Yesterday afternoon, Wang Yi met the old friend of Korea in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Yesterday afternoon, Wang Yi met the old friend of Korea in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2017-05-19 19:53:03 98 ℃

Wen zaiyin just as president,

It's busy over there

"Mailing letter",

Tidy up the mess left by park's sister.

Since it is a personal letter,

Then give it in person,

The president rushed four envoys,

Take the letter to

China, the United States, Japan, Germany and the European union.

Among them, the special envoy sent to China

Be named asLi Haizan,

It's Korea's predecessorPremier of state.

Korea has always been

The political structure of "strong president" and "weak prime minister",

You don't know much about the former prime minister,

But he's really oneChina",

Korean governmentFamous Chinese intellectuals!

This is not the first time that Li Haizan has come to China as a special envoy,

14 years ago,During the reign of Roh Moo-hyun,

He used toSpecial envoy to President Roh Moo-hyunHas come to china,

Discuss a peaceful settlement of the Korean nuclear issue with China

And promote bilateral relations.

We already said that before

Wen zaiyin and Roh Moo-hyun's brother",

This time, Li Haizan

Also asWen zaiyin's special envoyCome to china,

Submit a letter from the president,

Trying to ease the Sino Korean relations after the "Sade" era.

Visible, this"The seat is not high, but the weight is heavy.""The

Former premier,

In the circles of Lu, Wen and Li

Is oneDivision typeCharacter,

Deal with all the complicated relationships for the president's brother.

Compared with Roh Moo-hyun and Wen Zaiyin

A politician,

Li Haizan is oneOld political evergreen trees.

1988, year onlyAt the age of 36Li Haizan

Be elected successfullyCongressman,

Until 2004, he worked five consecutive mps,

In the congressional elections is to win every battle Ever-victorious general.

Just forty,

Just as soon as possibleVice mayor of Seoul,

Dry three years again soaring -

KoreanMinister of education!

At that time, "ministerial level", Li Haizan

Not yet 50 years old,

Looking ahead, the future is bright,

The point the day and await for it successful in the official career.

But Li Haizan didn't stop there,

As Roh Moo-hyun turned out to run for president,

As good friends,

Li Haizan catch a ride.

The first is the chief adviser featuring the presidential campaign,

It is said

New Millennium Democratic PartyThe president of the presidential campaign program".

With his help

Roh Moo-hyun succeeds in Chong Wa Dae,

And Li Haizan will beNumber one hero".

Thus, in 2004, Roh Moo-hyun experienced impeachment twists and turns,

Back in Chong Wa Dae,

He nominated Li Haizan as Prime Minister of state.

To know the current president Wen zaiyin

The office of that time,

Is much lower than Premier Li Haizan,

But good times don't last long,

Li Haizan, who has just sat for two years, is prime minister,

There must be some minor problems.

In early 2006, the South Korean railway workers went on strike,

Everyone is like an ant on a hot pan,

Li Haizan ran to play golf,

Caught by the media.

Li HaizanGolf scandalThe more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed,

Be forced to resign,

However, this does not affect his position in the small group,

It did not harm his relationship with his good friends.

Such as,Li Haizan and Wen Zaiyin

In addition to government co-operation,

Two people have a "the meeting of wind and clouds"

With the past.

Li Haizan was born inJuly 1952,

Wen zaiyin was born inJanuary 1953,

The difference between the age of half is also the same age.

Wen zaiyin as opposed to Pu Zhengxi malignancy",

For 8 months,

Li Haizan not only never lost the moon,

AndAlmost sit around wearing.

After graduating from high school in 1971,

Li Haizan was admitted to the top university in KoreaSeoul university,

Learn textile first,

School of sociology......

He and Wen zaiyin like love to participate in the student movement,

During college, heSuspected of opposition to the Pu Zhengxi regimeThe

"The Youth Federation" event was arrested,

coverImprisonment for 11 monthsPost release.

After it is released,

Opened a bookstore near the University of Seoul,

Be named asWide Zang bookstore",

Mainly engaged in social science books and examination books,

It is said that the business is good,

It has been booming.

Li Haizan seems to be on the same page

"Right, to forsake heresy and return to the truth".

But, Li Haizan, classmate

Just like the "underground",

Doing business on the side,

Join in secret

A campaign against authoritarian government.

In the second movement against dictatorship,

Li Haizan and Wen zaiyin,

have toHe was arrested and double Ruo Yi back.

This time heSentenced to 4 years' imprisonment,

Has become a "story" of the male students".

Common political position,

A very similar political experience

Let Li Haizan and the increasingly close relationship in yin,

Today, thisRetired Prime Minister of state,

Is the brother of the president recalled,

Ambassador to china,

It is a long way to go.

The South Korean president chose so

Close and weightyChinese characters,

So we can see the importance of improving China ROK relations,

I hope Li Haizan can make it

SeekThe relationship between South Korea and the ice breakBreakthrough point.

But for the arrival of the old acquaintance,

Chinese netizens play brain holes again,

Four words have been prepared for him:

Withdrawal of sade!

I don't know about the new president

Sending letter

This trick works well,

But we still hope

The famous Korean "know Chinese" faction",

This time really can

Get to the minds of the broad masses of the Chinese people