This country is endangering China's security and wants to make money in China and see how China countered it!

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This country is endangering China's security and wants to make money in China and see how China countered it!

2017-12-07 00:28:21 104 ℃
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military pilgrim

according to Yonhap news, 32 China tourists on the evening of 3 arrived in South Korea, South Korea travel agency and the duty-free shop staff wearing a hanbok presented flowers to welcome China tour entry. And with the Chinese travel agency brought by the "ice breaking South Korea" and the "first group" in a picture of the banner of the banner. According to the Chinese travel agency official said, the future of tourists to Korea will according to the market demand gradually restored.

, however, from the "ice breaking" Chinese Korea "first group" also did not swim the trip, South Korean media issued a whining. According to the December 5th global network quoted South Korean "Asian economy" reported that, after a lapse of 8 months China tourists visit to South Korea, there may be only symbolic and temporary measures, because the dominant Han tourists travel agency China bank has not yet launched related products.

is very clear that the Sade problem has seriously affected all industries including Korea, including tourism, and all the businesses in Korea are looking forward to a complete improvement in the relationship between China and Korea, so as to help the Korean industry get out of the trouble. However, it is worth noticing that when they talked about the relationship between China and Korea, they didn't even mention the influence of Sade on China. It can be seen that most people in South Korea from now on and below only know that the improvement of Sino Korean relations will bring benefits to them, but the Chinese people's boycott of sad's voice is basically selective. After meeting with the

summit at the Asia Pacific summit, South Korean foreign minister to visit Chinese, South Korean media and politicians firepower, rendering a high-profile relationship between China and South Korea "history", and the expression of high-level meetings between the two countries when the meaning of distortion interpretation, resulting in a kind of illusion and shelving disputes thad problems in order to improve relations and to the outside world, so as to provide basis for their "rendering" warming "relations between China and korea".

, in fact, whether the South Korean government is still the mainstream media, are well aware of the Chinese stance on thad problem and attitude itself, they ignore thad problems evade the crucial point, to build the "warmer relationship between China and South Korea" false impression to the outside world, in addition to placate domestic industry a more important is by this means to confuse the public have deceived, China people convey Chinese government has thad on South Korea to make "compromise", moreover also use hype so-called China purchasing as well as the free exercise of tourists in Jeju Island stood 40 meters long scene panic buying and other means, in order to break China boycott sadean determination. At the same time, we also try to make the people who yearn for the Korean tourism shopping exert pressure on the government, forcing the government to change its position on the Saad issue, and finally achieve the goal of fully restoring relations with China without the withdrawal of Sade.

, South Korea China people deceive means like "effect", 32 South Korean tourists China "ice breaking journey", there is no doubt that South Korean officials and the media is encouraged, if no accident, then it is a big wave estimated by the Korean media called "forgetfulness" the tourists will visit South Korea China. However, as the Korean media are preparing for the full open fire to render the Chinese tourist "South Korea ice breaking", the "accident" has occurred.

according to the relevant news media said, the organization of a group of 32 tourists visiting a travel agency, the official website in case there is no sign of suddenly under the framework of all South Korean tourist routes, it is reported that, at present in the travel agency's official website has been unable to find any line on the South Korean tourists. Why did the Korean travel line suddenly fall off? It's because of the pressure of public opinion or something else. We don't know it. We only know that the tourism door just opened to Korea has been closed.

actually, China government and the mainstream media in South Korea on thad problems revealed in "good faith", has been to view their words and observe the line "attitude to deal with, and for the South Korean media advocates" warmer relationship between China and South Korea, has not made a positive response or refute. However, no matter how the Korean side worked hard to improve the relationship between China and South Korea, the Sino South Korean economic and trade relationship did not show any signs of loosening because of the fact that the Sino US relations did not withdraw before the core issue of Sino South Korean relations.

so, in the end who is given the travel agency guts, dare at this crucial time to release a group of 32 tourists to Korea to achieve the "ice breaking journey"? Obviously, if there is no acquiescence in some aspects, this travel agency has great courage and dare not to do such stupid things that will be drowned by netizens spittle star for a few money. The reason is worth pondering.