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Today the French music crazy!

2017-07-27 19:46:29 165 ℃

"Welcome to the baby panda! The French zoo panda is pregnant for the first time, according to the Agence France-Presse reported on 26, the French beauval zoo Parc day revealed that the female panda in France in 2012 to Huan Huan pregnant!

Delfin said beauval zoo Parc media director of an interview with the Agence France-Presse,"We have waited long for this day. This news, let all people as cheerful as a lark".Delfin said, "this gives us the protection of panda hope, because this kind of rare animal in danger of extinction".

In January 2012, "Huan Huan" and her "boyfriend" and "Yuan Zi" officially departed for France, they will live in France for 10 years. They are from the "panda Yan Yan died in France in 2000 after the first panda sent to france. At present, the "Huan Huan" 9, "Yuan Zi" at the age of 4.

Agence France-Presse said, as everyone knows is difficult to let the panda pregnant female panda estrus every year, no more than 48 hours. Last year, Huan Huan had a "false pregnancy". The zoo said, "Huan Huan" is not a natural conception, but by the zoo do artificial insemination.

The baby panda zoo, on August 4th or 5 days of birth.

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