Betrayed by a traitor, the Russian 54 army commander was beheaded, "peace defenders" of China's heavy voice

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Betrayed by a traitor, the Russian 54 army commander was beheaded, "peace defenders" of China's heavy voice

2017-09-28 18:50:37 227 ℃

Author: folding month

The fact that Russia will be killed in shelling in Syria has finally been investigated!

26 days, Syria safety agency said: a preliminary investigation of lieutenant general Asa Pev died in Deir ezzor shows,Information about where it was was leaked to the artillery.

Russia later confirmed the news, and officials pointed it out directly:RussianBetrayed by a traitor.

Shortly after Asa Boff's death, Russian Vice Foreign Minister Ryabkov said: "the death of the Russian ambassador in Syria is the price paid by Russia for the dual nature of the US policy towards Syria.". In other words, Russia is a signal to the outside world that the US and Asa Boff will not be attacked.

Today, the American and Russian camouflage in the Middle East is gradually being ripped off by the other party. After the American Russian special operations began, the U.S. military issued a number of urgent documents, together with the attack in Russia and the Kurdish referendum results will soon come out, the whole Middle East has been shrouded in the shadow of the war

Who killed Russian lieutenant general?

From the investigation report of the Russian Syria can be seen, the Russian Syrian coalition or someone has been subverted, or latent into the enemy intelligence "mole" (the mole, usually refers to a country he sneaked into the domestic intelligence personnel department). And this person can contact Asa Boff's itinerary, must be in a position, mostly at the command of the Russian Syrian coalition forces.

Through these circumstances, we can simply restore the process:

The battle of Deir ezzor entered a critical stage, the Russian 54 army commander Asa Boff decided to go to the front to inspect, travel is inside"Mole"Intercept" and send it to ISIS quickly. After a series of careful planning, ISIS and a national special forces ambushed in the relevant areas in advance, and adjusted the mortar command of the Syria command yuan.

At this time, Asa Boff didn't know he was "betrayed", when he appeared in the army command, information spread quickly, already in here immediately fired mortars, Asa Boff was killed in a state of knowledge. This year, the mortar and artillery can also hit targets at close range, and Kurdish militants and the ISIS have not yet been able to do so.

Obviously, this is a typical intelligence agency working with special forcesDecapitation.

As an important clue, personnel, to formulate the Russian Syria coalition or will be placed in command of the mechanism behind the mole is not the layer "Islamic stateThe terrorists and mercenaries can do that. In the Middle East, so with the strength of the motivation mechanism, only two of the Mossad (Mossad) and CIA (CIA). The two intelligence agencies are active in the Middle East all year round. They have organized a huge intelligence network in various countries by various means.

And if a country's special forces are not accidental, it should be the special forces of the United states. The United States Special Operations Command has maintained close cooperation with the CIA for a long time,Intelligence support + + ambush at Armed AssaultThe trick has long been played rotten by them. The delta Special assault team (Delta), the Navy (Seals), the seventy-fifth 75th Ranger (Regiment) and other special forces have performed similar missions.

For example, in 2011, Laden's action was the beheading of the sixth seals (SEALTeamSIX) and intelligence agencies, and a large amount of accurate intelligence was a key factor in the success of the raid.

In connection with Russia, the United States has announced satellite images of the U.S. armed forces and their support rebels in collusion with IS and found the equipment of the US special forces at the IS stronghold. Basically, the secret behind the shelling of the Russian military would be the activities of American intelligence agencies and special forces.

Russian Air Force wash ground, the U.S. military issued a manual against Russia

From the current situation, the United States to Syria war upgrade, forcing Russia in the means of success.

Over the past week, the war in Syria has shown a lot of outbursts.The United States announced video attacks on government troops, tanks and planes in southern Syria,The bombing of Eastern Deir ezzor,Russian Syrian coalition forces were shelling U.S. special forces,The war broke out in northern HAMA(the extremist group HTS surrounded the Russian military and police forces under the American intelligence support), and the Russian and Russian forces under heavy pressure began to make big news on the battlefield frequently.

