Lost to Russia? Trump looked for the man in a different way.

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Lost to Russia? Trump looked for the man in a different way.

2017-12-11 18:32:41 179 ℃

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Trump published this view, as if to dump the pot and grumble. At this stage, there is a dawn of peace in the situation in Syria, and there is no need for the United States led coalition in Syria's counter-terrorism. When the United States was sending troops to Syria, it identified the Syria government forces as a terrorist organization and then intervened in the name of counterterrorism. Its purpose is to support the opposition to come to power, to subvert the Syria government or to split the Syria countries. The government of Syria after Russia's request to assist in the fight against the Islamic state extremist organization, not only in the anti terrorist war recaptured most areas are extremist groups occupied, but also to Syria's opposition had a strong squeeze, let the Syria government have more leverage in negotiations with the opposition, is actually a face the United states.

to Trump is not out of nothing. From Trump's attitude to Syria, it can be seen. In April this year, Trump in the Syria army can be active with chemical weapons on the grounds, fired 59 "excellent missiles to Syria, hit the air force base in Syria; in the latter section of Syria, the United States secretly support the opposition in Syria including the Islamic state extremist organization, even there was a to the government of Syria that the main purpose of appeasement brings disaster, let Syria no peace. Of course, this does not rule out Trump by Syria and Russia including Iran fighting a hair fahen jin.

Trump at this stage on the issue of Syria Maisanyuansi, not as Trump singing songs about. It has not been said by Trump, who is not in the same way as the United States, with the name of Russia and Iran alone. At present, the situation in the Middle East is sensitive and complex, and the contradiction between Palestine and Israel has been inspired by the United States. It is estimated that Trump should have a certain judgment on the situation in the Middle East. From the standpoint of the United States, the United States should lead the situation in the Middle East and achieve its own goals. The strongest opponents are not Russia and Iran. According to Trump, Trump, would never fall again in the same place, that is to say, if the war in the Middle East regeneration, trump will have no scruples, his mind has no "red line".

so it seems that Trump is entirely possible to Russia and Iran crossed the "red line" as a lesson in the Middle East or other sensitive areas off a bloody.