Will Chua succeed third presidents of Brazil in 1 years?

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Will Chua succeed third presidents of Brazil in 1 years?

2017-05-19 19:54:38 117 ℃

(Brazil President temer)

Taiwan media today published articles, analysis of the recent focus on Brazil's president Temel scandal, this article entitled "the seal recording" crash "storm of Brazil Politics: within a year, Brazil's second presidential collapse? The article may give us a clearer picture of events. A year ago, there have been two Brazil president (former president Lula and Rousseff) because the bribery scandal was taken away by the police and was impeached, temer mashiqianti will become the third president of Brazil?

The following is the full text:

Brazil famous newspaper "globe", the 17 day exclusive disclosure of a "political record", the record of the Brazil President Temel (Michael Temer), through the meat processing due to the chaebol JBS, involving Brazil Petroleum (Petrobras) corruption case jailed former House Speaker Cunha (Eduardo Cunha), to pay 5 million Real (about 10 million 230 thousand yuan) of the "hush money", in order to avoid jail Cunha's Douchu "shouldn't talk about politics secret account".

After the report came out, President Temel immediately issued a statement, although admitted JBS recording true, but denied his speech content suspected of illegal or manipulate political secret accounts. However, the president asked the consortium donations to cover up corruption scandals in the news, but let the Brazil Congress into chaos, the national each big city also has a large number of spontaneous street demonstrations, the president temer asked to step down immediately".

"Globe" said, "the president of recording, is the beginning of March this year, in the office of the president temer privately met with the JBS chairman Batista (Joseley Batista), the other was secretly recording.

JBS, the meat packing company, is not only Brazil's largest food company, but also the world's largest meat processor. However, in the past two years, JBS's parent company JF group, has repeatedly been Brazil police search, after the Brazil federal police through the "fishing" with the supervision of the way, at the beginning of this year took group boss Batista brothers through "backpack, luggage box full of cash, suspected of Party Congress and even the senior government illegal donations, money and power network complex since the formal exposure.

"Globe" pointed out that Brazil prosecutors in the investigation of the Batista brothers, who won the informant with and through the bill number, cash bag in the tracker and prison photography, Batista brothers discovered the money flow in Brazil politics, such as evidence of mountain, forcing Batista brothers and pleaded guilty. The Supreme Court agreed, in April this year to witness, and Batista was on Wednesday, the court provided a "bomb" -- evidence of donations recording and President Temel of Brazil, and the politics of bribery records in the past 10 years the Batista brothers.

In the recording, Batista took the initiative to Temel said: he has been in accordance with the arrangements, to the beginning of both because of corruption involving jailed former House Speaker Newt Cunha and political broker Fu Naluo (L CIO Funaro case), to pay a "home for hush money", "two people to avoid jail speak should not say something".

After listening to the Batista report, in the recording temer depressed the tone response: "well, you must continue to arrange it, okay?"

Although the recording did not explain, what was the use of the seal fee? But because the case to Cunha, the past six months has repeatedly let it be to whistle all together involving corrupt politicians in Brazil ", thus including Reuters and other media, that the hush money, and corruption scandals have temel et al.

"Globe" said in the plea agreement, Batista brothers to prosecutors admitted that in the past 10 years has been through the payment of cash, to Brazil's major political parties and leaders to provide illegal donations, in exchange, JBS has made several policy of tax cuts and government subsidies paid, even in the United States JBS recent acquisitions pork producers, and intends to relocate its headquarters in a United States, have got a lot of feedback for "political help.".

Batista said, in addition to Cunha, participated in the 2014 presidential election Neifeisi (A CIO Neves) also received 2 million Real (about 4 million 90 thousand yuan); the left-wing President Lula (Luiz In, CIO Lula, Da Silva) President Rousseff (Dilma Rousseff) of the PKK, also by the finance minister Mundiga (Guido Mantega) "and bribes", again to the special factions within the party.

Temel recording after exposure, public opinion in Brazil enraged originally in procedure of the parliament of Brazil, so the outbreak of members conflict, chaos was forced to interrupt the agenda; and around the streets, but also the emergence of a large number of protesters chanted "temel out!" "Black gold president immediately stepped down."!" Other slogans.

In the past two years, Brazil's political arena already for the Brazil oil corruption case ("washing action" - Brazil politics frequently exposed collusion scandal, and Brazil oil company in a series of corruption cases is called "Brazil's biggest corruption case". In this case a series of anti-corruption action, known as the "washing action" - editor's note) and credit bankruptcy, and temer himself through "Congress in fighting", doudao mobilize the government budget for disciplinary Congress in August 31, 2016 was impeached President Rousseff, to be in the "unelected" situation next, to the identity of the vice president of the agency in the discussion in succession, become the leader of Brazil.

After taking office, temer is to "revive the Brazil economic and financial order" on the grounds, launched a series of budget and expenditure reform, but Brazil's unemployment and economic growth has not improved, including pensions and social welfare cuts and other major tightening dispute, also let the opposition group continuously poured on to the streets, the liberalization of economic policies against temer.

Under dispute, temer still adhere to their own no illegal behavior, do not need to step down, but the Brazil Congress has been impeached from both temer would have to pull him down. "". Jo Te Mel to impeach, it will be in Brazil in the past 12 months, second cases of impeachment, continuous ousted leaders storm, or will force Congress to amend the law initiative ahead of the election, the Brazil government has repeatedly failed to save the political credit.