Turkey simply give us strategic hand shake out, to completely blow to its Syria allies

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Turkey simply give us strategic hand shake out, to completely blow to its Syria allies

2017-12-07 00:30:01 89 ℃

Syria people's armed Kurdish protection force "3, issued a statement, announced from the extremist organization IS liberated Eastern Deir ezzor province Syria. The statement said, in the United States led international coalition and the Russian military support, "the people's Liberation Army protection" the old Eastern Deir ezzor province to the east of the river Euphrates (the main oil producing region of Syria). The "people's protection force", an armed group of the Syria Kurdish Democratic Union (Kurd) party, plays a leading role in the "Syria democratic army".

to celebrate the victory with the Kurdish correspondingly, on the Euphrates River in the West Bank to fight the army and allied fighting continues, and the residual IS in the armed Abu Kamal in many towns and villages north of the tug of war. But the overall situation in Deir ezzor province is quite optimistic about the rest of the war was ending. In view of the Syrian army tiger and fourth Panzer Division has turned to the main direction of Idlib believed, the Syrian army has acquiesced to the Euphrates and the Kurdish forces split line".

soil media analysis said that so far the Kurdish armed forces in Syria have actually controlled more than 1/4 of the country's land area. Plus the United States led NATO allies and weapons support factors, Kurdish militants in the region has been firmly in control, and the army and can meet as equals with friends in. Recently, Kurdish armed officials have declared their position. After the stabilization of Syria in the future, Kurdish armed forces will become part of the armed forces, but they will retain their command.

is well known that the strategy on the Kurdish problem in Iran and Iraq in Turkey has just formed a reality. Although it has won a game on the Iraq reservoir area, the future trend of the Syria reservoir is a real concern for Turkey. This is between Turkey and the United States the two NATO strategic allies can not around the past kaner. According to the official statement published by the media, the United States has built 13 military bases of different sizes in the Syria reservoir area, which is maintained for a long time.

Turkish President El, on the 17 day of last month, he accused old Americans of providing financial assistance for Syria's IS armed forces. He also said that Turkey was not able to understand the practice of the United States in Syria. He said: "we are only 12 kilometers away from Syria, and there are 11 bases there in the United States (within the Kurdish area only). What is the purpose? It is clear that our American allies are directing a play, but this is not in line with the alliance. After the United States agreed to stop (against Turkey) to provide military aid to Kurdish militants, but two days later was found to continue military aid plan. As a retaliation, the Turkey air force launched an air raid on the Kurdish armed forces without notified of the old us.

that let us allies are not happy but also Turkey fight, simply put the strategic cards all shake out the old beauty. Earlier, a spokesman for the Turkey defected to Kurdish. On the 2 day of Tallal hero soil media claimed that the so-called "people's protection force" against terrorism is only the United States planned a friendly game, mainly in order to circumvent the support of terrorist organizations (PKK) fame. In fact, not only the weapons are provided to the Kurdish workers' party, but even the salaries of the personnel are fully responsible. This is undoubtedly in Turkey directly implies all of the beautiful old Kurdish friendly against, this is the price directly with the old beauty.