Foreign media: the Trump administration will define China as "economic aggressiveness"

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Foreign media: the Trump administration will define China as "economic aggressiveness"

2017-12-17 18:26:17 139 ℃

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Beijing time on December 16th according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the Trump administration will claim on Monday issued "national security strategy report", China has "aggressive" national economy.

's move suggests that the Trump administration's position on China will be more radical than the previous US government. The sources say the national security strategy report, or claims that China is a competitor in all fields of the United States, or even a "threat".

Michael Allen, who worked in the Bush administration, believes that the national security strategy report will be the beginning of a series of economic counter measures taken by the US.

had reported that the U.S. national security adviser Mike McMaster said on the 12, Trump will be released on the first comprehensive security policy document "national security strategy report 18".

Mike McMaster pointed out that of the United States as a "threat", the strategy report not only in Korea and Iran, also referred to China and russia. It is also reported that the strategic report considers the rise of China's economic rise as a "threat" to the United States, emphasizing the importance of economic competitiveness in national security.

's "national security strategy report" is an important document as a pointer "U.S. nuclear strategy system and other safety related nuclear modification based on specific guidelines. The focus of the report is to protect American nationals, promote the prosperity of the United States, adhere to the "power based peace" proposed by Trump, and expand the influence of the United States. In addition, it is expected that the report also includes measures to deal with international terrorist organizations.

, under Trump's "American priority" policy, has increased tensions between the United States and many trading partners. During the campaign, Trump repeatedly accused China and other countries about economic and trade related issues. They thought they were doing unfair trade and taking away American jobs. They also declared that China would be listed as a currency manipulator. After taking office, Trump was also faced with more and more criticism in the United States, being sluggish in the trade action he promised to do with China.

but in the last month, Trump has begun to show a tough position on China's economy and trade. In the late month of

11, the US Department of Commerce launched a double anti investigation on China's US aluminum board when the industry did not appeal. This is the first time that Washington has launched an anti-dumping investigation on a major trading partner for more than 1/4 centuries. The outside world is concerned that the United States is preparing for the outpost of a trade war.

earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Vietnam through exports to the United States as origin of steel products Chinese the anti-dumping and countervailing duties. It said that the steel produced in China is being exported from Vietnam to the United States in order to avoid the existing tariffs on Chinese products.

in addition, the Trump administration has formally rejected China's demand for market economic status in accordance with Article fifteenth of China's accession to the WTO protocol. The EU supports this. According to the WTO terms, China should have gained market economic status last year. Although American officials have already suggested this position, it is the first public light of the United States to explain its position and explain reasons.

"formally refuses to recognize the status of China's market economy, which will aggravate the tension between the two countries." The experts from the Ministry of Commerce said, "this behavior of the United States is a harm to Sino US economic and trade relations". The US refused to acknowledge that the essence of China's market economy status is unwilling to cancel the practice of "substitute country" against China. The American move was a violation of its own commitment to China's entry into the world. He believes that the United States should face up to the changes and developments in China over the years. "Trump has just concluded his visit to China." after that, China and the United States also reached the "100 day plan" in terms of economy and trade.