Word games are big! German media said, "Merkel does not fear Putin dog" angered Russia

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Word games are big! German media said, "Merkel does not fear Putin dog" angered Russia

2017-09-13 12:12:26 156 ℃

On the eve of the German election, relations between Germany and Russia, the two major European powers, are stirring again. The German magazine published in September 9th the famous "focus" magazine published an article "50 Reasons" for and against Merkel, the thirty-fourth wrote: "she (Merkel) of course Putin's dog, but Putin is not afraid of dogs".

(an article insulting Putin by German focus magazine)

Merkel is afraid of Putin's dog. There is an interesting allusion. In 2007, Putin met in Sochi with visiting Merkel, "Berlusconi" dog suddenly burst into the room, let Merkel palpitations, "turn pale". Some media malicious speculation that Putin was intentionally because he knew that Merkel had been bitten by a dog in 1995, there is a serious "dog flu."". But Putin later argued that Merkel himself for fear of dogs show their past knowledge, this is a dog to please the guests, did not expect to be self defeating. He has explained and apologized to Merkel in good faith.

(10 years ago, Putin's dog gave Merkel "pale")

"Putin's dog" and "Putin dog" although the word, but the semantics are different. In September 12th, the Russian Embassy in Germany, after finding the article in focus magazine, responded quickly and demanded an apology from the magazine. The embassy spokesman Dennis Micklin on Facebook issued a document called the "focus" magazine, this article use "the words" insulting Putin dog ", has nothing to do with the" freedom of speech and freedom of the media, this "Russia" can not tolerate "," magazine editor Del's hope to make apologies for obvious errors in editing".

In fact, in western society and culture, the dog as human's best friend, his image more positive, but "focus" magazine articles in the "Putin dog", "belittle" means is very obvious. Not long ago, the Russian East Economic Forum, South Korean President Wen zaiyin to praise Putin "tiger" spirit, now the mighty "northeast tiger" in the German media become a "dog", Russia's outrage is naturally understandable.

(Putin himself worked for many years in the Soviet KGB in the former East Germany and had a certain liking for germany. Now he is scolded by German media as "dog". I wonder what he thinks about it

Patience ruminate, 2007 Putin Merkel was the dog scared, and not a diplomatic storm. And now the Russian Embassy will "bite" a German media magazine article on this, to some extent also reflects the decline of the relations between the two countries. In fact, after the Ukraine crisis, Merkel under the leadership of Germany has been acting as a sanctions against Russia's "daring vanguard" role, and in Germany on the eve of the election of Russia and Putin "hacker intervention" rumors are rampant.

Russia, the United States and Canada PhD in Economics Research Institute senior researcher Vladimir Vasilyev pointed out that the "focus" magazine published similar articles, fully embodies the stereotype of Western society, Putin Putin of fear. The United States after the "Russian incident fermentation, Putin has seems to be the western media demonized as" founder "of world order, you can" appointment "or" from "western leaders. This hostility to Russia and Putin once formed, will be difficult to resolve.