Can not find the White House ghost? That's all. Test the lie detector......

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Can not find the White House ghost? That's all. Test the lie detector......

2017-09-11 23:09:26 232 ℃

What are the most unusual things about this white house? There must be this option:

Leak, leak, leak......

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to prosecute the white house leaks, but things have not improved.

Isn't there any way out?

Attorney general Sessi has come up with a new ideaPolygraph; lie-detect.

Foreign children (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) noted that several U.S. media recently reported that the U.S. national security committee sessions intends to allow all members to take a polygraph, to find out the White House "ghost".

Let's start with science. Lie detection is a problem.

In simple terms, lie detection is the use of a lie detector to ask specific questions about the subject and then record a variety of physiological responses.

Lie more used in criminal investigation, because the murderer will generally lie in whether the key information, the psychological changes will cause changes in physiological parameters.

However, under normal circumstances, lie detection can not be used as a direct evidence, but only as an auxiliary means of investigation.

In general, the accuracy of polygraph results is not guaranteed from a scientific standpoint.

Let's get back to this.

Ironically, to catch the ghost sessions polygraph "news or even the White House" insiders "leaked!

Look at CNN, the title of "I'm going to do it.":

Informed sources: intends to consider the members of the Committee on national security polygraph sessions

CNN reported that the important information of Sessi in the White House is emerge in an endless stream "insiders" leaked to the media was a headache, but could not find who is the ghost, so think of this way to lie.

Of course, there are thousands of employees in the White House, it is impossible for everyone to test it again, so the target narrowed to secure access to confidential information more national security committee.

The polygraph results come out?

The insider said, it is unclear whether the polygraph results will be dismissed as the basis for the staff, but also do not know whether this idea with the national security adviserMike MastersAnd Trump himself ditch through.

Mike masters, the president of the United States security adviser.

You know, the National Security Committee of the daily affairs by Mike master management, people need to open Trump nodded, ultimately this certainly needs two people to agree.

This move seems to come up with the polygraph, sessions is really no other way to think.

After all, Mr Trump's patience with the old white house leaks has been repeatedly ordered to investigate the leaks.

Let's look at several important leaks that happened since Trump came to power:

In May, Trump met at the White HouseRussian Foreign Minister LavrovandWhen he was ambassador to the United States, Kislyak. From the public view, the two sides talked and laughed, the atmosphere is not bad.

However, the US media reported afterwards that Trump "shared" information related to the IS in the talks, and that the information came from an American ally and leaked to Russia could be a danger to intelligence sources!

At the beginning of August, "Washington Post" and other media published the full text of Trump took office early, and respectively.President Nieto of Mexico,Australian Prime Minister TurnbullDetails of telephone calls.

The phone, Trump warned Nieto, let him not to openly say Mexico will not pay the cost of building a border wall; and in Turnbull's call, Trump refused to accept the agreement between the two governments, more and more fire after a hang up the phone.

Two reports were controversial at the time, and Trump was criticized.

Trump was angry and the consequences were serious.

He had several times on twitter direct criticism sessions, that several of the Department of Justice investigation, especially for the investigation of intelligence leaks, slow pace. As the head of the Ministry of justice, the primary responsibility of sessions.

From the president to criticism sessions a lot of pressure.

At a news conference after the leaked details were leaked, he said he wanted to investigate the leak:

These leaks seriously hurt our country, and the Ministry of justice will not tolerate such acts. We are taking action and must end this culture of disclosure.

He also said that the first 6 months of this year, the Ministry of justice received suspected criminal cases leaked cases have more than the sum of the past 3 years, there are4 peopleThe prosecution accused the leak.

Foreign affairs children (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) noted that because of repeated leaks, the White House has also been "infighting."".

At the end of July, Trump appointed scaramucci communications director for the White House. The first priority for the former Wall Street banker was to launch a vigorous inventory of leaks.

On his first day in office, he aimed his point at the timeThe White House chief of staff Pulibasi.

Announced the appointment of scaramucci in front of the White House, the United States Politico website published his property declaration form for details.

This let scaramucci be furious.

He cursed on twitter"Leaking my property declaration information is a felony"And that may be the source of the leak Pulibasi.

However, scaramucci completely wrong situation.

According to US law, government employees must submit property declaration information before they serve, and these documents can be publicly obtained by the public!

Do not know is not affected by the Pulibasi scaramucci, anyway, Trump was finally fired. Of course, he himself did not go to good, just 10 days later also down the gang.

Text / Chang teacher

This article is "foreign affairs son" (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) original content, without the written permission of the Beijing News, shall not be reproduced and used.

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