he said, but also to really implement the words he said is not accurate."

Tube Yao resolved that the U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse met with reporters during a visit to Saudi Arabia, before and after only 5 minutes only answered two questions, second questions the reporter finally grab is asking the carrier event. And in Tokyo, CNN reporter is a direct embarrassment to the vice president Burns, in the aircraft carrier on the issue of the United States is deliberately misleading the public?

These two senior officials are in the Tai chi. Matisse took the trend of the aircraft carrier and the transparency of the U.S. military said the matter, Burns stressed that the U.S. military called for special attention and special investment in Asia Pacific security, in fact, they have avoided the core issue. Now there are basically two explanations for how the aircraft carrier takes place.


The first is the United States and the United States together to perform a so-called strategic fraud, in order to boost the pressure on the north side of Trump. The second is the White House and The Pentagon caused by poor communication between oolong.

To answer this question, we need to clarify some basic facts. First, the aircraft carrier Oolong incident from the source of the United States and the relevant provisions of the Taiping Tang command. In this statement, the so-called aircraft carrier turned from Singapore to the West Pacific Ocean waters of the Korean Peninsula is actually not established. Secretary of defense Matisse two days later in an interview with the American television said, cancel the carrier and Australia joint exercises, this statement is actually not established.

Now it is difficult to set up strategic fraud said. If so, it is clear that the United States is playing a hit, in the face of the world lost a big face, but also lost their strategic credibility. Yao said the tube personally think that this is probably the communication problems caused by the incident, but this is not just in the communication between the White House and The Pentagon, even in The Pentagon also has the same problem. For example, Matisse mistakenly canceled the aircraft carrier in Australia by Hong Kong as a joint venture with the Australian side canceled. In fact, since the start of the Trump administration, communication problems have always existed. Aircraft carrier Oolong can be said to be another outbreak of this problem, it brings the risk and lethality is actually self-evident.

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The United States government communication problem is that between Trump and subordinates between different departments and often dazuizhang, significantly different, such as on the issue of Turkey, in Russia have such a contrast to the outside world, the natural resources will be confused, the policy of the United States Strategic credibility class is a great loss. Specific to the aircraft carrier Oolong incident, the North Korean nuclear crisis is becoming increasingly grim backdrop, it will certainly bring multiple risks.

First easily lead to strategic misjudgment.As we all know, strategic misjudgment is the biggest risk factor for the current situation in the Korean peninsula. Whether it is the United States because of poor communication asymmetry information misjudgment, or North Korea on the case of a similar event and the emergence of a false understanding of the response, may lead to unpredictable events.

Secondly, this event will release contradictory and even conflicting policy information, increased uncertainty.Such an uncertainty may also make the outside world, especially the United States, the so-called allies at a loss. This from Burns's response to continue to emphasize the so-called security commitments to allies, but also to witness.

There are many reasons for this communication problem. First of all, the Trump administration team, it faces the media like instant impromptu speech. Trump is accustomed to twitter, twitter on the country. Second, although Trump has been nearly a hundred days, but today's ruling team has not been completed, especially in the State Council, the Ministry of defense and other key departments in a large number of senior positions or lack of. For example, today, the Deputy Secretary of state candidates have not yet set, the State Department spokesman did not determine the identity of candidates. These middle and high levels of government decision-making is generally the main implementation of communication, the lack of this of course there will be a situation.

Although there are objective factors, but make such a big movement of the aircraft carrier Oolong incident, or in such a sensitive moment, which is actually a big warning to the ruling team of Trump. At least in the U.S. Pacific Command level, someone must bear responsibility for this purpose. (CCTV military integrated live Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

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