Li Xianlong: small country "survival is not easy", unwilling to choose between the border station between China and the United States

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Li Xianlong: small country "survival is not easy", unwilling to choose between the border station between China and the United States

2017-10-22 08:16:29 522 ℃

Invited by President Trump of the United States, Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong will begin his work visit to the United States on 22 th. He said in an interview with CNBC before accepting the: he said: "the small country, and to the country is never easy".

The 19 day, he accepted the CNBC interview before the line, turning new relationship, regional and international issues, the next prime minister of Singapore and other issues, and remember his father Li Guangyao, responded to the same between siblings because his father and former residence of disputes.

China and the new China relations are the questions Li Xianlong talked about in his interview. He said that the new China relations are good, and also keep pace with the times. Singapore hopes not to choose between the United States and china.

CNBC commented that many countries have delicate balance in the middle of the United States, and Singapore is a typical example. Li Xianlong in the interview on the geopolitical change background, sandwiched between the eagle and the dragon city how to balance.

According to the news released by Singapore, Li Xianlong will meet with Trump at the White House on 23, and will meet with a series of senior government officials and congressional leaders during the trip. On the 25 day, he will also attend a dialogue session of the Council on foreign relations of the American think tank. The trip ends at 26. This weekend, CNBC will broadcast an exclusive interview with Li Xianlong. The Singapore Prime Minister's office announced the full text of the interview in advance.

Li Xianlong said that the new enjoy a very strong bilateral relations in the global and regional strategic issues on the views of the two countries is the same; in the economic, trade and investment, defense and security, the two countries over the years also have in-depth cooperation. CNBC said Singapore's policymakers have long sought to cooperate militarily with the United States, because they believe that the strong military presence of the United States in Asia is conducive to stability in asia. Li Xianlong expressed the hope that the United States will continue to focus on asia.

For China, Li Xianlong was asked, "last year, the new China relations became tense due to the South China Sea issue and the armored car incident, and after the visit to China last month, how would he describe the current bilateral relations?"" Li Xianlong said: "Singapore and China are two different countries, each of which is sovereign and independent, so it will certainly hold different views on some subjects. However, there is no fundamental conflict in our views on things on the main issue." He reiterated that he did not choose the border station in the South China Sea dispute, but stressed the freedom of navigation and peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law".

It is never easy for small countries to be neighbors with big powers"