The Russian withdrawal from Syria in a hurry is Putin under the guise of another place at the Trump looked

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The Russian withdrawal from Syria in a hurry is Putin under the guise of another place at the Trump looked

2017-12-07 00:31:40 97 ℃

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in the Middle East has been the most interesting place, in addition to the Middle East oil resources has attracted the sight, the Middle East complex political situation and the storm clouds clouds of war is the United States anti-dumping arms market is also good strengthen its military presence in important places. It can be said that a few years ago, the United States in the Middle East, to check the name of anti-terrorism in the monologue, participate in the Gulf War, the establishment of military bases, Arabia state intervention, backseat driver in Iran countries such as Iraq, affect the situation in the Middle East, the United States in the Middle East will, reap benefits, had enough international boss addiction. On the issue of Syria, the United States still hopes to support the Syria opposition to go to power, to subvert the Syria government or to split the Syria state. What the United States has done in the Middle East is entirely for the interests of the United States and is bound to be opposed by the Middle East. The successful intervention of Russia on the Syria problem and the weakening of the American influence in the Middle East are undoubtedly the response of the Middle East countries to the intervention of the United States.

Middle East is also one of the most sensitive and complex areas in the world today. The Syria problem in the early period has not been completely extinguished so far, but the current conflict in Yemen is becoming more and more intense. As everyone knows, Yemen is the source of conflict to Saudi led Arabia state in Yemen under the government's request for Jose armed combat, in the domestic conflict in Yemen, in addition to many countries in the Middle East region, including Iran, the United States and Arabia to participate, also allied countries and provide assistance to Arabia army weapons also, behind the affect the situation in Yemen. It may even be said that the Yemen conflict has come to the present step in relation to the intervention of the United States. And these things in the United States are still a reaction to the principle of the supremacy of its American interests in the Middle East.

now the situation in the Middle East has undergone significant changes because of the strong involvement of Russia. Syria is an important place for the Russian game, so far, although between terrorism in Syria still do not buy it, they stressed their play in the role of terrorism in Syria, but after all the countries of the Middle East's eyes, that Russia and the United States to play in the role of anti terrorism in Syria. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries are getting closer to Russia. In fact, they are estranged from the US. They also show the decline of us influence in the Middle East and the improvement of Russia's influence.

the decline of American influence in the Middle East is mainly due to the unpopularity of the US in the Middle East. It should be said that the strategy adopted by the US in the Middle East is to pull one faction and fight one faction, and most of them are based on subverting the regime in the Middle East. In addition to creating political antagonism at the national level, the practice of the United States has also led to the fact that people in the region are at a loss, which makes the situation in the region more complex. Peace and stability become the expectations of the people in the region. Now, the countries and people in the Middle East should also see the serious consequences brought by this way in the US, and the anti war sentiments in Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Arabia, are even more intense. The strategy adopted by Russia in the Middle East is the policy of Huairou, to resolve the conflict by means of mediation, which has been welcomed by the Arabia countries.

this time Saudi foreign minister to visit Russia, it should be said that the incident itself can be seen as a positive outcome of the Russian diplomacy, because Saudi Arabia is standing in the United States alliance line in the conflict in Yemen, Russia and Saudi Arabia to Ross is bound to get out of the alienation of the United States; and the event itself, Saudi Yemen and Russia to negotiate, one is that the United States and the Middle East Saudi influence on further decline, two is that Arabia state may on the issue of Yemen and Russia's Ross compromise conditions. That is to say, Russia may include more weight in the Middle East in Yemen. In this context, Russia has made a step in the way of strengthening the military presence in the Middle East.