Far from God, too close to the United States, a large territory has shrunk by half

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Far from God, too close to the United States, a large territory has shrunk by half

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Mexico has a famous saying: too far away from God, too close to the United states.

Figure: Flag of Mexico map

Mexico is located in the south of the U. S., in North America, West Pacific, east of the Atlantic (Mexico Bay). Mexico area of 1 million 970 thousand square kilometers, a population of 127 million. The area and population equivalent, but not among the BRICs list.

The country of Brazil is very lucky, but Mexico life is not good, the United States stand strong brother, often bullied us.

More than 100 years ago, the area of the Mexico times larger than it is now. Several states now belong to the southern United States, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, is the original site of Mexico.

Figure: Mexico's largest territory

Mexico's nightmare began in 1846. The United States was mainly located in the eastern part, slowly permeable to Western Mexico. The control of the Mexico Texas and Mexico the Texas slave leader against disunity, Mexico allowed slaves to take decisions from Mexico from a play. The United States took the opportunity to buy Texas, Texas in 1836 kicked Mexico independence. The United States gave Texas a number of advantages, so Texas decided to join the United States in 1945, this is the twenty-eighth state, Dezhou.

The departure of Texas, is a huge blow to Mexico, but the bloodthirsty decided they will not miss the dismemberment of Mexico. Now there is a saying: the United States will not be interested in the land, only the United States interested in doing business, unlike Russia so bloodthirsty expansion. If this is a modern American, can pass. But the expansion of the United States, and Russia, are the world's top. The United States is expanding now, it is because ate too much.

Including the United States, India and other Pacific Ocean control important island fortress, which is not the rush? The savage of the United States, and Russia just about the same.

Tensions between the United States and Mexico, but gave us an excuse to invade Mexico. At this time the United States has not won the Pacific coast, in order to achieve the goal, and Mexico battle is inevitable.

Is almost the same as the Japs in Lugou Bridge on the ugly approach, the United States declared that Mexico invaded the land in the United States the United States, slaughtering americans. The number of troops in Mexico, but the poor training, poor weapons. The United States belongs to the elite type, well-equipped, strong fighting capacity.

Figure: Mexico

The war lasted nearly three years, Mexico defeated, and late Qing Dynasty have what distinction. The coverage area of the Mexican American War of millions of square kilometers, less the number of Americans to eat a big fat mouth. Plus Mexico although the strength of the weak, but can be used to ambush against the United states.

Comprehensive national strength decided the war trend, especially in 1847, the U.S. direct attack on Mexico's capital Mexico City, kick straight venture. A desperate resistance, the United States has paid a huge price, barely take Mexico City.

Mexico guys incompetent, but Mexicans are patriotic, they used the old tactics and deal with america. With Chinese's words, is the United States aggression to the people of Mexico into a vast expanse of water in the. However, men did not dare to attack the United States, as foreigners generally see table.

Figure: Mexico territory change

At the beginning of 1848, Mexico and the United States to negotiate a cease-fire. That is the negotiations, the United States is the victory party, this is just a need to cut Mexico how much benefit can satisfy appetite negotiation.

Then, Mexico and the United States signed the cession of California and Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado respectively, a total of 1 million 900 thousand square kilometers to the u.s..

At the same time, Russia's annexation of the Northwest Chinese northwest and, together with 1 million 500 thousand square kilometers.

Figure: Russia invaded the territory of the Qing Dynasty

Russia cut is carried out gradually in the late Qing Dynasty territory. The American occupation of Mexico's "Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty", is the world's largest a land cession treaty. The huge area ceded territory, in addition to East Asia Chinese, west of Turkey, is America Mexico.

The United States won the Pacific channel, such as the rocket development, at the beginning of the twentieth Century, is the world's top power. After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union China hutch hegemony, then squeeze, into the three kingdoms.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States in the world of one superpower, run amuck, is the most developed country in the world. Mexico, the Mexican American war, national power has been seriously weakened, especially confidence, suffered a huge blow, does not become too confident. Mexico is developing slowly, until now, Mexico will develop into middle-income countries in the world national power division, which belongs to the three stream (by three worlds'division).

Figure: Mexico

Some people will say, Canada and the United States closer, why don't see us into Canada? In fact, as early as in the United States before the founding of the United States in 1774, hit Canada idea. At that time, Canada has not established, is a British colony, Quebec is the French territory. The predecessor of the State - thirteen North American British troops to attack north of Canada, Canada became the fourteenth brothers. The United States Canada was one beaten. In 1812, the United States Zaigong Canada, Canada and Britain was allied to the beat.

The United States suffered, do not call the idea of canada. Mexico is not so lucky in canada. The United States in consideration of Canada's strategy, how many would consider British factors, in addition to Quebec France factors. But Mexico is the colony of Spain, Spain is a colonial world polahu, United States of Mexico is not polite. And, in 1899, the United States also directly to Spain on the ground a good beating, the Spanish American war.

Who let Mexico far from God, too close to the United States. The United States is not allow Mexico to become a developed country, although Canada is also developed, but with the homologous population, most can only become middle-income countries. The population of Mexico has great potential, once let Mexico become a developed country, then the United States in America will not lord it over others.

Figure: Mexico

The United States in Mexico, don't want to succeed. Mexico is "a person with breadth of vision" to strengthen relations with the United States, most willing to when the younger brother, Untouchables anyway. The relationship between the United States and Mexico, but in immigrants and drugs, the two countries often spat.