Just the first shot, India! Another big country of China propaganda: monday!

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Just the first shot, India! Another big country of China propaganda: monday!

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When the military confrontation is about to enter the second months, India first shot, the China opened the "second battlefield" -- a trade war!

The government of India to the local time on Wednesday (August 9th) announced on 93 kinds of products imported from Chinese levy anti-dumping duties. However, China media widely reported the news today (August 12th) morning.

According to India media reports, the counter measures for the China many products, including chemical and petrochemical, steel and other metal products, fiber and yarn, mechanical products, rubber or plastic products, electronic products and other consumer goods.

India media said that the trade balance between China and India to China, the trade deficit has reached 51 billion 90 million U.S. dollars (about 339 billion 800 million yuan), a large number of imported goods from China flooded the market in India, the local industrial shock. The main members of the India tire industry requirements of the government of India China trucks and inflatable radial tires anti-dumping duties, then the issues on the table.

Previously, a India survey report released in India, compared to the local commodity, India consumers prefer to buy goods China. The report quoted the respondents stated that the same goods made in India, high prices, and the price of the product Chinese has the advantage, and the quality is good.

China said the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce summit last month, the first half of this year, India has launched 12 cases of China trade investigation, once again become China initiated the most national survey of trade. India to provoke a trade war, seems to imply the possibility of military conflict has declined, it can give face, let everyone gradually forgotten military confrontation.

Worthy of attention is the India of the shot, China launched a trade war, and to Americans as a daring vanguard.

In fact, the Trump team has to China propaganda: Monday (August 14th)!

According to the U.S. News website Politico reported that U.S. President Barack Trump speech in China trade action, will be published on Monday, when he will demand an investigation of China "violation" of American intellectual property and technology transfer forced trade behavior.

Reported that Trump's speech will reveal many details remain unclear, but government officials expect the United States trade representative Chize Wright (Robert Lighthizer) will be invoked the "1974 trade act" 301st investigation.

Why in the United States with Chinese were "100 days of China", and "the first Sino US economic comprehensive dialogue", on the verge of? The yuan is "strange" sudden sharp appreciation?

WeChat public number financial tide (ID:guide0929) analysis:

Trump Chinese, seemingly became more and more impatient!

Since he joined the race to the White House, has threatened to take measures to trade Chinese, so everyone thought to Sino US trade war. Half a year later, and not as experts guess.

But a few things happened recently, so many people feel that the Sino US trade war may really want to come!


The United States will use "301 clause or china"

According to Xinhua news August 9th:

The U.S. Commerce Department said in a statement yesterday, the preliminary ruling Chinese foil products exported to the United States to accept the 16.56% to 80.97% of the subsidies, the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission will make a final at the end of this year.

Previously, the United States Aluminum Association trade enforcement working group filed a complaint, the U.S. Department of Commerce in March 28th this year launched anti-dumping and anti subsidy from the Chinese imported aluminum foil products

Just a few days ago, the world's mainstream media have speculated that the United States may have to China wielding "301 terms" stick.

According to Reuters, the US government officials said on August 1st, President Trump on how to respond to the so-called China unfair trade practices, has been close to making a decision.

According to Axios, Trump is considering playing "301 terms" stick, to encourage the United States trade representative Wright F Ze (Robert Lighthizer) in accordance with Clause 301st of the trade act of 1974, initiated the investigation on China trade practices. The Trump administration announced the decision as early as possible in this week.

The so-called "301 clause" is in fact the United States has a form of trade protection, in violation of the provisions of WTO. Many countries think, is an overbearing clause.

Core content of "section 301", the president can unilaterally impose tariffs or other trade restrictions to protect domestic industries from other countries "unfair trade practices" damage, such as violation of trade agreements or increase the burden of enterprises "discriminatory" behavior.

As early as 90s in the world, a loyal ally of the United States Japan, on the first taste of "section 301".

1989 super 301 opened, the office of the U.S. trade representative that Japan closed market in the field of computer, satellite, forest products, diplomatic negotiations for 18 months and eventually forced Japan to open the domestic market.

The United States Japan insists this is in violation of international rules, but the results are not only in Japan, large concessions to end.

Chinese in 2010, but also because of clean energy products used by the United States "301 clause".

From the United States several times the use of "section 301" background can be seen, as long as he finds you are dumping their products, or you think the market is not open, he will take unilateral measures, without any consultation.

So, this time the United States may restart the "301 clause", what is the reason?


Sino US trade, the United States has been weak

If the market is not open China grounds justified. In fact, in order to prevent China and America the two superpowers trade war, Chinese has made many concessions.

