American president Trump is leading the world into danger by reckless behavior!

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American president Trump is leading the world into danger by reckless behavior!

2017-10-13 11:58:44 549 ℃

First military writer: walk alone in the world

President Trump came to power in the dissatisfaction when they had bimonthly, several well-known American psychiatric experts jointly published an article that no matter from Trump speaks of the character, work style, handling the diplomatic attitude, suspected of suffering from partial psychosis, the United States will give the management of such people are extremely dangerous and called for the removal of the position of President Trump. The day before, Trump was unexpectedly elected assistant, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Hancock in an interview also declared: "the White House is nursery, trump will will lead the United States to the Third World War road".

In fact, since Trump took office, act strangely enough, speak not understand propriety, do a reckless situation have occurred, in the United States and the world multilateral relations and major international and domestic matters, it is willful, as Trump in just a few months time, made by the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East, Iran, India Pakistan nuclear crisis! At any time, the world could be plunged into a massive war!

The Korean Peninsula crisis became more dangerous and uncontrollable because Trump came to power! This is Trump initiated and organized the implementation of the largest in the history of the US-ROK joint military drill based on military exercises, not only the number of up to about 300000, and sent the two nuclear power generating ship battle group, and even the use of the successful Kill Bin Laden in the United States Navy seals;

This is based on Trump's move to threaten the military strike against North korea. Not only will the Korean threat be hung on the lips, but also on the social software twitter. To have been developed using 4 intercontinental ballistic missiles against Guam surrounded by programs in North Korea, "Trump warned:" the surge of great fury "North Korea will be the world unprecedented fire and anger response"! In a speech at the United Nations, open military threat from North Korea, the North Korean leader to take a "missile boy" nickname, which is normal move the president of a great nation?

This is Trump regardless of Russian interests and strong opposition on Russia is not admissible to solve the crisis, repeated use of economic, military, diplomacy, South Korea held up "Sade" deployment process, increase the number of deployed "Sade". That day the USFK officials acknowledge the thad for Russia, will expand the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, in this regard, Trump do not understand? Trump to do is to deliberately provoke North Korea, repeated nuclear missile test, its amplification of a threat to the United States to the United States military strike against North Korea to make excuses.

North Korea has conducted sixth nuclear tests, have can carry a nuclear warhead intercontinental ballistic missile launch, a distance of 2700 kilometers, have the power to throw in the United States is Japan's Hiroshima "little boy" ten times the power of the bomb. Trump Jo easily ordered to crack down on Han Xin, and the first nuclear war will begin! By then, the United States, China, Russia, DPRK, Korea, Japan, even Australia and other countries are likely to be involved in nuclear war. The chief culprit is president Trump of the United states!

After Trump came to power in the Middle East Policy frequent evil trick, deliberately create an atmosphere of terror, aggravating the crisis in the Middle East since four! Is a foreign debut in Middle East, by the name of anti-terrorism, provoking the Saudi led Arabia alliance with Qatar diplomatic storm, in an attempt to fight the spear head to Iran: two times for the "Iran nuclear agreement" published personal opinion, this is the one-sided view that the United States signed the worst agreement, threatened to unilaterally tore up the agreement, in an attempt to the Iran nuclear issue back to the past, let the Middle East nuclear crisis again; three is not only a terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) does not blow, but publicly funded armed Kurdish extremist organizations, "the conquest of front and the opposition in Syria, Russia, Syria and coalition combat, let the civil war in Syria adds variables; three of the evil Trump the trick, mutual correlation, mutual coordination. Tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement will be the key to ignite a greater danger in the Middle East, and even to induce a nuclear war. Trump, of course, should be responsible for such a mess!

Trump was elected president elect, has publicly called on Twitter: "the United States must strengthen and expand its nuclear capability, until one day the world recovery in nuclear weapons, nuclear capacity to reason so far" blackmail the world hegemony, full of ambition, of course in Russian means espresso. Putin, Russia's president, immediately declared that he would expand the nuclear arsenal and advance the new cold war between the United States and russia. After Trump came to power, he not only organized nuclear expansion immediately, but also comprehensively sanctioned Russia in diplomacy, military and economic aspects, which reduced the US Russian system to the lowest point since the end of the cold war. The United States Congress, Senate officials and the U.S. media have bluntly criticized Trump, that cause your anger and malicious consequences, Trump is foolish and arrogant, Trump is capricious and hu! The danger of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia could happen at any time, and even the war could be triggered by a nuclear control system!

The United States is difficult to extricate itself from the war in Afghanistan. It is also a major problem that Trump has been struggling with since he came to power. Originally, Trump can adapt to the situation, the flow, the United States in Afghanistan for NATO troops to withdraw, or change into mercenaries stationed in the buffer, the training of Afghan security forces to take over paternity machine, back to a state of afghanistan. But Trump did not go the right way, insisted on contrary to the line. Not only the withdrawal of anti surge of 3000 people; not only accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist organizations, stop funding assistance, but in a flagrant way to sell high-end anti weapons to Pakistan's rivals India and India, joint military drill, India and Pakistan People provoke other mutual fire. The future, India is very likely to occur more passive large-scale military conflict, even the outbreak of the fourth war, it suffered the scourge of war is not only between India and Pakistan, and may affect the China, Russia and other neighboring countries. You know, India, Pakistan, China and Russia are both nuclear powers, and even if they inadvertently induce the nuclear war, can the United States be spared?

Nuclear war anywhere in the world, will cause the human disaster, if it occurred in the Third World War, Trump will be the husband to fall infamy!

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