Coming to China? The "graveyard of Empires" not to withdraw the United States, those in this country suffer again!

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Coming to China? The "graveyard of Empires" not to withdraw the United States, those in this country suffer again!

2017-10-07 00:39:19 167 ℃

First, the military intelligence: White Tiger Hall of the military aircraft

Since the Trump administration came to power, it has announced changes in Afghanistan's strategy, and the US Department of defense has now adjusted its specific strategic content, and the United States Senate has also held hearings to challenge these adjustments. According to the U.S. "defense news" reported that the members of the Senate after the discussion of the Afghan problem, that The Pentagon may need to be adjusted before the withdrawal of U.S. military strategy, there may also be stranded 10 years in afghanistan. Afghanistan is known as an "imperial cemetery", and neither the British Empire nor the former Soviet Union could bend it!

In fact, change the signs of withdrawal plan, before they have begun to appear, as early as 2014 the United States has announced the official end of the war in Afghanistan, a dozen years of war for American consumption is huge, but also cause long-term turmoil of the Central Asian region, whether it is the people of Afghanistan or the United States Army, all I hope to end this nightmare as soon as possible. But for the White House and The Pentagon's top decision-makers, another layer of meaning of the war in Afghanistan, the United States Army into lies in the realization of the Central Asian region, and the establishment of strategic defense here, also constitute a strategic threat to China Russia and two regional powers. So while the United States declared that the war was over, it was reluctant to complete its withdrawal.

According to the previous plan of the Obama administration, the number of American troops in Afghanistan will be gradually reduced, but after Trump came to power, the situation has changed, now the number of American troops in Afghanistan are rising and the U.S. Department of defense also acknowledged that continues to surge. This left a complete reversal of the troop withdrawal plan. Now, the United States has considered keeping troops in Afghanistan for 10 years. If the plan is finally implemented, it shows that the US military still regards Afghanistan as a strategic centre in central asia. With a more relaxed deadline, the United States can redeploy large numbers of personnel here, and the American troops in Afghanistan will be a sharp wedge for the United States into the interior of the Asian continent.

"4R+S" strategy in Afghanistan and the United States Department of defense proposed in Afghanistan is not only a national problem, but a problem, a regional view of The Pentagon, China, Russia and India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries will have an impact on Afghanistan's geo strategic situation, so it should be a few countries have taken into consideration. But Pakistan was furious that Trump had criticized Pakistan and referred to Pakistan as a "terrorist hiding" country. Pakistan has provided logistical support for the U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, and because of its open support for terrorism, Pakistan itself has suffered serious consequences from terrorist attacks. But Trump has taken a hostile attitude towards Pakistan, perhaps because of the great relationship between Pakistan and china.

In fact, Afghanistan is a neighboring country with China, the US military operations in Afghanistan, and the intentions of doing things at the door of china. In the past more than 10 years, the war in Afghanistan has not only failed to bring peace to the Central Asian region, but has brought Afghanistan and surrounding countries into the shadow of terrorism. The United States know only by means of war and not let the situation in Afghanistan improved, but The Pentagon is still determined to send more troops to Afghanistan, and also the problems and Chinese, Pakistan and other neighboring countries involved, the United States sent troops to Afghanistan, have to battle deep slightly, and not just in order to solve the problem of so-called terrorism.

If the US forces remain in Afghanistan for 10 years, then the strategic security situation in Afghanistan and its surrounding areas will remain complex over the next 10 years. According to the Cold War mentality of the United States, if we want to allow hegemonism to expand its influence in the Central Asian region, it is necessary to stir up more disturbances in this region, so as to create even greater confusion. If Pakistan and other countries are also involved in Afghanistan, then the security situation around China will become even more complicated. In fact, that was part of the American containment strategy. Whether it is in the Western Pacific or South Asia, the confusion created by the United States will affect China more or less.

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