The Australian winter is coming! This is the wanton provocation of China's retribution, South Korea has precedents!

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The Australian winter is coming! This is the wanton provocation of China's retribution, South Korea has precedents!

2017-12-20 18:33:47 295 ℃
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military pilgrim

Australia, had been a law-abiding country, recently seemed to forget. Some politicians with ulterior motives, including their prime ministers, are fermenting and spreading the unfounded farce called "China's intervention in Australian politics", which has seriously poisoned Sino Australian relations.

Beijing, according to the latest news, Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne before the news release, recently, a number of different places in Australia have beaten China insult, student events. The Consulate General in Melbourne reminds all of the Chinese students in Australia to take precautions against the security risks that may be faced during the period of Australia.

is known to all that Australian media's so-called "China's intervention in Australian politics" is originally an eye catching farce. Australian officials should be stopped, however, including Premier Turnbull as Australian officials chose to lead to the opposite direction, Turnbull also personally for the bad media "endorsement" makes the pernicious influence of this farce quickly spread and spread, even "infected" to more of the United States have an ulterior motive. Some American politicians and the media hype, ignoring the fact that Canada New Zealand campus and students also think tank research was "discovered" had been "infiltration", they screamed what "the United States should join the Allies against the rise of the great powers in East asia".

maybe it is America's support, the Turnbull administration became more and more unbridled. A solemn and Chinese despite warnings, not only launched a series of major China for so-called "curb his country's political influence in the Australian legal proposal, even called" Chinese against Australia, will only make their own consumers damaged". Obviously, Turnbull's ruling coalition in the future will also be expected to continue its friendly policy towards China, and even does not rule out the possibility of transformation of China Australia relations

Turnbull government more complicated so rampant, the main reason is that Australia in recent years, extreme nationalist forces, Jean Turnbull felt "take a tough policy toward China" you can easily get on the career of sweetness". In addition, it is the wrong judgment of Turnbull's cognition to China. After Turnbull came to power, he made several provocations to China in order to follow the Asia Pacific strategy of the United States. However, see the bilateral economic and trade relations and did not cause much impact, China students still as in the past into the high cost of a considerable number of capital, for the Australian economy so Turnbull was naive to Chinese tolerance and patience as a sign of weakness, so that in China, Chinese and discredit the provocation to follow the United States to curb Chinese, constantly become aggravated, secure to rely on.

from Australia relations, China has been for the Turnbull government to the Sino Australian relations back on track, this also showed enough sincerity and patience. However, this does not mean that Chinese tolerance and patience is not the bottom line, since then, Turnbull refused to return of the prodigal son, which means his good days are over. In recent years, China has carried out "unusual" negotiations on Australia through diplomatic means, which indicates that we have gradually lost patience with the Turnbull administration in recent years.

The China consulate in Melbourne to study rare security warnings, so that people can not help but think in March this year, China ROK relations because of "Sade" and continued to decline on the occasion, the Tourism Bureau released Chinese announcement: "the recent period, a sharp increase in Chinese citizens entering Korea Jeju Island blocked events, caused widespread concern. The media and the community so Chinese remind citizens, careful selection of tourist destination." Since then things have evident to anyone, the number of tourists to Korea Chinese declined sharply, Korean Airlines fly Chinese route began to decline, the stock market, commodity exports blocked seriously......

clearly, the Turnbull administration speculation "China fear theory", has led to extreme emotional Australia right wingers, not only for the China students pose a serious threat, and is likely to cause the Australian tourism, investment, trade and other areas of environmental degradation. At the time, Chinese citizens' tourism, investment and economic and trade contacts with Australia are bound to be in a serious situation.

China is now Australia's largest trading partner. The figures show that 63. 7 of the total Australian exports and 34. 7% of the coal will be exported to China. In addition, the biggest buyer China or Australian beef, wool, barley and other agricultural products, plus investment, tourism and overseas -- China is undoubtedly an important pillar of the Australian economy, once such a pillar of smoke, you may be left hanging in the clouds on the Australia ladder removed. As a result, it was doomed to be miserably worse than the former South Korea.

"with his own petard. Unfortunately, such a simple truth, some short-sighted politicians have been ignored. Now, the Turnbull administration has lifted the rock high, waiting to fall and smash his feet. Perhaps, when it really hurts, the country will come back to China again.

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