The guy to experience the real India, just off the plane was in front of the picture attracted

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The guy to experience the real India, just off the plane was in front of the picture attracted

2017-08-13 09:51:12 129 ℃

We often see some of India's argument on the Internet, such as "Indians hang" and "Indian circus" and "Indians on the China comments," it gives people an impression, make people feel that India countries in the political economic and military aspects are quite backward, and the Indians are also arrogant and rude, so netizens they often take India to ridicule.

Have you seen a train in India are covered with numerous people, think the country of poverty and backwardness, traffic developed, but you may not have seen the India subway, light rail; have you seen India a motorcycle carrying a dozen people, think the country is full of wonderful mess, but you may not know the state of the IT industry is the first level in the world; you have seen India religion spread, India New Delhi airport has attracted many tourists in the eyes of bergamot. Have you seen India rapist...... Oh, this did not have to write.

In fact, when it comes to the India Indians, to separate, because even in modern India, the hierarchy is still very heavy, although India has cancelled the caste system, the constitution that everyone is equal, but in private, uncle is the uncle, hanging wire or hanging wire, and hanging wire with India China is not a concept Chinese, hanging wire can be realized through their ability to counter attack, while India is not hanging wire, it is estimated that the low caste population reached more than 700 million, accounting for nearly 70% of the population, low caste people and "untouchables" never stand up one day.

India high caste people, life and Chinese not much worse than even some family Chinese fortunately many, these estimates to occupy the position, more than 70% of the India government and the judicial department in charge, and set high position and handsome salary, education resources, production, scientific research and technology as a body, it can be said that the Indians in 1 billion 300 million there are only two hundred million or three hundred million people in the effort for the development of India, of course, finally the national development benefits are only two hundred million or three hundred million people can get.

Speaking of which, you may wish to think about two hundred million or three hundred million Indians let India develop into today's achievements, if India 1 billion 300 million together? Maybe the next China. India's non violent non cooperation movement although let it get rid of the British colonial, became an independent country, but such a bloodless reform does not completely change India, the caste system is not fully removed from people's minds, the so-called equality is just a mere scrap of paper, "untouchables" not assimilation, and resources by high caste people share that means of production by monopolies, people's enthusiasm for work cannot be mobilized, labor is not the liberation of all sorts of phenomena, directly hinder the slow development of social economy in India.

If one day India looked a male Lord, let people stand up at the bottom of the India, its development potential can be said to be quite large, with the geographical location of India and even to China threat in strategic deployment, China must not be because of the backwardness of India now relax vigilance, sometimes bring a disaster to a nation, not backward, but the arrogance of the human.