Atlas: Super hurricane "Eyre Ma" in the end how terrible?

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Atlas: Super hurricane "Eyre Ma" in the end how terrible?

2017-09-12 15:21:58 106 ℃

Hurricane Harvey hit us again before repair, since meteorological records in the Atlantic one of the strongest hurricane "Irma" (Irma) invasion. Hurricane 5, Irma, has caused many countries, including the United States, to suffer by its destructive power. Since 5, it has ravaged St Martins Island and swept across the north coast of Cuba, battering the Caribbean, where more than 6 million 300 thousand people in the United States have been asked to evacuate urgently before the landing of Irma. In a few days, the super hurricane went everywhere, like the end of the day, a mess.

[Cuba disaster area]

"On September 10th, Cuba and Havana were engulfed by water street. "Irma" 8 landed in Cuba, along the northern coast all the way rampant, causing a fatal blow to the local. Coastal towns are flooded with strong winds, breaking poles, cutting trees, and destroying parts of the house.

"On September 10th, near the Havana Morro Castle, shock waves along the coast.

"A man staring out of the window during the storm flooded the city.

"Cuba caibarien, a thick trees were blown down in the hurricane, the road will be blocked.

People ^ caibarien street from Hurricane after the collapse of the wire rod.

"On September 8th, the Cienfuegos," Irma "before the arrival, transfer to protect dolphins aquarium keepers. As a precaution, more than one million residents and tourists in Cuba were evacuated before the storm struck.

The satellite images released by NASA, "September 8th," Eyre, "the hurricane of Cuba to Florida mobile.

[St Martins Island disaster area]

Also located in the Caribbean region, St Martins Island has been "Eyre," great destruction. In September 6th, "Eyre," the invasion of Dutch St Martins Island picture.

The housing and transportation are the hurricane destroyed seriously, suffered heavy losses.

The French St Martins Island marigault, local hurricane. The French, Holland and British government sent emergency relief teams to the Caribbean hurricane region, killing at least 10 people in the region.

"On September 7th, marigault street, people standing on the ruins of the adjacent buildings.

[US disaster area]

"September 8th, the United States of Florida, Miami, hurricane Irma struck before, zoo animal shelters to evacuate. More than 6 million 300 thousand Americans were asked to evacuate urgently before Irma landed in Florida, which, according to the Washington Post, has become the largest emergency evacuation in the history of the United states.

"On September 10th, in Washington, President Trump on hurricane Eyre Mary" speech, accompanied by wife Rania mei.

"On September 10th, hurricane Irma in 4 grade wind landing in Florida, and caused the state of local large-scale power outages. Super destructive forces have damaged local homes and flooded parts of downtown Miami.

"Hurricane" Irma "landing at Boynton beach in Florida.

"On September 10th, in Miami, a truck overturned by the hurricane. Affected by hurricanes, Miami had strong winds and heavy rain that day.

"Florida, Naples, the American flag was torn in the rain.

The state of Florida has opened more than 260 shelters, people have to take refuge. The United Nations estimates that more than 49 million people in the Caribbean and the United States are directly affected by the Eyre.