In September 23rd, the Russian air force deployed bombers to wipe out the command of HTS in Khan Assubul town. Subsequently, Russia's high-profile Russian River in Deir ezzor and special forces of video information. The situation is still rising, Asa Boff Lieutenant will be attacked in 24, is a key event.

After Asa Boff died, the Russian Air Force bombing direct force, in the past 24 hours, has been on the territory of Syria extremist organization launched 10 air strikes. During the air raid, Russia sent out strategic 95MS bombers and cruise missiles to attack ISIS and HTS.

Since its entry into the war, Russia has never been seen as a high frequency information in the battlefield of Syria. It is clear that Russia has been forced. Since the United States dare to Russia to dig a hole so big jump, is also well prepared for war with russia.

Recently, the U.S. military issued a manual against Russia, akaA new generation of Russian military reference,The content of this article is to teach you how to beat the Russian army. According to the national interest magazine, this booklet, 68 pages, introduces the strategy of mixed war with the United States, which includesAsymmetric warfare in RussiaPhotos and data of the equipment used, and a detailed study of Russian tactics in Ukraine.

Russia's "asymmetric operations" and the tactics used in Ukraine, is special operations. It now appears that the United States launched a special operation against Russia was well prepared and premeditated. The content of the book is plainly to teach American soldiers how to deal with Russian special forces.

On the one hand, the United States and Russia have started special operations, while the Kurdish referendum on independence. The Middle East this "Kuangshi feast" is more and more fire, as the "peacekeeper" Chinese nature not idle.

Voice in China: promoting peaceful construction in Syria

A troubled Middle East may be in the current interests of the United States, but it is not in the long-term interest of china.

China's strategic layout in the Middle East is closely related to economic construction and oil trade, and Syria, Iran and Iraq play a very important role in it. In 2011, China contractedIslamic weather pipelineIt brings three advantages to china:

Firstly, the 5600 kilometer natural gas pipeline has brought great economic benefits to china.

Second, the Islamic Iran is a natural gas pipeline and the economic development of Syria gold lifeline, in return, three to defend the lifeline Chinese introduction of weapons of mass. Taking advantage of this opportunity, China's influence in the Middle East has expanded dramatically. (a country's large-scale arms sales to another country is an important manifestation of the strategic fallout of radiation).

Third, after the completion of the Islamic gas pipeline has become a strategic link, the Syria, Iran, Iraq firmly tied together, formed"The arc of Shiites"Alliance". And this coalition has become the main force in the Middle East against Sunnis and the United states.

Of course, if only to appeal the three benefit is not enough to make Chinese so go to war. As the founder of this strategic link, China still has a deeper purpose. A hand to the Shiite arc, help Russia build a huge strategic fulcrum is the warlords in the Middle East, we need to use it for support of Russia and other countries of the RMB settlement in oil trade, especially in Russia and Iran. To put it plainly, it is interest swaps.

Since the completion of the Islamic gas pipeline,Russia, Iran, IraqAgreement with China on RMB settlement of petroleum. If the war in Syria stops, Syria will soon be absorbed by china. Such a powerful lineup, at the instigation of the one or two Sunni countries, Chinese will have enough confidence to push Saudi concessions on this issue.

So, a messy Middle East is not in China's interests. Russia needs Syria to calm down, and China needs it too. The Kurdish referendum, in theory, is the internal affairs of other countries, China is not convenient to intervene. So, China promote the peace process in Syria is the priority among priorities (if Syria problem has been solved, the Kurds there get). There are two pieces of news that are intriguing.

September 21st, according to the Russian satellite news agency:China says it is preparing to actively promote the peace process in Syria.

September 25th, Ambassador of Syria said:Chinese enterprises will give priority to the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of Syria. The entire Syria reconstruction market will be as high as500 billionDollar.

These two seemingly unusual news in Russia and the United States in the key nodes on the Syria strike violently is very unusual. China chose to issue on the issue of Syria at this time"want piece"The voice, this is clearly a question of attitude. As to why the ambassador of Syria is good to China, it must be what China has done in the progress of peace in Syria"MaterialityContribution.

As the infrastructure required for the reconstruction of Syria kuangmo, $500 billion, $400 billion less into the Chinese pockets, coupled with Syria's oil settlement... Hey, or that saying"A loud voice makes a big fortune".