U.S. media: Chinese to America war when doing the worst?

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U.S. media: Chinese to America war when doing the worst?

2017-09-13 12:09:16 160 ℃

Chinese think tank (WeChat: huayujunshi)

UN Security Council resolution September 11th on sanctions against North korea. North Korea issued a statement earlier, strongly suggesting that it would launch a new round of high intensity provocations, saying it was ready to use whatever last resort". The war seems to be triggered at any moment. Chinese famous international scholar said, the war Chinese may be ready for the worst for us.

VOA news website reported on September 12th, the UN Security Council sanctions resolution by 11, the latest resolution. In order to win support from China and Russia, the United States amended the draft before the vote.

The draft calls for a full oil embargo on North Korea, the ban on hiring overseas Korean labor, freezing Kim Jeong-eun assets, and so on. The new resolution cut out the demand. The final resolution also strips out regulations about forcibly intercepting and inspecting North Korean ships at the high seas. The latest resolution calls on its member countries to ban the export of natural gas, liquid oil and solid oil to North Korea, and to impose an upper limit on crude oil exports to North Korea and their petroleum processing products. It is unclear how North Korea responded to the latest resolution. In response to the proposed US sanctions, the DPRK's Foreign Ministry (foreign ministry) issued a statement on the 11 day, saying that US activities had reached "extreme risk"". KCNA said that if the United States in the United Nations Security Council finally concocted a more sinister and unreasonable illegal DPRK related "sanctions", North Korea will allow us to pay the price.China should be prepared for the worstIn the face of tensions between North Korea and America Chinese upgrade, a famous international scholar, Professor of Peking University, Dean of University of International Relations Jia Qingguo 11 in Australia "East Asia Forum" said the author, perhaps to the bad time prepare to.

In his article, he said the latest developments have increased the urgency of China's handling of the North Korean issue. He said, not to mention the possibility of enhancing U.S. launching preemptive strikes against North Korea, even the United States chose not to do so, the United States, to strengthen sanctions against North Korea military exercises to expand the scale, the possibility that the military conflict has also increased, but the outbreak of the Korean crisis can also increase. Jia Qingguo said that if the war became a real possibility, China should discuss contingency plans with the United States and South korea. For a long time, the United States and South Korea have been trying to convince China emergency plans to hold a discussion, but China always fear it could make North Korea uneasy or isolated North Korea, it has refused to accept this idea, however, said Jia Qingguo, considering the state of things development at present, and in addition to Washington and Seoul began talks there is no better choice, China.Who will take control of North Korea's nuclear arsenal?Jia Qingguo believes that in the emergency meeting in Beijing, the first to discuss the question is: who is going to control North Korea's nuclear arsenal, because these weapons if left into a political turmoil in the Korean army hands too dangerous. He felt that China may not opposed by the US military to take over the job, because it will be the first to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, second, North Korea's nuclear weapons and no technical value to China, but the management cost is very high. However, he also said that China may worry about American troops crossing between North and South Korea military demarcation line --38 line, because the Korean war that will make Chinese about 1950s. In order to achieve some kind of balance, he said, China might also want to control the DPRK's nuclear arsenal by itself. He also believes that because of these two issues of nuclear non-proliferation and costs, the United States is also likely to accept such conditions, after all, the United States did not Chinese this historical burden, not against the Chinese army to take such action in North korea.

How to deal with the problem of Korean refugees?Jia Qingguo believes that the second issue China hopes to discuss with the United States and South Korea is the anticipated refugee problem. Chinese may accept this advice: Chinese by the people's Liberation Army crossed the border, the establishment of a security zone, where the resettlement of refugees, to provide temporary shelter for refugees, in order to avoid the massive influx of refugees in Northeast China.Who maintains the domestic order of Korea?Jia Qingguo believes that the third issue of the contingency plan meeting is, "when the crisis broke out, who will restore order in North Korea?" The Korean army? UN peace keeping forces or other forces? He believes that China may be opposed to the takeover of North Korea by the U.S. military, because this way, the U.S. military had to cross the "38" line.What is the future of the Korean Peninsula?Jia Qingguo believes that North Korea after the war, the fourth face of the problem is political arrangements on the Korean Peninsula after the crisis. Did the international community help the DPRK set up a new government or support the UN referendum on the Korean Peninsula and prepare for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula?.How can Sade be solved?Finally, Jia Qingguo believes that what Beijing wants to talk about is the withdrawal of South Korea and the United States from the Korean anti - missile system deployed on the Korean Peninsula after the termination of the nuclear program. Beijing believes that the deployment of the German peninsula on the Korean Peninsula, threatening China's security, has been urging the United States and South Korea to withdraw sade. Jia Qingguo believes that Washington and Seoul are likely to accept such a plan, after all, the two countries have repeatedly declared that the deployment of Sade is aimed only at North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles.

Jia Qingguo said, just like before, China are not willing to face the North Korea crisis situation, because the Bureau includes nuclear war, political turmoil, refugees and other unpredictable negative results, but the Korean peninsula situation deteriorated, in addition to Beijing for the worst no other choice.


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