The American myths of gun freedom

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The American myths of gun freedom

2017-12-08 18:40:58 180 ℃

's response to the death of 26 people in Dezhou's church was reacted by Trump's classic rhetoric from Republican politicians: "it's not a gun problem." If this is not a gun problem, what's the problem?

on Sunday in a population of 600 in the U.S. state of Texas in the town of Sutherland Prince, a man armed with semi-automatic assault rifles and two pistols into a church gunmen killed at least 26 people, another 20 people were injured. "We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, but this is not a gun problem," Donald Trump, the president of the US president who is visiting in East Asia, told reporters.

Trump is rushing to use the lines of Republican politicians, but this does not eliminate the endless shooting. American society is bound to launch a debate on gun control again.

in the past year, there were three modern American history before five mass shootings, including harvest festival in single wolf snipers killed 58 people and injured hundreds of the massacre in Las Vegas in early October 2016; Orlando ripple nightclub shooting killed 49 people. Before that, the shooting incident of Virginia Tech killed 32 in 2007, and the shooting case of Sandy Hooke primary school in Connecticut in 2012 resulted in 26 deaths.

said the Democratic president Obama had told the Broadcasting British Corporation in 2015: "if you ask me what is the most frustrating and difficult place, that the United States is a country advanced in the world, but even in the face of repeated mass killings, but not enough legal knowledge, gun safety."

why does the US government seem to be still powerless after so many bully screen shots? Why gun control and gun rights into American politics, the Democratic Party (should strengthen supervision) and Republicans (as opposed to strengthen the supervision of the opposition) label issues stand?

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American romance "Americans and guns in the international stereotype impression, is Hollywood Westerns which play cool Dezhou cowboy gun. Do Americans really grab a lot more than other countries? According to 2013 estimates, American civilians have 270 million to 310 million guns, and 35% to 42% of American families have at least one gun.

since 1990s, about the supply of guns and gun violence debate, focusing citizens Wu in the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution with rights, and the government has the responsibility for the death and crime prevention. Proponents of gun control say that widespread or unrestricted gun rights impede the government's responsibility to protect citizens' safety; the supporters of gun rights oppose restrictions on guns, because they can be used for self defense, hunting, sports activities and preventing tyranny.

the Dezhou shooting, it is because there are brave villagers armed gunmen stopped criminals continue to kill, and other villagers boarded a Ford SUV chasing fugitives, which echoes the gun activist point of view: law-abiding citizens have gun ownership can reduce crime. But people who advocate gun control argue that it is the way to avoid the chance that criminals have a chance to get guns.

normally, Dezhou shooting the Gunners did not qualify to buy used to kill gun weapon: he received a military court because of extreme violence with spouse battering and stepson, had served a year and was expelled. Unfortunately, the air force unit did not report military convictions, so the criminal punishment of the murderer did not appear in the federal database of the background investigation before the gun.

needs to see these two opposing points. First, we need to understand the American Gun Culture and how to inherit the tradition of hunting, the tradition of militia and the tradition of border.

has established a hunting tradition in the United States since colonial period. It is also a deterrent to animal predators in addition to the ancillary source of food. Shooting skills form the link between the rural men in the United States and the environmental struggle, and also enter the man's "adult propriety". This psychological structure has become the core emotional factor of gun culture.

before the American Revolution, the colony lacked budget, manpower and organization to maintain a full-time army, so all citizens must serve in the army, including providing their own ammunition and weapons. It was not until 1890s that the United States had gradually evolved into a voluntary militia force by compulsory universal militias, and the defence of war turned to a regular army.

is closely related to the tradition of the militias, and the expansion of the western frontier of the United States needs self protection. This expansion boundary pride, internalizes for generations of Americans support and honor the legacy, become a strong style of national culture.

in the early years before the American Revolution, the British carried out gunpowder embargo against the colonies in order to respond to the increasingly direct control and tax dissatisfaction of colonists against the colonies, trying to weaken the colonists' ability to resist British aggression. The two attempt to directly disarm the colonies incited the gloomy resentment of Britain's interference in the war.

1791, USA