Trump's "politically correct": American interests are everything

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Trump's "politically correct": American interests are everything

2017-05-19 19:55:25 164 ℃

Introduction: Recently, President Trump's domestic and foreign performance and the campaign and came to power at the beginning of the proposition of Trump's foreign policy opinion be quite different, many critics generally think Trump unable to agree on which is right, from which started its "politically incorrect" to "political right". "Politically correct" in the United States has narrow and broad sense. The excessive political development in the narrow sense has damaged the freedom of speech and political ecology of the United States to a certain extent, thus forming a huge political split. The so-called "political correctness" tied the United States to death, and Trump was able to jump out of "political correctness" and take "American priority" as a new political tenet. Trump is not only our businessman, he is the realization of political ideal by its special way.

Xu Haina: editor of Contemporary World Magazine

Trump claimed that he was going to "dissolve NATO" during his election campaign, and now he formally retracted the "NATO outdated theory"". In April 12, 2017, President Trump (left) and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg held a joint press conference at the White House in washington.

In recent days, President Trump's domestic and foreign performance and the campaign and came to power at the beginning of the claim be quite different: he claimed that the first day to China as a "currency manipulator" campaign, has recently made it clear that not to Chinese identified as a "currency manipulator", after the U.S. Treasury report to be confirmed; he claimed to be "the dissolution of NATO" during the campaign, and now formally withdraw the "NATO outdated theory"; in his campaign "bizarre admiration of Putin, but now changed to say" I don't know him, "and praise for Xi Jinping, from the" Pro Russian devaluation "swift to resist Russia and China"; he changed the previously detached attitude on the question of Syria, a military strike against Syria's air force base behind Russia, etc.. In the face of recent diplomatic moves by Trump, international opinion is that he is beginning to "politically correct" from the politically incorrect that he has started".

In April 18, 2017, Trump responded to Fawkes's interview with the hour hand, responding to the change in his attitude to China. "I haven't changed my position," he said". In fact, Trump said a true word. "Politically correct" and "politically incorrect," these labels can not frame him. Trump is not what special fixed position "ideology, no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only permanent interests of the state" the classic foreign standard embodied in him. Before the presidential campaign, Trump is "commercial interests"; during the campaign, Trump is "voter interest first"; after the White House, Trump's "political correctness" summed up as "American interests".

The double-edged sword of "politically correct"

At present, the United States said, "political correctness" by American politicians (liberal politician), academia and the media in 1970s to jointly create a discourse system, the starting point is to avoid offending vulnerable groups (ethnic minorities, women, gays, transgender people, have different religious beliefs or political dissidents) and to protect their rights and interests. This is called "narrow political correctness"". Mainstream discourse system as of 1960s of the American civil rights movement results from 70s began to enter the United States, has a positive significance to protect women, blacks, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups rights and interests, itself is a historical progress.

At the same time, the United States also has implications for broader "political correctness", that is the more a long tradition of political beliefs, such as freedom, democracy, open the world market competition, to the (immigration), multi-party system, safeguard system and an ally of the United States anti communist ideology, etc.. This kind of "political correctness" can be called "broad political correctness"". "Political correctness in broad sense" is not limited to the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities. It focuses on the maintenance of American political creeds and core values. For Trump, his political starting point is precisely contrary to "narrow political right".

The United States is Time passed by and life changed., the excessive development of the politically correct discourse by liberal politicians and media firmly held, political correctness is everything ". "Political correctness" in racial discrimination, illegal immigration, gay, non mainstream religious taboos and restrictions such as the topic set, so that many of the normal things should be discussed unspeakable. Many Americans believe that "political correctness" has become a double-edged sword, to a certain extent, undermines the freedom of expression and political ecology in the United States, which has created a huge political split, resulting in many evil consequences. Such as the December 2, 2015 United States California San Bernardino (San Bernardino) occurred 14 dead and 21 injured in the shootings. According to later disclosure, neighbors claimed to have seen the suspect's suspicious behavior, but feared being accused of racial discrimination without informing the authorities.

Faced with the "politically correct" invisible yoke, Trump delivered a famous speech after the Orlando shooting, "I refuse political correctness.". In June 13, 2016, Orlando's gay bar in Florida, Pulse, produced the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States (50 dead and 53 wounded). The gunman, an Afghan American whose parents were born in Afghanistan, later claimed responsibility for the incident. The Orlando shootings almost cover all the social focus of the conservative and liberal debate in the US: gun control, homosexuality, terrorist attacks, religious conflicts, refugees and immigration. Among them, homosexuality, ethnic minorities and religious conflicts arising from certain ethnic minorities, refugees, immigrants and other issues are related to "political correctness."". That day, as the presidential candidate Trump in New Hampshire speech, the word "I refuse to political correctness, I just do the right thing, I want to make things simple, I want to let the United States become great again" widely circulated, Trump is also regarded as anti "politically correct" spokesperson.

"Politically correct" has kidnapped most Americans, including the president of the United states. Trump, the super rich, is reluctant to be tied up. Before he became president, Trump was a maverick, winning the election of half of the United States and becoming president of the United States because of his maverick behavior. The American public is hoping that the presidential candidate who refuses to be politically correct will be able to strip off the transparent film that covers the United states.

In fact, the mood had been a bit early in the 2008 election, and the American desire for change created the first black president in American history. Obama shoulders the aspirations of the American people, hold high the banner of "change", high-profile into the white house. Although there are some achievements, such as "health care reform bill", to promote the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy to curb Chinese, detente, signed "the Iranian nuclear agreement with Iran, Cuba and" shake hands "and so on, but its commendable achievements in foreign affairs, while the achievement still depends on the support of President Trump in order to become a" political legacy". Obama, the president's black identity, became the focus of America's "politically correct" conflict. For example, Obama, who was black, was also racially discriminated against, which is an open secret in the white house. He did not have the power and the conditions to make real change. He was deeply affected by the "political correctness" of the United States, but was unable to resist. He had to shift the focus of the administration to the diplomatic sphere. It also indicates that the timing of change in the United States is not yet ripe, and that Obama is merely a symbol of "political correctness" in American history.

