China responded to UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against North Korea

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China responded to UN Security Council resolution on sanctions against North Korea

2017-09-12 15:21:57 70 ℃

Original title: Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on the UN Security Council resolution 2375th answered a reporter's question

Xinhua News Agency news: the United Nations Security Council on the 11 DPRK nuclear test again, through a sanctions resolution. According to the Agence France-Presse report, the United Nations Security Council adopted the 15:0 vote approved by the United States on the DPRK sanctions resolution.Sanctions will ban North Korean textile exports and restrict the shipment of North Korean petroleum products.

The foreign ministry answered reporters' questions on sanctions against North Korea

Q: the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2375th on the DPRK nuclear test on September 11th, Eastern time. What's China's comment on this?

A: despite repeated opposition from the international community, North Korea has conducted another nuclear test, a serious violation of the UN Security Council resolutions. China agrees that the Council should take necessary measures. In September 11th, the Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2375th, which reflects the unanimous stand of the members of the Security Council to safeguard peace and stability in the peninsula and the region, to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula and to maintain the international nuclear non-proliferation regime. The resolution also reiterated that maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, called for a diplomatic and political means to resolve the problem and to support the resumption of the six party talks and stressed that relevant parties should take measures to reduce tensions on the peninsula.China hopes that the content of resolution 2375th will be fully and fully implemented.

As a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China pays close attention to the development of the situation on the peninsula. Upholding the denuclearization of the peninsula, upholding the peace and stability of the peninsula and adhering to the solution through dialogue and consultation are China's consistent stand in handling the Korean nuclear issue, including its participation in the Council's deliberations. In order to solve the Peninsula issue, all parties concerned should shoulder their responsibilities and play their due role, and take practical measures to ease the tension on the peninsula and restart dialogue negotiations. The DPRK should abide by the UN Security Council resolutions, respect the universal voice of the international community and stop further promoting nuclear guidance and development. The United States, South Korea and other areas should also avoid further complicating the situation. The Peninsula issue must be resolved peacefully and there is no way out for military settlement. China will never allow the peninsula to be born in turmoil.

China put forward the "double suspension" initiative and the "dual track" ideas are practical and feasible way to solve the problems on the peninsula, we call on all parties to give positive consideration, together with China to promote dialogue and consultation, to promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and make efforts to realize peace and stability on the peninsula.

China firmly opposes the deployment of the United States' Anti Ballistic Missile System in South korea. This move has seriously damaged the strategic security of China and other countries in the region, and has also impacted on the trust and cooperation among the various parties on the peninsula. Not conducive to promoting denuclearization of the peninsula, but also not conducive to maintaining long-term stability of the peninsula.

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