Trump: meet trouble mind to give South Korea million U.S. backing, Wen zaiyin was stabbed two knife

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Trump: meet trouble mind to give South Korea million U.S. backing, Wen zaiyin was stabbed two knife

2017-12-07 00:31:47 76 ℃

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as everyone knows, in recent years, between Russia and South Korea have been in constant bickering, "Sade in Han" the matter is very unpleasant. The deployment of the Saad system in South Korea has broken the strategic balance in Northeast Asia and made the Russian Far East within the surveillance of South Korea and the United States. Since Russia has made a tough response, such as "all" long-range ballistic missile test and deploy the new S500 anti missile system and a series of anti missile exercises measures.

in addition, Russia had in the West has been suffering NATO step by step, and in the northeast direction, the United States and in creating a "small Asian NATO, while South Korea is the so-called" small NATO "is an important one, it is to let Russia and South Korea relations continue to decline.

above Saad, and Asian small NATO, its behind the curtain countries are Russia's dead enemy, the United States. However, the United States and South Korea held a large-scale air exercises on the occasion of the Korean Peninsula, but Russia unilaterally throw will undoubtedly make us jealous eyes. But there is more than one thing.

Turkey was originally a pivotal member of NATO. However, since the current president El came to power, all the internal and external policies pursued are inconsistent with the interests of the United States. As for Turkey's coup in July last year, the United States and the United States were on the brink of a break. Then, according to the investigation, this is the American missionary named Fett hulah - Guellen planning a coup in Pennsylvania home. Although the matter is not specified in the US, it cannot afford to deliberate. If there is no support from the US government, can a missionary in the district have the ability to make a coup against such a great national policy in Turkey? Although the United States is then a hundred repudiation, but the two countries have left a heart of heart, El Doan has always been gripping. In October 4th of this year, El also ordered the arrest of an employee of the US Consulate General in Istanbul, which was related to the terrorist organization that led to the attempted military coup in Turkey last year. It shows that the Turkey coup is still fermenting.

if the coup, although the U.S. government can use the "unsubstantiated" stall in the past, but for the United States this year, try to lead the independence referendum of the Kurds is also justified in any case. With the development of the war in Syria, the anti government army supported by the United States showed great disagreement. So the United States took its next support target to the Kurds with more population and stronger power, and secretly acted as the gold medal holder of the Kurdish independent referendum. On September 25th, Kurdish leader Barzani announced a referendum on independence won the support of more than 93%, but it was from first to last Iran Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, especially against Turkey. Because the Kurds in Turkey have as many as more than 15 million of the population, their residence also accounts for about 30% of Turkey's land.

obviously, the United States can almost say that it is the separatist activity of Turkey. As a result, Turkey was completely dead to the United States and the relationship between the two countries fell into ice.