Koreans can not afford to eat beef of the truth, it is worth every Chinese reflection

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Koreans can not afford to eat beef of the truth, it is worth every Chinese reflection

2017-08-12 22:59:32 202 ℃

In South Korea, ordinary people can not afford to eat beef, right. But this particular one kilogram of beef, boutique Han cattle to more than 1000 yuan, the price is high to staggering. Why is it so expensive? Koreans can not afford to eat beef and what is the truth?

World Chinese weekly columnist: Gu Jingyan

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South Korea as Asia is one of the few developed countries, economic prosperity, cultural output is also quite effective in recent years, attracted many students to study China. However, with the increasingly close exchanges between the two peoples, a rumor has intensified: "the Korean people can not afford to eat beef!"

This can let many people feel very happy feeling, we China per capita income from South Korea is also poor with a large margin, we can afford to eat Korean beef, why can not afford to eat? Korean is really rich, rich or not?

Koreans can not afford to eat beef, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

In many Korean beef, is a very precious gift, ordinary people will buy food only in the major festivals. In the drama "yellow handkerchief" in had such a plot, the mother-in-law scolded to drink bone soup daughter-in-law: "bone soup usually can't eat, don't eat until the holidays!"

Many Han also worked in TV variety show or mention beef is too expensive to afford, which left the impression of many fans China ingrained: art comes from life, people must usually can not afford to eat beef.

However, if we enter the Korean supermarket, will find fresh delicious Australia beef prices converted into Renminbi is only sixty or seventy yuan a kilogram, the annual per capita income of nearly $thirty thousand of the South Koreans, is really a drop in the bucket.

So, people can not afford to eat beef what is the truth?

Expensive Han Niu

In fact, the Koreans really can not afford to eat, is Korean beef, the so-called "Korean cattle". Buy Korean cattle in the mall, many are in the exquisite gift set, one kilogram of fine Korean cattle RMB yuan up to.

The reason why the price is so expensive, the first reason is that raising the cost is very high.

"Han Niu" is a new breed of cattle and cattle in South Korea after the European descent, selection of high quality forage in the breeding process, more than one year before slaughter, and many industrial production under four or five months fattening beef cattle slaughter is not the same. Therefore, Korean cattle meat taste better than New Zealand, the United States and the import of beef.

South Korean cattle farms

At the same time, South Korea's land area is small, the natural resources are not abundant, less than 1% of the country's total land area of pasture only, can raise the Korean cattle after all few, rare, high price than imported beef is also normal.

The second reason is to protect domestic farmers in South korea.

In modern society, the rapid development of industry, farmers easily abandoned by the times, become a victim of the reform era. In order to protect the disadvantaged farmers, by giving a large number of subsidies to farmers at the same time, the South Korean government to limit the import of foreign agricultural products, to ensure that domestic prices of agricultural products will not be greatly impact.

South Korean farmers also have rights awareness, organized spontaneously to boycott imported food.

South Koreans against imports of American beef

In this case, national agricultural product price compared to China is much higher, has Chinese students to Korea shouted even watermelon can not afford to eat at home, a 10 dollars, almost 100 dollars in South korea.

Under government protection and subsidies, South Korean farmers to live a decent life, not because of the industrialization of the country suffer. South Korea just ordinary people like us would not be comfortable, must bear the high price of agricultural products. Korean cattle is one of the significant representative.

But there must be a question, Korean cattle although the cost is high, but the price is so exaggerated, even if it is imported beef plus high tariffs is a lot cheaper than Korean cattle ah, why Koreans still want to buy Korean cattle? Can not eat beef?

This leads to the high price of Korean cattle is a basic reason: South Koreans generally believe in the spirit of "body soil Fuji", they are willing to pay for their own national agricultural products.

The average price of all kinds of food / NUMBEO of South Korea on the Seoul Market

The so-called "body soil Fuji", often appeared in many advertisements in South korea. South Koreans believe, is their own land and raised you, only South Korea native product is the most suitable for their own.

We Chinese logic is generally in favor of pragmatism, domestic and imported goods, which is cheaper to buy which i. Koreans is some "a bar", as long as the product of his own country and nation, even if you have to try to support domestic products. In the eyes of outsiders, Koreans always have fascinated the confidence of their country.

Walking in the streets of Seoul, the comings and goings of most of the use of mobile phone is Samsung, LG such as local brands, cars are mostly local brands in korea. According to statistics, foreign cars accounted for in the Korean market share of only 10%.

We always feel for the high quality and inexpensive Japanese car, the Koreans are hated, many Koreans think: if South Koreans buy a Japanese car, that he may be a madman.

The national spirit, the national agricultural products is naturally fond of korean.

Although Korean cattle are expensive, the price is low, but the vast majority of Korean people, especially the elderly people, still do not want to eat beef, prefer to live frugally to buy their own local production of Korean cattle. After eating the beef bone boiled soup, one family taste slowly.

For South Koreans, Fengnianguojie, if you receive relatives and friends send Korean cattle, it is a precious gift, worth one family as cheerful as a lark. This is a lot of drama "the Korean people can not afford to eat beef origin".

Korean variety show running man.

As a national power, many Chinese mention South Korea's attitude is very contemptuous, often called "stick down".

Whether it is war, or different for intangible cultural heritage for the cultural celebrities, let us feel tired. It is because we are the arrogant psychology, so that we hear "Koreans can not afford to eat beef" this rumor, could not help but chuckle and ridicule.

However, this country does have some spirit is worthy of our respect. Such as the protection of farmers, such as "body soil Fuji" spirit.

Some young people in our country to denounce the hegemony of the United States, filled with righteous indignation, pocket is still lying in the latest Apple mobile phone; ground denouncing Japanese aggression and atrocities of the year, shortly after it bought a Japanese car. Of these, we can not compare the koreans.

Before is no choice, because our national brand is too weak, and in our national brand development today, whether we should learn about the Korean body soil Fuji spirit?

In the face of the high price of Korean cattle, South Koreans can strongly support their own products, why do we not do it?

To support domestic products in today's Chinese, is no longer a sentence words!