Russia expelled 12 Chinese people

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Russia expelled 12 Chinese people

2017-10-13 11:58:32 581 ℃

Police in Volgograd have arrested 21 foreign illegal workers, 12 of whom are Chinese citizens.

According to the Russian "Volgograd news" reported on October 10th, Volgograd Immigration Bureau and the police in the area of "eloff linski control and supervision of special operations, a farm in China arrested 12 citizens and 9 Citizens of Uzbekistan, they were accused of illegal labor in russia.

According to Russian police disclosed that in the search operation, a total of 39 cases of violations of immigration management regulations and registration, 15 people in Russia is illegal residence. Others are illegally engaged in labor without obtaining a labor permit document.

But the handling of 12 arrested Chinese citizens and 9 Uzbekistan citizens is quite different.

The Russian interior ministry news center Volgograd area officials Anton Karl hough the trial results revealed: "for China civil trial decision has been made, they will be deported; and Uzbekistan citizens will be released after their initiative within 3 days of leave for home."

He also revealed that the police and immigration departments are still investigating the responsible persons who employ these illegal workers.

Recently, a number of Chinese nationals who have been arrested in Russia have been arrested and sent back to the country. They have been accused of illegal labor and violated the Russian immigration regulations. Just in October 5th, Russia Sverdlovsk region Immigration Bureau and the police in a greenhouse seized and detained 2 China citizens. They were accused of not having permission to do legal work in russia.

Previously, the Russian federal immigration bureau has provided data that about 11 million to 14 million foreign immigrants living in Russia, Russia is the second largest recipient of immigrants except the United states. Among these immigrants, mostly from the Caucasus and Central Asia, foreign workers, and because of widespread Russian society of the so-called "Yellow Peril" worry, for the control of Chinese migrant workers have been very strict. Moreover, the Chinese workers who were arrested were also dealt with more severely. They were deported after being fined and were prohibited from entering the territory for several years.

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