Kim Jeong-eun: a hand-held nuclear weapons 80

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Kim Jeong-eun: a hand-held nuclear weapons 80

2017-08-12 22:59:47 170 ℃

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Seoul, South Korea in China, threatened the man to launch missiles to the United States is often derided as a fat boy. In the United States, a senator recently called "crazy little fat". President Donald Trump has called him "hundred-percent".

But as the taunt, the 33 year old North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun has been underestimated.

In Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Il) and the three sons of Kim Jeong-eun, the youngest, but over two brother, inherited his own power. When he was 27 years old on stage, many analysts will be demoted to he has no political experience of the puppet; some even predicted that his rule will never be long. But nearly six years later, there is no doubt that he is firmly in control of power.

In the face of a very slim possibility, he is close to that of isolated and impoverished North Korea, becoming one of the few in the world have the ability to carry a nuclear warhead missile attack in the United states.

Some people have urged Trump to open negotiations with him. But it is not clear whether the interest of Kim Jeong-eun talks. He has to build a nuclear arsenal as a priority among priorities, so that North Korea claimed that only in order to protect your safety, the development of the national economy.

As for his ultimate motivation, like many of the details of his life, is not known. Since since taking office, Kim Jeong-eun has not taken abroad, nor to the identity of the host hosted top leaders of other countries. Only a few people outside North Korea to meet with him - former basketball star Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman), a Japanese sushi chef, and vice president of the Cuban vice president and Chinese.

About Kim Jeong-eun fragments of information that he is very cruel, but has a certain flexibility in ideology.

South Korean intelligence officials said, Kim Jeong-eun has executed a number of senior officials, including his uncle, a wily mentor is regarded as the power broker. He also was suspected of ordering the assassination of half brother Jin Zhengnan (Kim Jong Nam), the latter in February this year in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is based on VX nerve agent poisoning.

But Kim Jeong-eun also praised, he relaxed government control of the economy and contributed to the growth of some, and let the people to a certain extent to regain the confidence of the Kim dynasty, his grandfather came to power when confidence is sufficient, but his father's rule to a catastrophic the famine will always be remembered for that period, people lost confidence in the Kim dynasty.

"Smart, pragmatic, decisive," Seoul National University (Kookmin University) Andre Nankov, a North Korea expert (Andrei Lankov) mentioned Kim Jeong-eun said. "But also capricious, easy to kill subject to changing moods."

Kim Jeong-eun appeared for the first time in September 2010 in North Korea's state media, after a little more than a year, he will succeed his father as the supreme leader of the country. But until then, it is not clear whether he can inherit the father. The outside world had never even seen his adult photos.

The eldest son of Kim Jong-il Jin Zhengnan was widely regarded as behoove's successor, in 2001 until he was caught trying to fake passport to visit Tokyo Disney. In 2015, some people see the second son of Kim Jong-il Jin Zhengzhe (Kim Jong Chol) in London Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton) at a concert, but it is not clear why he was not chosen as heir. One of the few clues from Fujimoto Kenji (Kenji Fujimoto). Who is the Kim family's sushi chefs fled North Korea in 2001, he published in 2003, in wrote a memoir, Kim Jong-il think the son is too weak".

But Kim Jong-il is fond of the three son of Kim Jeong-eun, when he was very young when she saw in him that his domineering, and some other traits of leadership.

"He had to understand how the power of operation," Seoul East China University (Dongguk University) on the issue of North Korea professor Gao Youhuan (Koh Yu-hwan) said.

Kim Jeong-eun is believed to have disguised as a North Korean diplomat's son, studying in the Swiss public school, learned at least from 1996 2000. The teacher taught in German, the language Kim Jeong-eun quite difficult. A video recording of the show at the time, Kim Jeong-eun is very uncomfortable in the music lesson on tambourine.

There is evidence that the youth in Europe, and perhaps other local experience, Kim Jeong-eun was impressed. Fujimoto Kenji recalls that he and the young Kim Jeong-eun dialogue in his memoirs. At that time, the future of North Korean leader expressed their frustration of power shortage, but also to the overseas department store greatly. Fujimoto Kenji wrote, Kim Jeong-eun has said that North Korea should learn Chinese market-oriented economic policy.

This kind of description so that some analysts hope.

"The time is ripe, Kim Jeong-eun should take their isolation policies can ease, embrace good things from the west," outside Seoul Sejong Institute (Sejong Institute in Seoul) Bai Hechun, a North Korea expert (Paik Hak-soon), in an article published in February by Kim Jeong-eun's leadership in the title of the article said.

But first surfaced is South Korean officials in the "reign of terror".

After the death of his father, Kim Jeong-eun's grip on power is considered in jeopardy. A lot of people outside North Korea once thought he was the supreme leader in name, powerful is his uncle and Regent Zhang Chengze (Jang Song Thaek).

South Korean intelligence officials said, Zhang Chengze's nephew seems to help a systematic purges, replaced many influential Korean generals and officials.

But after two years in office, Kim Jeong-eun acted on his uncle, sent the uniformed personnel at a meeting of the Political Bureau of the party as hundreds of faces will be arrested. Zhang Chengze was later executed, including charges in Kim Jeong-eun when entering the venue "applause, and do things carelessly" conspiracy to overthrow Kim Jeong-eun's rule.

"He quickly and ruthlessly took action," Alabama University Troy (Troy University) international relations expert Daniel Pinkston in Seoul (Daniel Pinkston) said. "I think most people did not expect such a young man so good at dictatorship."

Kim Jeong-eun is allowed to carry out more marketing activities, so as to broaden the channels for people to obtain food and goods. He was still in Pyongyang launched a construction boom. The city is only the most loyal citizens will be allowed to live.

But in the display window as the capital, the situation is still very grim; to further promote growth, may make limited trade with the outside world to the end of sanctions against North korea. It means to give up its nuclear program.

Kim Jeong-eun seems to have different views on this issue. Since the great famine since 1990s, more than 30 thousand people have fled North Korea; defectors said, he must let North Korea remain isolated, because of concerns about its annexation of Korea will.

The nuclear arsenal entered his vision. His government claimed that the need to defend their nuclear weapons as the other to give up weapons of mass destruction that the government was overthrown, state media has Moammar Gadhafi (Moammar Gadhafi) and Saddam Hussein (Saddam Hussein) name.

But North Korea also said, hoping to use nuclear weapons to force all over the world including the United States, according to North Korea's own condition acceptance as a full member of the international community.

"Kim Jeong-eun will be in power for decades, he looking at long-term," East China University professor Gao Youhuan said. "He believed that with the passage of time, the international community will have no choice but accept North Korea as a nuclear state."



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