Putin and Trump were "Reed" at the end of the year, and American professors were "shocked"

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Putin and Trump were "Reed" at the end of the year, and American professors were "shocked"

2017-12-16 18:32:35 119 ℃

the end of the year, Putin and Trump echoed each other, played a "you praise, I thank the oboe. In this case, the American professor was "shocked".

Putin Trump glory, Trump was very glad (picture. Photograph: slate.com

12) on Sept. 14, Putin in Moscow held a large annual press conference, Putin said the United States, about three points:

, Trump, "well done", bring to the market confidence; two, Russia did not interfere with the election, "the Russian" investigation is groundless statement, is Trump political tricks; three, the nuclear issue on the policy of the United States has a problem.

obviously, in the three point, the first two points made Trump particularly touched. After all, in the past year, Trump's most desirable thing is that someone boasts that he has done a good job, and someone has come out to accuse the "Tong - Russia gate" investigation. How can Trump be indifferent to Putin's praise and argument?

so Trump quickly asked Putin to make a phone call. What is the effect of the

call? On

15 day, Trump told reporters on the South Lawn of the White House that his conversation with Putin was "very good". According to CNN, Trump told reporters, "on the economic side, he said a lot of praise to what I did. But he also said something bad. " "We mainly talk about the North Korean nuclear issue."

is a bad thing here, and it probably refers to the differences between the US and Russia on the North Korean nuclear issue.

but Trump still wants to thank Putin and again, by the way, the "pass Russia gate" investigation. Again, he told reporters that the whole survey was a fraud without "collusion" with Russia.

is interesting that Trump is going to the FBI National Institute (the FBI training agency) to attend the commencement.

and the "through Russia gate" survey is one of the more striking works of FBI. Trump made this statement at this time, and it also makes people feel somewhat ironic.

actually, this also reflects the "disharmony" relationship between Trump and the US intelligence agencies.

U. S. media have pointed out that in Russia whether to interfere in the United States election, a number of US intelligence agencies have been investigating Russia's interference. But Trump of the intelligence community's conclusion and found that as long as Putin denied, Trump immediately said "you see, said he did not do." Some Americans are annoyed by the attitude of

, "believe in Putin, do not believe in its own national intelligence agency".

this time "singing double spring", also let the Stanford University political science professor Michael Mcfar "shock".

Mike Farr is a Russian expert at Stanford University. He served as the US ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014. He returned to Standford to continue teaching and research after leaving office.

, when he was in office, he was criticized by Russian President Medvedev when he met with Russian opposition. At that time, Putin became prime minister behind the curtain, and later he was very unhappy with Russia on Ukraine issue. It can be seen that he has no good feeling for Putin.

Mike Farr said in an interview with MSNBC on the 15 day that he was "shocked" by Trump's call to thank him immediately after receiving Putin's praise.

Mike Farr says it's bad for us national security. He accused Trump of the people, how can not persuade, to Trump arranged this call?

he said, the president's national security adviser Mark masters should call the impact on national security assessment, dissuade Trump.

but perhaps Trump was happy, and no one could dissuade. As he was angry, no one could stop him from sending tweet scolding.