Surprisingly, Israel has just stabbed a knife in the back of the United States.

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Surprisingly, Israel has just stabbed a knife in the back of the United States.

2017-12-08 18:35:51 94 ℃

Author: Zhao Junfeng;

four countries that apply to join the SCO, once approved it Yijuduode, can to combat terrorism in the Middle East by increasing the influence of Russia closer, but also to the parties in the Middle East has maintained an objective and just position the Chinese approached, get more attention in the Middle East division of power and to win more right to speak. The Middle East countries to China and Russia closer, both practical needs and interests, as well as the long-term observation of these countries not of the SCO, that this is an equal negotiation of multilateral cooperation, unlike some international organizations in accordance with the original always forces row seating, Ruo Xiaoguo's power is very difficult to obtain the safeguard, often become a victim for the interests of the country.

Syria applied to join the SCO is not surprising, but the three middle east iron ally of the United States, Israel and Bahrain, Qatar also have to join will make people feel very unexpected. The SCO is an equal and open organization, committed to strengthening mutual trust between Member States and encourage members of good neighborly and friendly; in politics, economy, science and technology, culture, education, energy, transportation, environmental protection and other areas of effective cooperation; joint efforts to maintain and ensure peace, security and stability in the region; the establishment of a new the order of the international political and economic democracy, fair and reasonable. Member states are also actively implementing the common declaration.

but the purpose of win-win cooperation in western developed countries did not buy it, not only did not join the European and American countries, and many western countries have long on SCO gossip. The United States apply to join the three important allies in the Middle East, the China enhance the influence, many countries begin to pay attention to Chinese as the important international organization party, especially the Multilateral Cooperation Organization SCO like this, not only for the parties to provide economic, cultural, military and security cooperation is an important issue of the sco. Once added, the benefits will be all around. No wonder that more and more countries want to join the SCO in recent years. Egypt, Ukraine and Maldives have applied for accession.

the SCO's fruitful counter-terrorism cooperation has set an example for the global anti-terrorism cooperation. There is no double standard in the SCO and there is no self governed solo. We work together to deal with the security threat. This is in stark contrast with the US led anti-terrorism alliance. Through numerous blood lessons, the Middle East countries finally realized that they could only react more and more in accordance with the US anti-terrorism routines. Anti terrorism is also not unilateralism. Only when we lay aside our selfishness and from economic cooperation to military cooperation can we completely eradicate the soil generated by terrorism. China is a positive advocate of this view. China has not adopted a double standard, but a single heart for international security cooperation, which is in the eyes of the Middle East countries that are deeply affected by terrorism.

Israel also saw the role of the SCO, but as the great ally at this time to apply to join the SCO, can be said to be hard in the face of Trump a slap. In order to appease the cold for a period of time in Israel, Trump braved the domestic and international pressure, not hesitate to offend all the countries of the Middle East, a super gift given to Israel, the United States formally announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. However, this does not allow Israel to join the SCO's footsteps, which showed Israel on the American Middle East policy is full of doubt, because saw the organization very fruitful cooperation, and say many of the SCO member states on the situation in the middle east.

in the current Middle East chaos, terrorism is likely to come back, and the US is against terrorism. It is true that we seize the opportunity to control the situation in the Middle East, and rely on US terrorism to eliminate it. Some Middle East countries seeking to reinvent the wheel, backer is reasonable.