The Syrian army troops to avoid a life-and-death struggle fanghuguishan, "Puhuo" under the pain killer

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The Syrian army troops to avoid a life-and-death struggle fanghuguishan, "Puhuo" under the pain killer

2017-09-11 23:27:18 153 ℃

Compile: Wang Dehua

According to the "stars and stripes" reported that the government of Syria Dongyin, allowing hundreds of Isis militants by Syrian army controlled areas, border into iraq. Along the way, some Isis armed forces joined. But neither the US military nor the Iraqi government would allow such an attack. At least 85 ISIS militants were killed. The translation reads as follows:

The Islamic State tried to move hundreds of soldiers from western Syria to the Iraqi border, leaving them only ducks, waiting for us led coalition air strikes.

Ryan s Dillon, a coalition spokesman, said, "we can use it and take advantage of it," said Dillon." On Thursday morning, 11 buses loaded with ISIS fighters and civilians were still trapped in the Syria desert.

Officials say American warplanes continue to attack militants who stray from protective convoys of women and children. Air strikes have also destroyed militant vehicles from the Isis controlled area into the region.

Dillon said, "like more than 40 cars like Puhuo, to help the team, including armored vehicles and trucks disguised as tanks. We can continue to observe, and then destroy them one by one."

More than 300 armed ISIS and about women and children from the perspective of an enclave of Lebanon - Syria border in 10 days ago, they surrendered and deal with Hezbollah armed group, in order to secure through the territory under the jurisdiction of the government of Syria. They rode 17 buses farther east.

The statement said that in the past week, allied forces attacked some 85 ISIS militants and about 40 ISIS vehicles near the convoy. They include tanks, artillery systems, armed technical vehicles and transport vehicles seeking to assist IS militants entering the Iraqi border.

Hezbollah said in a statement that coalition warplanes were still preventing convoys from moving eastwards and banning any government officials from arriving. It warns that wounded and elderly evacuees may die.

Hezbollah says six buses are still in government controlled areas of Syria, and warned that civilians would be killed if they were hit. It added that if aid failed to reach the convoy, what happened was "only Americans were responsible."".

The coalition said it had supplied the convoy with food and water, but did not say how or whom it was offered. The statement also said the coalition and the Iraqi government were not involved in the evacuation agreement, that is, "let these experienced militants in the territory under the control of the Syria regime."."

Coalition forces say they will continue to monitor convoys, but will not allow them to link up with ISIS militants in eastern Syria and Western iraq. The coalition says coalition forces will continue to act without harming civilians.


The United States banned the terrorists leave, is to let the terrorists continue to fight in Syria, the government of Syria to continue to give up. The United States want to see their own support team to support the formation of terrorists, so had fled.

Will the Syrian army be so generous and let the enemy go? The army estimated expert advice: don't die head, lest a life-and-death struggle. Syria troops recover territory, fewer dead people, but also a good reputation.