When he came second times, the Chinese ambassador made a special trip home to meet him

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When he came second times, the Chinese ambassador made a special trip home to meet him

2017-05-20 01:47:50 145 ℃

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Diplomatic news has been hitting the headlines these days.

The key word for May 19th is "the special envoy for South Korea's president is here."". That day, almost everyone knows a Korean name: South Korean President Wen zaiyin envoy Li Haizan. Know the political circle (WeChat ID:wepolitics) noted that 14 years ago, he has been the South Korean President elect Roh Moo-hyun envoy's visit to china.

Recently, the new government of South Korea sent four envoys at the same time. They launched diplomatic offensives on China, the United States, Japan and Russia. The Korean media called it "four top diplomacy", and the president's special envoy's visit to China was one of them. During his visit to China from 18 to 20, the delegation led by Li Haizan met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and State Councilor Yang Jiechi, and on the 19 day, he received an interview with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Is it unusual for South Korea to make such diplomatic moves? Will the arrival of envoys change relations between China and South Korea?

The special envoy was a former Prime Minister of Korea

Li Haizan, a former Prime Minister of South Korea and now a member of Parliament, visited China as a special envoy for the second time.

Public reports indicate that Li Haizan from 2004 to 2006 served as prime minister in the Roh Moo-hyun government in early February 2003, served as special envoy of President elect Roh Moo-hyun's visit to Chinese. He was elected to Congress 5 times and is considered a veteran of the ruling Democratic Party of South korea.

Professor at the International Institute for Strategic Studies of the Central Party school Zhang Liangui told financial knowledge circle (WeChat ID:wepolitics), Lee hae Chan served as prime minister, in the South Korean politics influence and status is very high, sent him to the level of heavy enough, Lee hae Chan diplomatic credentials is very old.

Li Haizan's trip also carry a letter in the letter addressed to the president China Yin leaders, and in the talks to President Xi Jinping. "From" the diplomatic way we are not unfamiliar, it is one of the countries such as Japan and South Korea Foreign Affairs tactics. The letter referred to at the same time, Li Haizan said that the establishment of diplomatic relations in 25 years, the rapid development of bilateral relations and cooperation in various fields has made tremendous progress. China ROK relations have great potential and broad prospects. The ROK side fully understands China's major concerns and is ready to step up communication and coordination with the Chinese side and explore appropriate solutions to the problems hindering the development of bilateral relations.

Yonhap news agency reported, Li Haizan said, Wen zaiyin president also asked him to deliver a letter from hundred-percent to China to convey his ideas, enhance mutual trust with china.

"Four top diplomacy" is a tradition

This time, the new government of South Korea sent four envoys to visit China, the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries, which caused a lot of attention.

Special envoy list was announced in May 15th, envoy to the United States for the former president, "Central Daily" TV JTBC President Hong Xixuan, sent to China special envoy for former Prime Minister Li Haizan, special envoy to Japan and Russia were common Democrats Wenxi and song Yongji.

Hong Xixuan, a former ambassador to the United States of Korea, has a good knowledge of American conditions and has extensive connections in the United states. Wen Xixiang from 2004 to 2008 served as president of the union of Korea and Japan, in Japan, political connections are very broad. Song Yongji is currently the vice president of South Korea and Russia members of diplomatic agreement, in the period of Inchon served as mayor of Inchon city to form friendly city with St Petersburg, South Korea and Russia for exchanges and cooperation and promote friendly relations to contribute, and Russian President Putin awarded the medal of peace and friendship and Russia in 2013.

From left to right are Hong Xixuan, Li Haizan, Wen Xi and Song Yongji (Han Lianshe)

This is the best of the four envoys.

So, is this diplomatic action rare by the new government of Korea? Zhang Liangui's political circle (WeChat ID:wepolitics) said that the new government of South Korea's approach is not uncommon. He pointed out that the recent South Korean government are doing so, each session of the new government is sending a special envoy to visit these four countries. In 2008, Lee Myung-bak sent Park Geun hye as a special envoy to explore China, which is also a manifestation of the parallel diplomacy of the four countries. It can be said that the new president sent a special envoy to visit the four countries and the new president in order to visit four countries, are traditional.

According to Yonhap disclosure, Wen zaiyin and President Trump agreed to hold summit talks at the end of June.

"When the president of the Republic of Korea visits the four countries, the order is sometimes very small, for example, Lee Myung-bak goes to the United States first, then goes to Japan, then comes back to China, and finally goes to russia. There are small details worth noting that the president's visit to the four countries will be a separate visit, for example, can not go to the United States, Japan, japan." Zhang Liangui says.

It is worth mentioning that the Wen zaiyin envoy to Japan Wen Xixiang said, Wen zaiyin to restore the former president Roh Moo-hyun and former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi initiated the "shuttle diplomacy in Japan and South korea". It is understood that "shuttle diplomacy" refers to the Korean and Japanese leaders at any time to exchange visits and hold summit talks, by former president Roh Moo-hyun of South Korea in December 2004 with the then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi agreed. The "shuttle diplomacy" mechanism was formed only a year ago and was interrupted by Koizumi's visit to the Yasukuni shrine. In 2008, when President Lee Myung-bak arrived in Tokyo, he resumed diplomatic diplomacy with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda". But because of the comfort women and Dokdo sovereignty, resulting in "shuttle diplomacy" cast a shadow. Former President Park Geun hye did not visit japan.

Will China ROK relations change?

On May 19th, Xi Jinping pointed out at the meeting that Li Haizan, at present, China ROK relations are at a critical stage. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries over the past 25 years, bilateral relations have achieved great leap forward development, which has brought tremendous benefits to both countries and peoples, and has made important contributions to safeguarding regional peace and stability.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi said at the meeting with Li Haizan, Wen zaiyin president's special envoy's visit to China, reflecting attaches great importance to the relations between China and South korea. The two sides should implement the consensus of the two heads of state, and make practical efforts to promote China ROK relations to return to a healthy and stable development track. At the meeting, foreign minister Wang Yi fully expounded China's principled stand on the issue of Sade and asked ROK to properly address China's major and legitimate concerns. Wang Yi also said that China is willing to work with all parties, including the ROK, to take more effective measures to resolve the Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue.

South Korean President Wen zaiyin said, there are many problems between the two countries at present, believe that if the two sides carry out sincere dialogue, can achieve good results.

CCTV reported earlier, Li Haizan said, South Korea aware of the deployment of "Sade" to China and South Korea mutual trust and contacts between the two countries damage, and fully understand China's legitimate concerns. The ROK is willing to look for good ways to deal with the problem in good faith.

Li Haizan's visit to China was greeted by Chinese ambassador to South Korea at BeiJing Capital Airport in Qiu Guohong. Yonhap said the Chinese ambassador to Beijing China sent to meet South Korean envoy, giving Li Haizan the highest courtesy. It was also the first time that the Chinese Ambassador accompanied the ROK envoy to his country.

Turning to the trend of Sino South Korea relations, Zhang Lian Lian believes that, whether China or South Korea, are aware of the Sino Korean relations into the trough is not good. From the present point of view, both sides believe that relations will improve. On the issue of Sade, they have adopted a negotiated position to consider each other's ideas and may find a solution in the future.

Data | CCTV news, South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

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