Trump has a heavy blow! Russia has a great pain in the backyard of the United States and it's a big trouble in the back garden of the United States

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Trump has a heavy blow! Russia has a great pain in the backyard of the United States and it's a big trouble in the back garden of the United States

2017-12-07 00:33:27 99 ℃

Author: Xiao Cheng; pictures from the network.

Sade's entry into Korea has been a focus of Northeast Asia's struggle. This year, the Korean government, regardless of the strong opposition from China and Russia, is committed to deploying Saad. China's government has warned South Korea several times in official diplomacy and has carried out "South Korean decree" in many fields. At the beginning of this year, Russia's ambassador to Korea, Ji mooning, strongly indicated that the opposition of Russia in Sade's entry into South Korea will not change. South Korea should give up this dangerous decision, otherwise Russia will take action. Russia, as a fighting nation, is not only responsive to South Korea, but also to the us behind the Sade.

this is Russia cut the Gordian knot, continuous fermentation in thad, all forces involved in the case of unsuccessful, this is undoubtedly to the United States made a big trouble. As we all know, the United States has been fighting against Russia in Europe, the Middle East, Northeast Asia and other areas, and the South American extensive Latin American countries as their backyard.

after World War II, the former Soviet leaders secretly deployed Cuba's mid-range missiles in order to change their unfavorable situation in the cold war with the United States. But it was captured by the American U2 aerial reconnaissance aircraft and enraged President Kennedy, the end of the Cuban missile crisis that shocked the world after a fierce game of game.

Cuba is the back garden of the United States, and it is also in Brazil, Mexico and other places. This time the Russian negotiated its own aviation technology and prevention and control technology, showing the close relationship between the two. At the same time, in the actual combat technology, it can also effectively intercept the American direction of the killer. Russia was so hard to deploy a large number of air defense missiles in the back yard of the United States. It was a sharp knife inserted into his heart.

2017 International Defense Exhibition from December 4th to 6 in Columbia, capital of Bogota, this is the first time in russia. The first exhibition of Russia gave Trump a run, in fact this is not the first time in the United States and Russia after the garden. This year, Russia does not give any chance to take a wedge in the back garden of the United States to Trump.

April 4th this year, the Latin American Aerospace Defense Exhibition opened in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The sales manager Dmitri, Kim said what dimension, Russian newmultifunctional fighter MIG -35 is likely to open up overseas markets again. Several countries in Latin America have shown great interest in MIG -35. The maximum speed of the MIG -35 can reach 2700 kilometers per hour, and the operational radius is also thousands of kilometers. In addition, several countries such as Brazil are also very interested in Russian helicopters, air defense systems and other weapons and equipment.

this can also be interpreted as a powerful Russian counterattack to the United States. In recent years, the United States has frequently asked for Russia by joint allies in Europe and Northeast Asia. Are you not deploying Saad in my far east? I'll deploy my antimissile system in your backyard. Trump must not expect Putin to reach his back garden directly. The closer Russia and Latin American countries move closer, the more tense Trump will be. At a time when the relationship with the United States is disadvantageous, Russia is clasping with Latin American countries, and it is a beautiful fight against the Jedi.