This morning, all over the world, a breathless speech...... The result turned out to be a farce!

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This morning, all over the world, a breathless speech...... The result turned out to be a farce!

2017-10-13 11:59:10 583 ℃

Today, 1 a.m., in Catalonia, Spain, a speech that will determine the fate of the region and even Spain, has attracted worldwide attention.

Because Puig Monte, the head of the Catalonia region, will announce in this speech whether the region will comply with the outcome of independence referendum 10 days ago, and make Catalonia an independent country".

However, the speech ended up as a laughing and tired farce...

Originally, in this field for nearly 1 hours, but he also delayed one hour speech, Puig Monte heads the Catalonia first celebrated independence referendum public participation for a long time, and then a long time to stop the referendum condemned the Spanish police, and even pull the more than 10 minutes of the history of Catalonia, just to the full the key link in the world are waiting for Catalonia to do independent...

(map for the British "Guardian" live in Catalonia referendum Tucao puyg Monte could not to focus on...)

First he claimed he was trying to follow the will of the people "for the independence of Catalonia, but after a sudden turn, and announced in Catalonia before independence to Spain and the central government will suspend dialogue and negotiation, so independent program...

The results of this speech, almost all onlookers outside users are "Lei", have denounced in social media Puig Monte "routine" too deep: half off our pants, but you tell us this???

Among them, the following netizen Tucao said: Catalonia created a new record - independent for 15 seconds.

Netizens say the speech is a waste of time:

Even more embarrassing, there are still some of the "routine" Internet users are still cheering Catalonia success independence...

In the parliament building in Catalonia, those listening to the speech of the Catalonia hardcore puyg Montreal "Pro independence" politicians know everything, so they in this "grinding" after the speech almost no applause, and complexion...

In addition, according to a report from BBC, the capital of Catalonia in the streets of Barcelona, many hardcore supporters that the "independence" of independent front again and the Spanish central government negotiations, also fell silent and disappointed...

However, despite the Catalonia official in the independent on the issue of whether or not the intention of ambiguity, want to bet on both sides, in the eyes of the Spanish Central Government in Madrid, Monte puyg remarks is in with "independent" [the government]. Rajoy, Spain's prime minister, has also made it clear that the central government will not bow to the act of blackmail.

Of course, Mr Rajoy did so back to your puyg emboldened montreal.

According to the analysis of many European and American media, the Spanish Constitution will be the biggest obstacle to the independence of Catalonia: as long as Catalonia declared independence, the Spanish government will immediately start the 155th article of the constitution, and after Congress authorized directly to Catalonia intervention and direct control, local deprivation currently enjoy autonomy rights.

But according to the BBC report, due to Rajoy's party the majority of seats in the Spanish parliament, for Catalonia sanctions could go through all the legal procedures within a week, began to implement directly.

(the Spanish people who support the unification of the country express their love for the 155 article of their constitution)

On the other hand, the European Union and almost all European countries have suggested that Catalonia independence is something that Spain's internal affairs, they will not interfere, but they also never expressed any support for the independence of Catalonia.

So, regardless of the Catalonia official and local separatists how naughty, regardless of their politicians to what its failure from the blandishments, was doomed from the start.

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