Putin is at this time announcing the presidential election, what is the mystery?

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Putin is at this time announcing the presidential election, what is the mystery?

2017-12-16 00:25:30 106 ℃

recently, Russian President Putin in the historic city of Nizhny Novgorod Golgi automobile factory to participate in activities, for the first time officially announced that he will continue to seek re-election in the 2018 presidential election, won warm applause from the scene of people.

shipping warehouse reference (id:hycplb) noted that Putin has been on a number of occasions asked whether he will seek re-election, but he has made no answer. In response, Per Skov, the Russian presidential press secretary, explained in September 12th: "you know, the president is for work, not to succumb to too early an election atmosphere."

media generally conjecture that it is Putin's political strategy not to declare it late. According to the financial times, Alexei Chesnokov, a spokesman for the current policy center of the Russian think tank and a former spokesman for the Moscow Kremlin, said: "Putin is just putting off as much as possible, because a short campaign will give him maximum flexibility."

television reporter Alexander Nevzorov Putin likened to a sleeping tiger: "he can take a nap, a wheezing sound, stretching his huge claws, and opened his eyes with a stripe on the nose. He can also watch the different political mice dance in front of him. "

according to this inference, Putin's days of publication are still earlier than planned. Some media said that Putin intended to Russia's Central Election Commission announced the start of the election work later (around December 15th) and then announced the election campaign, will be compressed to as short as possible, so as not to further stimulate the propaganda has put up a pageantry "Shenmeipilao" Russian voters.

why Putin broke the plan in early December announced the election? To know this world media was "the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel" news "Shuabing", taking into account the important position in the Russian Orthodox church life, and the "fight" does not seem to be wise.

"shipping warehouse control" (id:hycplb) noted that Putin announced at this time played in the 2018 general election, in close contact with other news events. In December 5th, the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, banned Russia from attending the Winter Olympics in Pingchang, South Korea in 2018.

as early as November 9th, Putin had been "premonition" to the situation in Russia. Putin, who was visiting Chelyabinsk compressor plant, said that the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games will be held in February next year, while Russia's presidential election will ban Russia from participating in the Winter Olympic Games in March. It is very likely that some people with ulterior motives will create chaos before the election. The election date of the Russian presidential election in

2018 was scheduled for March 18th, and the choice of the date was equally profound. In March 18th, it happened that Crimea was incorporated into Russia's 4th anniversary day, and the choice of voting this day was clearly to remind the people of Putin's "feat". The Russian general election was held on the second Sunday in March, and in June 1st this year, Putin just signed a decree to postpone the polling day.

now, 5 people have announced that it will challenge Putin next year. They are RANS years of veteran, the Party Central Committee Chairman Gennady Zyuganov, the Russian liberal democratic party chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky, founder of Russian liberal party "Yabloko party" one of Ligeli Yavlensky, Russian growth leader, Russian President plenipotentiary Boris Titov to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, and only 36 years old, the Russian Red Net "Russian Paris Hilton" said the TV host Ksenia Sobchak.

, in addition, Alexei Navalny, an active Russian anti-corruption campaigner, has announced that he will participate in the general election. However, he was declared guilty of fraud and was not authorized to be elected by the Central Election Commission. According to the data from the all Russian polling center in November 2nd,

is generally hovering between 1% and 2%, compared with Putin's satisfaction rate of 83.5%. There is even a view that these challengers will not only pose a threat to Putin, but also help him to some extent.

, in September 15th this year, Nicola Mironov, director of the Russian economic and political reform center, told Russia's satellite news agency that Putin needed the right competitors, otherwise the voting rate in this election would be very ugly. The Russian newspaper quoted the office of the president as saying that Putin's competitors were likely to be women. At present, these "conditions" have been fully met.

Russian public opinion generally believes that Putin's victory is unsuspense. If he is reelected in 2018, he will be in power to 2024. At present, the media's focus has shifted to who will be the successor of Putin. Nicola Petrov, a Russian political analyst, said, "the problem is not whether voters choose who will lead the country in the next 6 years, but whether or not Putin will give power to successors."

source: Beijing, global network, surging news, sina.com.cn

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