India backyard, modi version of "punishment"

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India backyard, modi version of "punishment"

2017-08-11 04:58:00 387 ℃

India confrontation lasted nearly two months to India's prime minister Modi came to the limelight, called it the biggest in more than 3 years of a movement.However, not too far, Edison dynamic interpretation in a cocoon around oneself.

The angry soldiers in Gorkha

There is a separate Gorkha day before warning Modi Government: as to August 8th is still on the Gorkha independent Tekram requirements will be further upgraded completely indifferent, riots. Now, the people of Gorkha deadline has passed, the India government will react? The people of Gorkha "large-scale riots" how will appear, and will produce what kind of chain reaction? Wait and see the outside world. To be sure, the relevant matters on India foreign affairs activities impact.

Troubles start inside the house. disarray

In June this year, due to the West Bengal government in the state public schools will need to learn Bengali as subjects, the Darjeeling area (the famous tea in northern West Bengal) accounted for most of the Nepalese people in Gorkha said a boycott to protest. After more than a month, the situation deteriorated, frequent riots. In July 20th, two local government offices by protesters burned, the army of India in early July the temporary deployment also hastily evacuated.

The Gorkha supporters rally held in New Delhi, called for the establishment of an independent state

In the eyes of the media in India, the past few days, West Bengal civil strife has frequently "extremely urgent", plus the day before the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee issued a "ruthless" to the government of India, the situation in the region is more urgent. Banerjee, publicly criticized the Modi government said that due to the modi government's "diplomatic failure", leading to the deterioration of India and its neighbours Chinese, Nepal and other countries, which has brought adverse effects to West bengal.

The northern part of the issue is not resolved, at the beginning of July, the state of southeast area basirhat is in turmoil. A network of Posts triggered between the local Muslim and Hindu groups broke out ethnic friction. The government may not be suspended in the area of Internet services, closed shops and schools, and over 400 local frontier soldiers patrol the streets.

New Delhi TV website comments that the local government response to the riots of the poor, exacerbated the conflicts between different groups in this area. If not, West Bengal or will become "second kashmir".

India born sensitive physique

Rome, India national fusion in the process of historical and realistic problems of governance is the root of the civil strife.

Northeast separatist movement is the most active, ULFA, Porto National Democratic Front, Bodo Liberation Tigers forces and other forces have been seeking to secede from India. Manipur people's Liberation Army "claimed Burma and Tai Mei with the state's founding, Kuki also has a separate Tekram voice.

2000, from the northern state of Uttarakhand independence, the demonstration effect leads to the other 5 regions of Uttar Pradesh alone into a state. In southern India, Kerala and parts of Karnataka, Tulu people requires a separate state. In 2014, the southern telingana region from Ande state independent jianbang.

India's prime minister modi

Many forces required separation, or because of differences in language, or for different racial, religious factors also appears frequently. This is inextricably linked with the extremely complex social and cultural status of India.

Language is the main basis for the division of the state of India border. India is currently in Hindi is the first official language. In addition as the "second additional official English language", India national has 21 local "predetermined official language", and other languages registered is up to more than 1600 kinds. India is the birthplace of many religions, all religions are almost the world can find traces of India, so it is called "the Museum of religion".

The economic and political status of regional disparity, are also more likely to make the same language and ethnic groups tend to hold together the exclusive. The southern states are seeking independence telingana Jianbang, because the local Telugu ethnic groups believe that their decades in politics and economy, education, medical and other fields suffered injustice.

This appeal is often be used as a tool for political parties to seek votes. In 1997, when the opposition People's Party of India has encouraged independent Jianbang wave, to obtain the relevant domestic support forces. The passage of time, now the people's party came to power, Jianbang demands of Darjeeling Gorkha people, turned into trouble.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Institute researcher, India expert Liu Xiaoxue pointed out that the riots is rooted in a long time India internal emigration population structure changes, the immigrant some from the colonial era, such as Darjeeling, Gorkha, some from the beginning of independence, such as West Bengal to the northeast of the state immigration; plus India had language Nippon tradition, so the appropriate political aspirations.

India could use the system more flexible to adapt to the changes, but the existing interests obstacles, cause will not ease the contradictions, but sharpened.

Modi agreed can scarcely wait for 10 years

In this context, Mr modi's aggressive diplomatic strategy can commit suicide. In May 16, 2014, won the parliamentary election victory of the people's Party candidate for prime minister Modi promised to voters said: "I want to become the twenty-first Century India century, it takes 10 years, not very long." In fact, with the "big dream" modi can scarcely wait in a cocoon around oneself. Took office 3 years ago, Modi won numerous eye, especially in the field of diplomacy.

The British "economist" cover

In February 2015, Modi in a India envoy annual meeting said, "the current global environment in a world eager to embrace India a rare opportunity, he had the urge to bring section to discard the old ideas," the use of this extremely rare opportunity, make India become the world's leading role, but not just a balance of power". India's foreign ministry announced two years ago, Modi has come to India to open a "revolutionary diplomacy" stage.

According to the India review people's point of view, due to Manmohan Singh (before India's prime minister modi) I not "decisive and strong" personality and other domestic pressure, the Singer administration in ten years of India's diplomatic relations has not been outstanding progress. However, it was not obvious damage. After Modi came to power, is to change this situation, India will continue strong attack. This is evidenced by the confrontation between China and India, so is the conflict between India and.

Analysts said, in addition to the established "diplomacy" strategy, the intention modi use of external contradictions to transfer the domestic sight is also an important decision factor. In the global scope of "nationalism" and "populist" warming of the moment, inciting people, in order to achieve the desired political interests. However, this price is obviously, especially in India this country frequent hidden strife.

Modi is not clear India lesions, only in the "political aspirations" has not yet been met, our strong support.