Trump's ex-wife: I'm the first lady

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Trump's ex-wife: I'm the first lady

2017-10-11 09:27:50 107 ℃

Who is the first lady of the United States? There is no doubt that it should be president Trump's current wife: May Rania. However, recently, Trump's first wife, the mother is the first daughter Ivanka Ivana, stand up and claimed to be the first lady, what is this?

On the left is president Trump's first wife, Ivana, to the right, Trump, and his third wife, May Rania.

The 68 year old ivanah recently in his new book publicity, she said in an interview with the American Broadcasting Company ABC, she is the first lady.

Trump's first wife Ivana: I have a direct line to the White House, but I really don't want to call him, because May Rania was there, I don't want to cause any jealousy and things like that, after all I was the first wife of Trump. All right? I'm the first lady, all right?

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Editor: Zhang Xin (YN004)