Observation and observation: the Korean Peninsula becomes the new battleground of the United States and Russia

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Observation and observation: the Korean Peninsula becomes the new battleground of the United States and Russia

2017-12-05 18:29:05 169 ℃

North Korea launched a long-range strategic missile, which has attracted wide attention from the international community. The United Nations Security Council emergency consultations, decided to further sanctions against North Korea...

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of North Korea's leaders, the development of nuclear weapons and strategic missile policy will not change. North Korean leaders regard nuclear weapons and strategic missiles as national security umbrella. Even if the international community is under greater pressure, North Korea will not change its policies.

now worries about how much North Korea has the ability to develop nuclear weapons. Why can North Korea grasp the technology of launching long-range strategic missiles in a very short time? What country is playing a key role in North Korea?

President Trump, the president of the United States, spoke on the phone with the president of the Chinese state for the first time to exchange views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula. The president of the United States is in a dilemma. North Korea has made it clear that the United States is North Korea's top strategic rival, and that North Korea's nuclear test and missile launch are aimed at destroying the United States.

, the United States tried to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula through negotiation. However, as we can see, the United States' efforts to disarm the Korean armed forces by negotiation did not achieve practical results. The reason why the United States not to use force against North Korea, on the one hand is under pressure from the international community, on the other hand it is felt that if the United States launched a war on the Korean Peninsula, then North Korea can be in a very short period of time an attack on the United States in the strategic ally of the Korean Peninsula, Japan may also suffer heavy losses. If a massive humanitarian disaster occurs on the Korean Peninsula, the United States will bear enormous political pressure. Because of this, the president of the US is ready to use force against North Korea, though it puts forward an aggressive posture. However, the United States cannot and will not dare to wage war against North Korea. If the DPRK continues to provoke, the United States must launch a war even if it does not want to start a war.

, North Korean leaders are not worried about the US war, because North Korea has already mastered the technology of long-range nuclear weapons and has been able to use a missile to launch nuclear weapons in a very short time. If North Korea is flexible in the use of nuclear weapons, the strategic allies of the United States and the United States will suffer huge losses. Why can

North Korean leaders master this cutting-edge technology in a very short time? Some scholars believe that, although the DPRK has the ability to launch remote nuclear weapons, the North Korean long-range missile is still in its primary stage. Even some scholars joked that North Korea's long-range missiles were fired only, where they were hit, and North Korea had no control over remote nuclear weapons. Of course, more and more scholars analysis, North Korea's missile technology to get some support from the state, because the long-range missile needs a large number of advanced technologies, to a backward country like North Korea, North Korea can not rely solely on the strength in a short period of time developed long-range missile. Even some scholars have pointed out that DPRK's remote missile technology has been supported by Russia. Russia's support for North Korea to launch a long-range missile in the Korean Peninsula and the showdown.

signs that North Korea in the development of nuclear weapons and strategic missile technology does have some military support, North Korea has been able to achieve rapid progress in missile technology, technical experts from Russia may be on-site guidance, not even rule out Russia to provide some key parts, because the only way to get North Korea the breakthrough in the field of missile launching.

after the Second World War, the Korean Peninsula became the forefront of the military confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States. As the country of the Korean Peninsula, it is very sad that the fate of the country is not in its own hands. It is generally believed by the western countries that China plays a vital role on the Korean Peninsula. It seems to be so on the surface. However, if we analyze the Korean War after the Second World War, people will find that China has paid a heavy price on the Korean Peninsula issue, and is passively involved in the Korean War. China is also a victim of the Korean Peninsula war. Though some historians believe that China should not be involved in the Korean War, it is now analyzed that if China was not involved in the Korean War at that time, Northeast China might face the tragic fate of being separated by the Soviet Union. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union had allowed North Korea Kim Il-Sung war, an important reason is that the Soviet Union wanted by the Korean War, on the one hand, contain the United States, on the other hand firmly in control of Chinese, forcing Chinese make the northeast, let the Soviet Union continued long-term military presence in Northeast china. According to this logic analysis, it is not difficult to understand why the United Nations Security Council to discuss the relevant problems of the Korean War, the Soviet Union as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the surprise meeting, so that the United States under the banner of the United Nations in the Korean peninsula lies