How many have you been to the nine most inaccessible countries in the world?

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How many have you been to the nine most inaccessible countries in the world?

2017-05-20 01:48:30 150 ℃

A veteran traveler visa bitter history tells you the world's nine most difficult to obtain visas to the country! It turned out that North Korea's god horse is really nothing.

The capital of Muqdisho Somalia Lido beach I have traveled the world in every country. It's difficult to get into some countries. Last summer I took the Royal Morocco Airlines flight from Casablanca to fly to the Equatorial Guinea Malabo International Airport, I completed 50 years ago: I visited every country on this planet in a formal legal status. This means that I have been to 196 countries and regions, including 193 members of the United Nations, plus 3 regions of Taiwan, the Vatican and Kosovo. These 5 years I continuously across the world, using a variety of vehicles, such as tricycles, buses, rickshaws, cars, minibuses and taxis, and train (Italy, Switzerland, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and Greece), riverboat (Gabon, Germany), Norway coastal steamer, in Gambia and the Amazon jungle Peru and Ecuador in a canoe, riding a motorcycle across half of Burma; a motorcycle around the Jamaica bike tour in Nauru. I walk through 3 countries and regions: the Vatican, San Marino and liechtenstein. In some areas, horses, donkeys, camels, elephants and llamas are the means of transportation. I have to admit that I have not been to the 7107 islands in Philippines, nor have I been to the more than 17000 islands in Indonesia. But I used to ride the old ship, and I was sailing unsteadily in Sioux River, where there was a shipwreck of 400 people. I've ventured across hundreds of countries, but immigration is a problem for some countries. I have been refused many times, they have their own way, these countries have not yet opened to the world. In fact, the DPRK is not difficult to go to, the U.S. government does not prohibit citizens to go there, although North Korea against the United States, but for the U. S. dollar is very welcome, is willing to provide visas, visa fees are very expensive. The following 9 countries are hard to get visas: Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is really difficult to enter. From 2000 to 2009, I have been trying, have not been successful, even refused to even tell me why. The Saudi travel and Cultural Heritage Commission has no habit of issuing tourist visas to non muslims. To complete my project, I think I might have to convert to Islam, recite the Quran, learn from the Mullah, visit the mosque, and forget that I am an ultra liberal Jewish atheist.

Even the media see this picture is not only sigh, get above the lower right corner of composite numbers, can let you in combat when doubling girlfriend night hot kiss, do not refuse to do the soft Xiao Ju minutes sir, only to add to Xiao oh.

Saudi Arabia Mecca mosque when I was in Bahrain in 2011 was particularly frustrating, King Fahd bridge is connected to highway bridge across the sea between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and again I failed visa. An unusually candid Saudi consular officer finally revealed why I was repeatedly refused: "you see, we have a lot of oil and a lot of money, so we don't need a little of your travel income.". We have 2 million Muslim pilgrims each year, and they go to holy city Mecca every year, and they go without a problem. Some of our conservative citizens do not want non muslim Westerners to bring free thought. Of course we don't want you to be wounded or killed by some of the radicals in the country." Finally, I was able to enter Saudi Arabia through a travel agent close to Saudi Arabia, disguised as an archaeology Professor, and spent nearly $9000, excluding airfare and travel agency costs, in Michigan. Kiribati

Kiribati is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. The country is too small and too poor. I applied for a visa for the first time in 2006. The country has 8 "honorary consulates" scattered around the world. I went straight to Hawaii and the consuls were busy surfing all day long. A Fijian consul was arrested when I went to other South Pacific countries and finally got a visa. Of course, things have changed now, and American citizens can sign off if they stay for less than a month.


Chad asked the visa applicant to submit an invitation to the sponsor or hotel in Ndjamena, the capital of the country, as well as the purpose of the trip and the relationship with the guarantor. In 2012, when only two or three hotels can provide an invitation, so I have to advance booking hotel, is 300 dollars per night, and is not refundable. The difficulty is far from that. Just as I arrived at Ndjamena airport, a uniformed policeman gestured and said, "money, money, money."." He asked me for $50 to get me out of the airport. I told him in French that I had paid for my visa. He looked angry and said, "money, money, money."." I lied to him that the Chadian ambassador to the United States had assured me that I would not have to pay for my stay in chad. He looked at me as if I were a fool. I asked him to produce the relevant documents. He looked at me as if I were a troublemaker. I told him he wanted a receipt for the money. This amused him and his two companions. Finally, the price of the bribe dropped to $15. I have only 20 dollars, asking him to change. Afterwards, I thought it was funny and waved away. From 2001 to 2007 in Nauru, I was completely unable to obtain a visa. From the late 60s to early 70s, the Pacific island residents to become the richest man on earth, because this precious mineral resources of guano phosphate on the island, with the reserves of phosphate depletion and environmental degradation caused by mining, impairment and management Island wealth funds, the government of Nauru is said to have had to bankruptcy. Resort to some unusual ways to obtain funding. In 1990s, Nauru became a tax haven and a money laundering Centre for Russian Criminal organizations. Since 2005, Nauru has accepted the assistance of the Australian government, the Pacific solution, in return for the establishment of a detention facility in Nauru to deal with refugees who have illegally entered australia. The Australian High Commissioner has the right to refuse any foreigner who has a problem with immigration control. With the formal end of the Pacific Settlement in 2008, Nauru loosened these restrictions. Although the country still receives refugee detention for foreign countries, there are now legitimate businesses, including tourism, that make it easier for the island's airlines to arrange my visa. In 2011, I finally made it. Unless you're a crazy traveler, there's only a mess of limestone on the island.


