The list of 20 countries with the worst decline in the United States in 2017 is the list of US Japan and South Korea

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The list of 20 countries with the worst decline in the United States in 2017 is the list of US Japan and South Korea

2017-05-20 01:47:57 109 ℃

The United States Peace Foundation will make comments on the world each year, recently released a report in 2017, is still the seat of the database, the 2017 global decline is the most serious, and the deterioration of 20 countries, the fastest to pull out, the higher the score difference. Among them, the developed countries, the United States, Japan and South Korea, but also the continued volatility of Venezuela, go to see what exactly:

1. Ethiopia, marathon race is a strong point, but can not eat when eating. Protests in the country continued, the government imposed a curfew, a drought, food shortages.

2. Mexico, "from God, Taiyuan, too close to the United States", violence in Mexico has surged and criminal cases have increased. Trump also accused many Mexicans of crossing the border to repair the wall.

3., the economic situation in Turkey and Turkey is not good, and terrorist activities are also increasing. El has strengthened the power of the president, and the outlook is not very good.

4., Brazil is a member of the BRICs, and has also held the world cup and the Olympic games. However, the recent economic and public security situation has worsened, and it has also caused "village card virus".

5., Gambia, the former leader of Jaime, has clamored for the destruction of China, and has not recognized the elected president, and has now stepped down under the threat of armed forces in the surrounding countries.

6. South Africa is also a member of the BRICs, but similar to Brazil, the economy and public security are getting worse.

7., Japan, Fukushima nuclear leakage, so that Japan's losses are not small, the recent loss of highly educated personnel, population pressure is also increasing, typhoon a lot of earthquakes.

8., there were also major earthquakes in Italy, as well as political turbulence caused by the refugee boom and economic pressure.

9., South Korea, the economic downturn, especially Chinese people do not go to South Korea Tourism and shopping, the impact is not small. There are Park event, let Korea turbulent political situation.

10. Belgium, as the "European capital", the terrorist attacks and refugees tide is a challenge.

11. Gabon, small African country.

12. Ecuador, a small country in South america.

13. Greek, Greek, refugee, and debt crises are endless.

14. the United States, since the United States since the election, Trump's "racial discrimination" triggered a sustained U.S. domestic political turmoil, with Hilary and Obama as the main opposition accused Trump of "Russia", Putin laughed at American politics "schizophrenia" ". America's economy is recovering too, and shootings are frequent, and the United States, the global superpower, inevitably gets into a corner.

15. Bahrain, Gulf oil producing countries.

16. Zambia, poor African countries.

17. Armenia, a small Caucasus country.

18. Estonia, a small Baltic country.

19. New Zealand, Pacific island countries.

20. Venezuela, due to rising international oil prices, domestic instability in Venezuela, the political situation has begun to instability, so efforts to resolve the country's democracy is the main thing.