As early as Trump took office three days ago, China released the key areas of finance, securities, telecommunications, internet education, etc..

In January 2017 17 China issued the "State Council on opening a number of measures to actively use foreign investment notice". The core content is:

Services focus on relaxing the banking financial institutions, securities companies, securities investment fund management company, Futures Company, insurance agencies, insurance intermediary institutions of foreign access restrictions, open, architectural design, accounting and auditing rating services in areas such as foreign access restrictions, the telecommunications, Internet, culture, education, transportation and other fields orderly opening.

A few days ago, visa (visa) has been submitted to the people's Bank of China established bank card clearing agency application materials in China, following MasterCard, American Express will also submit.

April 8, 2017 (New York April 7th), Chinese and American leaders in the United States of Florida Lake manor first official meeting on Sino US bilateral cooperation in important areas and international area in-depth conversation.

The meeting reached a consensus: Trade Dialogue between China and the United States for a period of 100 days. The purpose is to reduce the US trade deficit of China, bilateral trade treaty negotiated way to increase U.S. exports to total Chinese.

After 100 days, that is July of this year, China and the United States again in Washington held a "comprehensive Sino US economic dialogue", summarize the 100 day consultation results.

Whether it is "the" State Council on opening a number of measures to actively use foreign investment "notice", "Sino US 100 day trade dialogue" or "comprehensive Sino US economic dialogue", are of the interests of the United States based on more protection, increase income in the United States China.

But the effect is not obvious, although the first half of this year Chinese trade surplus with the US has narrowed, but began in July 6, expand the export / import value larger than in 2016 at the end of the year.

According to the National Bureau of statistics, the General Administration of customs Chinese

So, the unhappy, the world was dubbed the "Twitter" President Trump more unhappy, July 29th night on twitter said China sound, make American money, but do not work.

Although North Korea's problem, but between the lines are of China make American money was indignant.

This is not enough, according to the world's major mainstream media speculation, Trump will encourage the United States trade representative Wright chize initiate an investigation of Chinese trade practices, all policy instruments, including a comprehensive tariff will be taken into account.

According to the 2016 release of "on the trade barriers in international trade assessment report", the office of the U.S. trade representative that Chinese exist hindering U.S. exports and investment barriers in eight aspects of the protection of intellectual property rights, industrial policy, government procurement, investment restrictions, services, agriculture, transparency and legal system etc..

It is easy to find a pretext to beat, if only by trade surplus or deficit can unilaterally take tough measures, so Chinese whether can launch a trade war on Korea and Japan? In recent years, with more than two Chinese has always been a trade deficit, especially South korea.

In fact, an important cause of Sino US trade imbalance is the United States, many things not to Chinese, implement the technology blockade of Chinese, such as high-tech stuff. In addition, many from the China products sold to the United States, is the production of US funded enterprises in China, such as mobile phone, apple.

The labeled conservative label Trump, just want to rely on their own strength, to bully yourself in terms of trade between China and the United States, in order to reverse the situation, and to promote their "anti globalization" concept.

Chinese but not Japan, how can to others.


China fell out?

After the United States released China jueci, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, the peak in 3 at a press conference:

Over the past three months, the two sides actively promote the "100 day plan", established the correct direction of Sino US economic cooperation, adhere to the win-win cooperation as the basic principles of the development of bilateral economic and trade relations.

He said that Sino US economic and trade relations is the bilateral relationship of the ballast and propeller is acommunity, mutual benefit and win-win, is beneficial, fighting will hurt all.

I personally think that the United States to use "clause 301" probability or not, most local outbreak of a trade war, there may be a kind of product, the United States to take retaliatory tariffs.

China and America is one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world, with each other the interests of the chain wrapped tightly, QianYiFaErDongQuanShen, once a trade war broke out, who will be the winner.

There is not much competition between the product line and the two, are more complementary.

The United States exports to China chip (or chip core technology of China blockade), large aircraft, soybeans and other high value-added products, and exports to the United States Chinese assembled mobile phone, computer and clothing and shoes etc..

Pictures from the Interactive Encyclopedia

In addition, Chinese also master some key raw materials, such as a vitamin called the rare earth industry, is one of the indispensable raw material industry, metallurgy and other fields of science and technology.

Although Chinese rare earth has been a large number of outflow, but the share is still great, once blocked the ban, will affect the development of science and technology of the enemy. Of course, China has more dependent on the United States imported high-tech products.

This is a damaged who confront each other, I think the U.S. not to provoke the kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred trade protection "!

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