More than 50000 South Korean people are petitioning the government "governance" follow-up trouble reporter

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More than 50000 South Korean people are petitioning the government "governance" follow-up trouble reporter

2017-12-20 00:27:17 282 ℃

, a South Korean journalist who was wrongly beaten, had destroyed the president's visit to China, and asked the government to cancel the Chong Wa Dae reporter's follow-up system. After a number of Korean media complained that "South Korean journalists were beaten in China", the Korean people launched a petition on the Chong Wa Dae website, demanding that the government cancel the follow-up system of Chong Wa Dae press corps, and protest journalists' "smashing" on important diplomatic activities. At midnight local time in South Korea, the number of petitions reached 54 thousand and 800.

South Korean President Wen zaiyin during the visit, some Korean media broke the Korean reporter was beaten security news in China in South Korea the activities of the organization, and the hype. North Korea South Korea TV TV station says 18 days, many South Koreans that Korean reporters followed regardless of site management Chinese security personnel earlier, led to the conflict, a large number of media reported this matter does not accord with the fact, this is not only to the country's foreign "hit the field", is not in the national interest to derailment. As a result, the people of South Korea launched a petition movement on the Chong Wa Dae website, requiring the government to cancel the follow-up system of the Chong Wa Dae journalists' group.

South Korea "Central Daily" said 18 days, South Korean police human rights center director Zhang Xinzhong (sound) 17, wrote on twitter, even Wen zaiyin president with Chinese security personnel work, while South Korea will ignore its reporters followed by the other side, stop is behoove thing, "the kind of stuff president of China diplomacy, also destroyed the image of Korea, was a reporter of" Korea Daily "should immediately come out to apologize, and severely punish the reporters involved".

in China Korean reporters beaten events 18 days continued hot topic in South Korea on the network, many Korean netizens think, "South Korean reporters used at home and abroad are not so arrogant and capricious" "see the full video, is a Korean reporter first caught a Chinese security collar hit the other, the Korean media only publicly edited was shot, this is the South Korean reporters do".

but many Korean media apparently "officials shield one another". TV Korea's parent company Chosun Ilbo, 18, also reported "petition" related news. But the report said, "in fact, the truth is different from the petition content. The journalists involved did not violate the relevant regulations, but they were violated by Chinese security collectives". "National daily" on the evening of 18 published an editorial said that South Korean netizens almost condemned the South Korean journalists, and there are tens of thousands of petitions, absurd. In the same way as Koreans, netizens do not condemn China's "evil deeds". Instead, they attack personal journalists and even celebrities join them.