Russia should not appear in this directory, but in 2010 for the fourth time to Russia, as Americans on the territory of Putin has become a difficult problem: most of the country's citizens to apply for a Russian visa requires only a single page, with only 21, while the U.S. citizens must face a severe "under the new form of mutual benefit" 41 annoying questions. These include details of the itinerary, travel paid for individual or organization name, the applicant countries over the past 10 years have past (99 countries for me); the applicant currently two times before the occupation and occupation of the applicant; education school; applicant professional, charity list of members of the applicant; Russia the names of relatives; accept any firearms, explosives, nuclear and biological weapons training details; military history, rank and arms. In order to avoid being refused, I question every question, although I don't think that these are the Kremlin's intention. I filled out the form, my military records, and I was involved in the construction of the United States Army toilet building manual, which I am very proud of. (unfortunately, because of this I was promoted to sergeant, then received order, I became the atomic gun crew chief)


Somalia has been in war and terrorist unrest for decades, so it certainly needs the dollars of tourists, but the government is reluctant to see tourists killed or kidnapped. Some hotels and guesthouses are open, and although they mainly serve diplomats and nongovernmental organizations, they will assist in obtaining visas. They can also provide security services for at least four of the best six armed guards, forming a complete line of defense, and they are always on your side, usually with binoculars scanning the rooftops of snipers. Along with the armed men in the two bullet proof off-road vehicles, I kept talking through the intercom, which cost me $750 a day in 2012. It is said that the cost has risen to $1350 a day, and there is no room for bargaining. The visa team must now be equipped with a security team. I guess the recent sharp rise in prices may have been due to an increase in both visitor numbers and risk levels. I kept looking at the beautiful Lido beach for an hour, and they didn't want me to be the target of the kidnappers. The beach in Lido is white, Sandy and very delicate. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, surrounded by the old luxury villas, and the walls and windows are incomplete.


Entering Sultan is a difficult problem. From 2004 to 2007, whenever I asked the state of Sultan at the Embassy of Washington, D.C., I received the same short answer: "Khartoum is under study."." The government of Khartoum is mysterious and paranoid. Some of Sultan's top leaders, including the president, have been wanted by the International Criminal Court since genocide was committed in Darfur in 2003, killing hundreds of non arabs. That's why they don't want to travel around with their cameras. They limit the number of tourists, and make sure they can't go there. What kind of photos don't shoot?. I finally gave up the official program, through a friend of the United Nations (a method to find the camera can take), he put me in the Arabia union official contact list, 2008 "help" I entered this country.


Yemen is too hot, not suitable for long. After years of domestic unrest and the resignation of the autocratic president of the November 2011, I got a visa, and in 2014, a brief peace, I entered Yemen legally. Yemen's civil strife is now closed and the door to foreign affairs has closed.


Angola is the most inaccessible of all the countries I've visited. Its stingy visa policy may reflect Angola's general perception that foreign tourists only want to steal their diamonds. In addition, the government of Angola has not granted tourist visas to Americans for many years. Since the United States supported the rebels in Angola, the civil war that began in 1975 lasted 27 years, killing more than one million people. I have been applying for a visa from 2004 to 2008. Through diplomatic ties, I finally got into the country in December 2012. There is nothing special about Luanda (the capital of Angola), except for the heavy traffic jam and the Yellow Crane on the tall building, the country is in the tide of oil construction. The countryside is not beautiful, most of the wild animal has been killed in the civil war; tourism souvenirs is 5 times more expensive than other countries; Portugal is a type of food leftovers was flat and uninteresting; to charge me $five package fee. After all, Angola is the last country I haven't been to. This country is not my favorite, but like other countries in this article, from limestone ravaged Nauru to the Muqdisho, the capital of Somalia, is the only way to travel all over the world.