American diplomats in Cuba by the mysterious secret sonic weapon attack is going on?

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American diplomats in Cuba by the mysterious secret sonic weapon attack is going on?

2017-08-13 00:52:56 166 ℃

In August 9th, the U.S. State Department spokesman Nolte said that several foreign staff in the body to have certain "symptoms", but did not say what the symptoms.

According to reports, the The Associated Press last fall, 5 U.S. embassy diplomats in Cuba and some diplomats listening spouses damage and for unknown reasons. Some hearing loss is very serious, had to return home before the end of term.

The United States believes that this situation is caused by the acoustic wave device attacks, and on this mysterious device, the American side of it are as follows: describe

In the so-called "acoustic device" is very complex, in addition to the range of human hearing voices.

In this device is so destructive, one of US diplomats had to use a hearing aid device.

The United States embassy employees in different places at the same time, but had similar brain concussion symptoms.

Delta is unclear whether this is a device for what, also don't know what this device was placed on the place, who placed the.

The government of Cuba to the United States soon retorts. The evening of August 9th, the Cuban government strongly denied it and his voice Mingqiang --

Never allow Cuba and will not allow anyone to take any action against diplomatic personnel and their families in cuba.

In fact, over the years, the sound has been used as a non lethal but potentially harmful weapons. In many countries, there are a variety of acoustic equipment has been used in the treatment of civilians, riots in protest:

During the 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburgh, the police had to use remote acoustic equipment -- LRAD, on protesters.

In 2014 Ferguson riots, the American police have used this equipment, this equipment issued a harsh "beep" sound to force protesters to cover their ears and hump waist.

About sound equipment, in August 2014 the U.S. technology website Gizmodo reported that the equipment in the range of 15 meters, anyone may be a temporary deafness. Within 100 meters of the people will feel extreme pain. However, although this equipment can make people temporarily deaf, but the sound can be heard.

CNN reported that a "sonic device mosquito", this device can emit a very sharp sound. This sound can be perceived by children, but adults are not aware, some countries use this equipment to prevent people.

Here we want to draw a keySound can be heard.But in the event, officials are rather baffling the hearing impaired. Therefore, the American side that led to American diplomats hearing loss is probably the ultrasonic or infrasonic weapons, these two kinds of sound can be heard.

Then listen to this acoustic weapons cannot see really exist?

According to CNN reports, from the beginning of 1990s, the U.S. military and acoustic equipment Private Companies in the study can cause behavioral changes. But the equipment to equipment, and other weapons to be said. The use of ultrasound equipment is also relatively low, because the ultrasonic equipment at a considerable distance, but also through the wall and the closed window area to attack, is actually very difficult.

University of Portsmouth professor Ryan Littfried has published papers on this issue, the paper said the wave device has not been proved fatal. The American diplomats appear concussion symptoms similar to the brain, Dortmund University of technology in Germany physics professor Jurgen Altman said that he did not know what the sound will lead to such symptoms:

I don't know what kind of sound will cause concussion symptoms similar to the brain, according to my research, to have a strong impact on the human body, the sound loudness levels to produce loud noise.

To sum up, not to hear the sonic weapon sounds seems not feasible. Cuba has begun investigating the incident, the United States with the investigation staff believes that the attack was launched by the government of Cuba, but from third countries, Cuba may not know.

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