71 or 17? "Your other" White House daily in addition to twitter, and watch tv......

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71 or 17? "Your other" White House daily in addition to twitter, and watch tv......

2017-12-14 18:31:00 153 ℃
Recently, the 71 year old Trump's daily life in the White House was revealed by the media, and his high calorie and young lifestyle were stunning. Trump's day in the white house includes watching TV, drinking coke, and tweet. "There was no difference between me and the president's life," said a net friend.

, the New York Times, interviewed 60 advisers, friends and congressmen to understand the daily life of American president Trump. According to the "

" New York Times reported on December 11th, Trump's daily life in the White House from 5:30 in the morning in the master bedroom on the TV to watch the morning show he usually include "Fawkes and friends": Fawkes TV and the program to the president's schedule is very friendly.

he will watch CNN, which he often said "false news" maker, and Microsoft - NBC's "good morning," Joe, "because friends guess, which makes him angry, all day full of energy". Trump had several public quarrels with the host of the show, Jo Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, though they were friends of the former real estate tycoon. After

, "good morning, Joe"

, Trump will go to twitter, because her spirit is high and angry, often the two ones, because " twitter war's ammunition is TV ". At other times, he would watch TV and push in a small room next door. He will also go through the hall and go to the magnificent treaty hall, but this is rare. At this time, he was sometimes dressed neatly and sometimes in his pajamas. In the middle of the day, Trump reported that Trump took at least 4 hours (often as much as 8 hours) to watch the news channel.

sometimes he would turn off the TV and become silent, but he through television to track how media review is he as president and investigation on his team in the 2016 presidential election with the so-called Russian officials.

it is reported that Trump was a crazy Cola fan, he often drank 12 cans of Diet Coke day, daily caffeine intake is far more than the recommended value of physicians. When

visited Asia recently, Trump answered questions on watching TV habits on air force one, and said, "I don't see much TV. I know that those who don't know me like to say that I often watch TV, but those messages are from fake journalists and fake news sources. I don't have much time to watch TV, mainly because I spend a lot of time reading documents.

Trump was interviewed on "air force one."

sources said that when Trump first came to the end of his presidency, he still regarded himself as a "libel outsider, trying to get others to value him" rather than the leader of the free world. Trump told his assistant after winning the election that every day he was in power, he should be seen as a TV program for his "Conquest".

Senator Lindsay Graham thinks this mentality is wrong. He said, "presidential election is different from President. You have to find the best balance between a fighter and a president."

, the New York Times, says Trump's way to the White House. So Trump's judgment is that it must be the right way.

reported that the source said the rule of the White House was that no one could touch the remote control except Trump and technicians. If he missed a news report, he had a "super TiVo" system that could record hours of news for him to watch later.

grip the remote control does not panic?

after a day of meetings and phone calls, Fawkes trump will watch news, evening news, sometimes with hate "while CNN, only second days to restart the same process.

in the face of the bid, the fiery Trump and double Yi tweet - ruo

"is a false news! This time, the bad @ New York Times claimed that I watched 4 to 8 hours of TV every day. And, even if I had, I hardly looked at the two false news makers of CNN and MSNBC. I never look at me once called "the most stupid man on TV" Tang Lemmon (CNN presenter) program, bad report!"

, for this reason, many netizens say "

", a Trump image that is always on fire, which obscures the deeper complexity.

"he is well aware that he is the forty-fifth person to get the job," said President Conway. "This job changed him, and he changed the job, too. In his time as president, he showed his other, friendlier and more approachable parts, which may be hidden in a difficult and chaotic primary election stage.

few people can see these other parts. In a private time with the official family members in the Oval Office, the president treated children in a more tender tone than in public. He asked the children of the members of the White House press corps to be invited to Halloween.

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