What is Putin's 83% support rate?

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What is Putin's 83% support rate?

2017-12-07 00:30:05 161 ℃

[literary / observer network columnist Feng Shaolei] was near the Russian general election in

2018. Though, President Putin still did not make a clear bid for the election. However, Putin's support rate has climbed to a height of 83.5% again, according to the latest published statistics of the whole Russian polling center in November 2nd. According to statistics, in October 27th more than 1600 Levada center poll by consultation, 2/3 people said they would vote for president Putin.

what is the rate of support for opposition campaigners in the general election, compared to this? Nawal Hei John was 2%, and the recent female opposition election participants, Jeseniya Sobchak, had a support rate of about 1%. Although all kinds of statistics are different, this is generally the case. Opposition campaigners not only support a very low rate, but also complain about each other: the lower support rate will be further dispersed because of competition among the opposition.

has just ended in October 20th this year, Wahl on behalf of the forum, the famous Russian critic Fyodor Lou Ki Jan Andrianof once asked when Putin face: unlike in previous years, this year no one is whether you will run for president put forward the question, do you think whether there will be a woman president? Putin responded with a humorous and quick response: anything in Russia is possible! A European scholar immediately said to me, "it seems that Putin's participation and election has not been suspense."

what is the high support rate of 83.5% at this time? If you say, three years ago in the climax stage of the Ukraine crisis, the support rate of more than 80% of Putin showed the high patriotism of the Russian people. And three years later, I'm afraid we have to think about the new changes.

Putin attended the conference of Wahl debating club, and one of the new changes in vision

of China is the improvement of Russia's diplomatic situation. Although the relationship between Russia and the west is worrying, especially with the United States. However, Russia's hold on the crisis in Ukraine, takes the initiative in the field of Syria, Paibingbuzhen in Eurasia, including the east to implement strategic change of foreign transfer to obtain public support.

changes in two, is Russia's mental state, people praise Putin not only because he is a tough guy, foreign struggle and Putin in the body fully reflects Russia is not only a "fighting nation", but also a thought of "ethnic" character. The Russian foreign strategy at every step, with the reasons for the data, said by the people is closely reasoned and well argued. Some scholars think that recent books, a key concept in the foreign strategy of Russia for centuries, is "dignity". Putin's success lies in winning dignity and defending the glory of the country. The change of

three, is a no change, but people for Putin himself in the office after seventeen years, still maintain a high pace of work status, keep such a strong fighting spirit and feel admiration. I have been the twelfth year of the annual Wahl generation international forum. In this twelve years, President Putin every time and participants for three to four hours of conversation, to answer a variety of complex and specific ad hoc, sometimes even a tricky question. Twelve years later, I saw Putin the answer is still so smooth and natural, rigorous and comprehensive, especially important is actually twelve years nearly every time is. I think the people of any class of Russian people who watch TV in front of the TV and on the Internet will certainly be moving.

four, since the economic downturn in Russia in 2009, the pessimistic judgment of the public opinion on its economy has been quite common. In fact, it is true that the Russian economy is indeed facing a variety of difficult challenges. It's not only whether the energy dependent economic mode can be changed under the prospect of energy market downturn, whether Russia's business environment can be changed, but also whether Russia can get rid of difficulties under the pressure of Western sanctions.

, but according to the latest statistics in October 25th, Russia's economic growth increased by 1.7% in 2018 and 1.8% in 2018. The World Bank experts predict that Russia will see moderate growth in the medium term when domestic demand growth and exports recover. The two institutions of IMF and Fitch have revised the GDP growth index of Russia in 2017, rising from 1.4% to 1.8%, and from 1.6% to 2%. According to the conservative estimate of the Russian Ministry of economic development, its GDP growth was 2.1% in 2017, 2.1% in 2018, 2.2% in 2019 and 2.3% in 2020. According to the latest and more optimistic statistics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia's economic growth will reach 3.2-3.5% in 2017-2020 years, 4 to 6% in 2021-2030 years, and 3.5% in 2031-2035 years. The growth of Russian investment in the next three years will be 5.7%. This is really a gratifying news that has not been seen for many years.

then, what is the quality of such GDP growth? According to Putin's public lecture in recent days, it is now the lowest inflation period in Russian history, down to less than 2.7%, which is better than the original target. Especially the impressiveness, 2014 crude oil and gas sector accounted for revenue ratio of 51.3%, and this year dropped to about 39%, until 2020, will drop to 1/3. This shows that Russia's state of energy dependence has been gradually improved for many years, and new progress has been made.

's more impressive news: according to the world bank just released in November 1, 2017