Trump: the liberation of IS "capital" attributed to me as president of the United States

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Trump: the liberation of IS "capital" attributed to me as president of the United States

2017-10-20 09:59:25 499 ℃

Original title: Trump: the liberation of IS "capital" attributed to me served as president of the United States

[Global Times correspondent in Egypt] Han Xiaoming, "all the battles in LA have ended, and our army has completely controlled la."." After four months of fighting, local time 17, the United States supports the "Syria democratic army" declared completely controlled extremist organizations "Islamic state" (IS) in Syria stronghold camp. In his 17 day television program, President Trump said IS escaped from the club because he served as president of the United states". At the same time, the Syrian government in support of Russia recently has recovered IS strongholds in Eastern Syria - Michael Deir ezzor province city of Aden, in the southeast of the province is currently pushing forward IS remnants finally entrenched.

Agence France-Presse said that the "IS" is the real capital of the organization, and is the center of its planning and command to carry out terrorist activities around the world". Since it was captured by the Islamic state in 2014, it has become the base and pronoun of IS in Syria.

At the beginning of June this year, the "Syria democratic army" in the US led international coalition air strikes under the cover of liberation started the battle of la. From the 15 day of this month, the "Syria democratic army" launched the final offensive against the militants who refused to surrender. On the 17 day, the "Syria democratic army" declared a complete liberation after seizing a hospital and a gymnasium nearby.

This year, amid intensified military action, being siege IS retreat, lost territory in Syria and Iraq, including the largest city in Iraq occupied Mosul stronghold.

After being expelled from La, "south of the Islamic state in the territory of the Syrian stronghold in Eastern Deir ezzor province only. The Russian government forces in Syria are now launching large-scale recovery operations in the area. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu 17, said that more than 90% of the land in Syria has been liberated from the hands of extremist forces, Russia's military action against terrorism in Syria will soon end.

According to the Russian satellite news agency reported 18, Syria defense command Deir ezzor said on that day, one of the most prestigious general army responsible for the defense of the city, Issam Zagradin was killed in a landmine explosion. Prior to September 24th, Russian lieutenant general Asa Boff IS was killed in a mortar attack after militants near the city of Deir ezzor. Russia in October 5th held a state funeral for the.

According to local media reports, after the battle of La, the "Syria democratic army" will assist the local people to establish a local council to take over the operation of the city and to seek the autonomy of the kurds. However, the analysis shows that the city of La 90% has been destroyed by the war, and 300 thousand of the city's original citizens are less than 30 thousand people, and the road of reconstruction is extremely difficult. In addition, the Kurdish autonomous plan not only by the strong opposition of the government of Syria, Turkey and other neighboring countries are also questioned, the Kurdish armed with autonomous parcel "power expansion ambitions". And whether the Syria government army will try to recapture the current control of Syria from the hands of "the Democratic army" has become the focus of attention.

Analysts believe that the recovery of La is an important milestone in the fight against the Islamic state. Although the Islamic state in the fall of Syria and Iran is almost a foregone conclusion, but the threat of extremism and terrorism to international society will still exist for a long time.