Trump Gon in the NATO poke a hornet's nest! This time really roasted America on the fire

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Trump Gon in the NATO poke a hornet's nest! This time really roasted America on the fire

2017-12-10 18:26:50 158 ℃

12 9, Russia's satellite news reported in Washington. U.S. President Trump said he was not prepared to protect Russia from paying the NATO membership fee. According to Trump, during his visit to NATO headquarters in 2017, he had made it clear that the Union countries should pay the membership fees, or "they had nothing to do in the alliance".

Trump made the remarks in Florida to attend the rally, he bluntly already signaled to relevant countries, if they don't pay, will not be able to get the corresponding rights, for which he was the eyes of media criticism. But he insisted that it was rude to treat his allies like this, but if they did not pay the fee, they would offend the United States.

ally system is one of the important foundations for maintaining global hegemony in the United States, while NATO is an important tool for the United States to maintain its ally system stability. As the United States is increasingly unable to provide more economic help to its allies, NATO has been an important media for us to provide security products to its allies, and its value can never be measured in terms of money. The use of Trump from his subscription to the allies took the narrow businessman thinking, only consider the problem from the perspective of cost money, but it is not over for the United States to reduce military costs but will likely end the American global hegemony.

although the US and Russia are evenly matched in Eastern Europe at present, but Russia is more isolated on the whole, which may be ended by Trump's "careful calculation". Since the European debt crisis, many countries in the Middle East and Europe have been financially difficult, so it is the norm that the arrears of NATO's membership fee have been defaulted. At the same time, the pressure from Russia's strong post crisis in Ukraine caused them to need American asylum more than ever. At this time Trump refused to provide them with security protection is tantamount to forcing them towards Russia, because Russia tough since the United States has no intention to help close at hand, they fight it can only try to please this polar bear to live under the palm. In this way, there will be a crack in the Russian network, which is not only carefully constructed by the United States, but also the whole NATO defense system will be shaken.

in addition, there is more serious consequences, that is, panic in the US's global allies. It is well known that the United States has three major bases to maintain global hegemony: the US dollar, the army and the allies. Trump's move is prone to panic among the allies, the United States "only the money is held, the core security interests of their allies in the eyes of the United States was not important dues. When this to a certain extent will cause panic fermentation allies confusion, feeling of insecurity, but on the implementation of the global strategy of the United States or, or do things carelessly, kickbacks, hike, then the United States will not like the past is so free to own will promote to the world, a foot supporting American hegemony "three legged tripod" is quietly eroded.

as a businessman, Trump is no doubt successful, but politics is not business after all, and the country is not a company. The full use of economic costs will not only bring chaos to the country, but also cause a great deal of loss of international interests. Behind Trump. "Die" like moths to a flame is his narrow business thinking everything, the American global hegemony is also facing the hitherto unknown challenge, as for the United States if there are enough Pibi inside and outside the capital to allow him to self willed, I am afraid it is difficult to optimistic answer.