Has China hurt South Korea's self-esteem on the most important occasions?

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Has China hurt South Korea's self-esteem on the most important occasions?

2017-09-13 12:09:15 165 ℃

The twenty-third Winter Olympic Games will be held in Gangwon, Pingchang, South Korea, from February 9, 2018 to 25. With the approaching winter Olympics, the Korean people are increasingly enthusiastic about the Winter Olympic Games held locally. However, South Korean media recently in a report, but let many Koreans feel "hearts", and even caused a lot of "boycott China goods" voice. What on earth has hurt the Korean people's strong sense of self-respect?

It all starts with a news story on Korea's SBS television in September 10th.

As is known to all, the official mascots of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games in Korea are white tigers and Asian black bears. In this program, the South Korean host took the official mascot as an article, saying: "the mascot of the Winter Olympics in Pingchang, souvenirs, we naturally think it is Korean, right?" But after the observation, all of them are "made in China", not "made in Korea"."

The "made in China" story deeply stimulated the self-esteem of the Korean people. Even the host said, "the Winter Olympics was held by us, but it was propaganda for Chinese enterprises."."

Then a list of Korean Guodong Olympic Games in "China manufacturing" element

The emblem worn by the president of the Republic of Korea is made in china"

South Korean lawmakers promote the Winter Olympics emblem, also made in china"

The museum, known as "Korean goods only", also has many Chinese goods

A Korean woman interviewed complained of wanting to buy a souvenir from a national event, but lost interest when she found out that she was "made in China".

So here comes the question...。

Now that some Koreans have looked down on "made in China" at first, why did they choose "made in China" at the beginning?

Subsequently, the Pingchang Olympic Organizing Committee staff threw out the answer: "because the lowest offer, but also pay a lot of royalties, do not choose Chinese enterprises, you are not stupid?"

That is to say, "made in China", by virtue of its cheap quality, won the Olympic Organizing Committee and became a major supplier of souvenirs for the Korean winter games.

See here, everything seems to be suddenly enlightened. However, the program did not stop there, and played the national pride "brand".

Reported that, for example, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in Tokyo, "for the face of the country", only selected Japanese souvenirs. Also, the American players to participate in the 2012 London Olympics, because wearing a uniform China manufacturing competition "blame", and participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, all put on the american.

The Congresswoman said, "I hope the Korean logo can proudly appear on the mascot and the badge.""

Korean politicians are also on the stage. A free South Korean Congresswoman named Quan Xiqing expressed the expectation of the Winter Olympics in Pingchang. She said, "I hope the Korean logo can proudly appear on mascots and badges and be loved by people all over the world."."

SBS's story shows that Koreans' hearts are simply broken.

South Korean netizens emotion, "read the SBS report, found that South Korea is chilling!" Some netizens also said, "this must have been done by Pu Jinhui when he was in power and must go to her."." Netizens also shouted, "boycott Chinese goods, so that Chinese enterprises move out of Korea."!"

Unfortunately, this should obey the objective and impartial attitude of reporting the Korean media, is also the most basic common sense to turn a blind eye, deliberately exaggerated words provoke public sentiment. South Korea, "national daily" 10, said that after the deployment of the United States and South Korea "Sade", the Korean enterprises were China's "revenge", and now South Korea held an international grand meeting, "but to Chinese enterprises filled the belly."."

South Korean journalists have found that "made in China" is simply everywhere

Of course, Korea also has the sound of reason.

Pingchang Olympic Organizing Committee official said: "we are through fair bidding, as well as price, competitiveness and other aspects of strict discussion, selected mascot, badges and souvenir manufacturing companies."

In addition, the spokesman of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games White Willow also stood out. "I don't understand a country that advocates free trade agreements and countries that trade in food," he said in a statement on the 11 day. "Why do you have such a story?"." "South Korea used to earn a living in the sewing industry, but now almost all of Korea's sewing companies have moved to China and South America," he said. Dolls are everywhere in South Korea, and toys are made in those places."

(source: overseas network)

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