Lieutenant commander died in Syria, Russia found the culprit

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Lieutenant commander died in Syria, Russia found the culprit

2017-09-28 18:49:31 756 ℃

The Russian satellite news agency quoted 26 Syria security sources said, preliminary investigation of Russian lieutenant general Valery Asapov that killed in Syria confirmed Syria, information was leaked to the "terrorist extremist organization Islamic state.

The source said: "Asa Pev will be a display of the preliminary investigation that killed in Deir ezzor results, the location of the information was leaked to the shelling of party." He said the investigation is continuing.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on 24, in Valery Asa Pofu Russian army in Syria led the Russian military advisory group in Deir ezzor area terrorist mortar shelling killed. Russian Defense Ministry said, Asa Pev was in the army command, to assist in directing liberation of Deir ezzor city action, however, Islamic state militants suddenly launched a mortar attack, ASA Pofu mortally wounded.

Russian Vice Foreign Minister Ryabkov said earlier that the death of the Russian ambassador in Syria was the price paid by Russia for the dual nature of the US policy towards syria.

Colin Cevic, vice president of the defence and Security Services Committee of the Russian Federal Council, said 26 days that Asa Pev was murdered in Syria because he was betrayed. He said he was searching for a traitor.