New "politically correct""

In the end, Trump can jump out of "political correctness" and take "American priority" as a new political creed, and its connotation is "the core interests of the United States"". In his view, the new "politically correct" is to adapt to the changing world. Whether narrow or broad, "politically correct", including American traditional institutions, strategies and policies, needs to be adjusted to cope with changes in the world.

In order to establish and maintain his "political correctness", Trump and the broad and narrow sense of the traditional "political correctness" handed in. Especially in the diplomatic field, and the policy of Trump's speech showed different characteristics, including: one is related not only to the interior of a diplomatic immigration policy, this is the root to maintain the vitality and open of the United states. Trump's "no Mu order" has caused uproar in the world and the United States strongly resisted, because it is considered a violation of the fundamental spirit of the founding of the United States. The two is to maintain close ties with Japan, South Korea, Australia and other allies and NATO, and maintain basic positions in line. In recent years, the United States has left aside the alliance system for unilateral action in order to maximize its own interests and maintain its own superiority. Even so, George W. Bush dared not throw his allies off. Trump directly denied the significance of the NATO alliance system to the United States. It was true that political correctness was at its height. Three, there are some basic positioning and non touch minefields in the relations between major powers, such as the "one China policy", "permanent prevention" and "Russia" in the Taiwan issue. For these "forbidden zones", Trump tried to break.

Trump is not so much the ideology and idealistic considerations, its measure is very simple: if it can bring benefits to the United States, whether it is beneficial to the national interests of the United States, will help make us strong again "". In Trump's view, NATO, Japan, South Korea and other allies bear too little money, the United States is spending money to maintain its safety. Although Mr Trump said in April 12, 2017 that NATO was not out of date, he said NATO members had to shift their military spending to 2% of gdp. The words and deeds of Trump behind and not only businessmen Pennywise, but he clearly saw the power of the United States after struggling overdraft. Trump was clear that only the title of global leadership could not make America once again great".

Trump during the campaign of China criticism and hostility from his feel Chinese rise to US hegemony threat, but could not conceal his Chinese achievements of envy, here does not have the color too much ideology, but there are a lot of calculations based on realistic interests. To this end, he also does not mind undermining the Sino US diplomatic pattern. The Trump team designed the "alliance with Russia" strategy for Flynn "Russian" incident temporarily give up. Subsequently, Trump immediately change tactics, shot against Syria. He is the first to make the attitude in the United States in domestic politics, to distance themselves from the relationship with Russia, and the implementation of this action in the heads of the talks, trying to alienate the relationship between China and Russia, to "kill two birds with one stone" effect.

Trump has always been very concerned about china. Trump tweeted in June 12, 2013 that he had mentioned China's threat as early as 1980s. China has been the country with the largest number of references since it began sending tweets about China in 2011. In a "Saturday night live" (Saturday Night Live) broadcast a three minute video, Trump mentioned China lens clip together, can see Trump breath said 234 "China (China)". This shows Trump's degree of concern for china. Of course, when the election campaign to speak of content, are on China's vigilance and prevention. In the early days of his office, Trump deliberately showed his ignorance of China, more because of strategic considerations. After learning conference, Trump recognized us comprehensive dialogue mechanism is highly appreciated at the expression of President Xi Jinping. These reflect Trump's new understanding of Sino US relations, and he realizes that China's vision of "America's first" may help and begin to express its positive attitude towards china.

American interests are everything

Although from the domestic to foreign affairs, Trump's campaign promises are constantly look in vain, but also can see he is not subject to no restrictions of any kind, "political correctness" of the constraints, and to adjust the policy of flexible and rapid. Similarly, Trump's policy adjustment is not consistent with the old doctrine of "politically correct", but closely revolves around the core national interests of the United States and, if necessary, big strategic transactions. Trump also realized that his actions were still subject to Party politics. The relationship between the United States and the world's major powers, especially the domestic political ecology of the United States, is not something that Trump can do without issuing several administrative orders.

The advantages of the United States is still very strong, such as science and technology superiority, space superiority, military superiority and so on, but its powerful advantage did not support and force in many places, such as the economy, terrorism, nuclear issue, climate change, are the United States alone can't solve the. In Trump's view, "first America" and "American priority" are new "political correctness", beyond the traditional political correctness of the core of values". The so-called "United States first" is the first interest in the United States, the United States needs first, the United States faces the first practical difficulties. The situation in the world has changed, and the connotation of "America first" should be changed accordingly.

The United States for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, acting assistant secretary of state Dong Yunshang in March 13, 2017 the United States Secretary of state Tillerson's trip to Asia to answer a reporter's question, said, "we are looking for a" result oriented "relationship with China". This may be the core of Trump's "politically correct": beyond "politically correct" and "results oriented."". That is to say, China and the United States should not be obsessed with the concept of controversy, but should take the result as the starting point for dealing with the problem. It is also the methodology of Trump's "politically correct".

Now it seems that Trump is not only our businessman, he is the realization of political ideal by its special way. Study on Trump's attention and also allow the United States to start thinking, is to continue to defend for decades to values, ideology and political system as the core of the so-called "political correctness", or according to changes in the United States, the interests of the United States, America's standing in the world to put forward a new value or new political correctness". This is the difference between Trump and several former presidents of the United States and all other constituent competitors.

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