Trump has offended the whole world, and has once again been forced to quit an international organization!

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Trump has offended the whole world, and has once again been forced to quit an international organization!

2017-10-13 11:57:27 578 ℃

First, the military intelligence: White Tiger Hall of the military aircraft

The United States under the leadership of Trump seems to be able to do anything crazy, the businessman born president came to power, directly to the world's most countries and regions have offended once again. No matter where Trump would move out of his so-called American priority principle, it means the United States is the world's Rogue, not for the United States to enjoy special treatment, the United States will not stop.

Data figure: President Trump of the United States

Just recently, the Trump administration announced a shocking thing -- the United States will be in December 31st this year, formally withdrew from unesco! This news immediately by the whole world pay close attention to, because the UNESCO to build real peace culture as its main function, after the establishment of the organization at the end of the Second World War, its primary purpose is to establish the "human intellectual and moral solidarity", the ultimate goal is to prevent occurrence of a new round of world war. The United States, as the most powerful country in the world, suddenly withdrew from UNESCO, no doubt telling the world that the United States was no longer planning to take part in the world war.

The United States suddenly "back", the media generally believe that this may be because the United States has defaulted on UNESCO's 500 million funds, Trump is a very careful in reckoning businessman, he certainly would not be out of the money, in order to save money, the United States simply announced withdrawal from UNESCO, only an observer. Plainly, the United States does not want to pay, but wants to continue to intervene in the affairs of unesco. And this is not the first time the United States "retreat group", the last century in 80s, the United States has retreated once, but the heart is unwilling, and uninvited to return to the group.

Data map: the meeting of UNESCO

Of course, the U.S. State Department also stressed that the United States suddenly chose to withdraw from UNESCO, in addition to the issue of membership dues, but also because UNESCO urgently needs reform". In order to justify, especially the United States pointed out that UNESCO held "anti Israel bias", as if the United States "back" is against israel.

The reason why the United States will take Israel, mainly because of the beginning of 2011, UNESCO announced the admission of Palestine, the latter became the 195th member of unesco. When it comes to Palestine, everybody knows what it is about israel. Since the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic, Palestine has been in conflict with Israel for a long time. The United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization has drawn Palestine into Israel, and Israel must be unwilling. But how to say Israel is a small country, in order to exert influence on UNESCO, is clearly not enough, the only hope is the pressure on the United States, forcing the United States to speak out. The United States also needs VIP allies like Israel, so it can't be ignored. Just now in the United States are owed a large number of UNESCO dues, so simply sell accede to Israel, the United States on the one hand you can continue to pose, on the other hand is to appease the mood of the younger brother.

Data figure: Israeli Palestinian conflict scene

But the concern is that UNESCO is Britain and France and other countries to promote multilateral international organization, its headquarters is located in Paris France fontenoy square. The United States is now officially withdrawing from UNESCO and, to some extent, as a demonstration of its European allies. After Trump came to power, the relationship between the United States and Europe was not optimistic. Love always adhere to the "priority of the United States" Trump is not willing to compromise on Europe, so many times before make deviant things. If the United States withdrew from the decision of UNESCO, it means that the rift between the United States and Europe will be further deepened.

In summary, Trump's decision to withdraw from UNESCO will further isolate the United States into an isolated environment. American hegemony policy and military strategy have been the world jiquanbuning, now the United States took the lead from the pacifist organization, which also allow the international community to have a more profound understanding of the true face of the United states. In this world police coat hegemonic is actually the real driving force behind the scourge of war and!

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